With Bill O’Brien back, what’s next for Matt Patricia, Joe Judge?

New York Giants Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium (Preseason)
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Matt Patricia is out as the Patriots offensive coordinator. Technically, he was never in.

Still, with Bill O’Brien officially returning as the offensive coordinator in both title and duties, Patricia doesn’t really have a job within the Patriots organization. So what happens next for him?

He landed in the position as, technically, senior football advisor/offensive line coach, a year after being a jack of all trades for coach Bill Belichick. That happened in part because, as one source explained it to PFT, there was no job available for Patricia on the defensive coaching staff.

Some have speculated that the Patriots never gave Patricia the title of offensive coordinator in order to justify paying him less, given that his buyout from the Lions ran through 2022. With Patricia getting his pay from his former head-coaching job minus earnings elsewhere, the less the Patriots pay him, the more he gets from Detroit.

He could potentially return to his 2021 role with the Patriots, when he did a little bit of everything for the team. He could leave for a job with another team.

He clearly has something to offer on the defensive side of the ball. Teams currently looking for coordinators would be wise to consider him. And if, for example, former Patriots assistant Brian Flores ends up as head coach of the Cardinals, maybe Flores would want Patricia to run the Arizona defense.

The same mindset applies to Joe Judge. The former Patriots special-teams coordinator and Giants head coach served as the quarterbacks coach in New England during the 2022 season. That development surprised people both inside and outside the organization.

If O’Brien wants his own quarterbacks coach, there quite possibly will be no spot for Judge. Unless he wants to get involved with special teams, again.

Regardless of how it plays out, O’Brien’s return supplants Patricia and Judge as the top two offensive minds in New England. Which, based on what happened in 2022, could make the offense considerably better in 2023.

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  1. I think Bill O’Brien will be the next Patriots’ head coach. All these guys are good coaches. Everyone looks a lot smarter when their team has a first ballot HOF QB, but that’s been going on for as long as they’ve been playing football. Don’t blame the coaches for that. We’re the ones having trouble figuring it out.

  2. Lou Anarumo will likely get serious HC consideration. Patricia is a value add on the Defensive side. Do the Bengals look his way if a need arises? Would Patricia be interested?

  3. One thing is for sure, the non Pats fans have been out in droves today with the good news of O’Brien being hired away from Bama.

    Meanwhile, other AFC teams have no coordinators as we speak.

  4. O’Brien’s return supplants Patricia and Judge as the top two offensive minds in New England.


    Meaning, Patricia and Judge are both better than Belichick the parasite on offense.

    Meaning, Florio and Simm already realize that Belichick is a garbage on offense, though they won’t admit it.

  5. I see Mayo being groomed for the next head coaching position once BB quits/retires or something physically goes wrong with him….
    Judge should be appointed ST coach
    Patricia got a raw deal but I was never really a fan of his bend don’t break defense way back when….he NEEDS to find another team somewhere away from BB & the Pats as a DC or some type of defensive assistant…. Just not with Pats…
    Pats still need a QB coach, WR coach & O-Line coach…. Possibly a TE Coach as well…. Still lots of work to be done…..
    Mac needs to hit the weights & become stronger to be able to put more ZIP on his throws as well as work on his reads/ability to see the field better…

  6. If anyone needs to go elsewhere it’s Mayo. The dude was selling insurance 4 yrs ago. He has never been involved in an NFL game outside of NE. He needs professional development more than anything but because some 45 yr old fan boys still wear his jersey they assume he must be great. Nobody even knows who does what on the Pats defense.

  7. I would pay to hear unscripted comments by Robert Kraft about the “Patricia Expirement”.

  8. Meaning, Florio and Simm already realize that Belichick is a garbage on offense, though they won’t admit it.


    Why not?

  9. The important thing to remember is Tom Brady is just a nice little system QB with a little arm who was suspended for cheating, the only QB in NFL history to have that happen to them, and has ZERO winning seasons without elite coaching.

    Truth stings but it’s still the truth.

  10. Never seen a situation where a failed OC lingers around the stadium the next year like a cheeseball moldering under the sofa. It’s like “Big Matty” P is talking to Tony Soprano to set up a union “no show” job for next year.
    Time to move on, Matty!

  11. Patriots we’re eliminated from anything a few short weeks ago and yet here we are with the fans already polishing up that next Lombardi Trophy with a coach signing. It’s either desperation to be relevant as a good team again or senility. Either way it’s shown they’ve fallen as a franchise.

  12. You can never have enough good coaches belichick will find a spot for them and they will work hard in whatever role they fill.

  13. Wonder if 7-11 will honor MP being paid above n beyond his asst. manager n hot food specialist consultant grade as the Lions are still stuck having to pay .. n JJ ?? special teams or hope you find a better job in your dreams there pal as most likely you would still have been out of football if not for BB, frankly maybe even being an asst. SP coach might be too high given your talents available and the results of last years approach.

  14. He clearly has something to off on the defensive side of the ball? Not at all clear what he has to offer.

  15. When Patricia was Detroit head coach the Lions defense could stop a team of old ladies from a test home from running up the score. What he succeeded in doing in Detroit was making players like Quandre Diggs & Darius Slay leave. Both are leaders on the teams they went to. Patricia’s “hard coaching” philosophy is outdated. It doesn’t appeal to players who aren’t neanderthals.

  16. I can tell you what it means for Patricia: no raise! belichick is going to milk the Lions for every penny possible

  17. Clown Show Joe will probably be with special teams. Patricia can do the after dinner speaking tour milking his defensive call leading to the Butler interception of Eilson in the Super Bowl.

  18. Lol. BB doesn’t know offense but put together the best offense in NFL history in 2007. The same BB that drafted the biggest offensive mismatch in NFL history, Gronk. The same BB that drafted and developed Brady.

  19. The Patriot offense, and the season, was doomed the moment Belichick put Patricia and Judge in charge of the offense. I thought for sure that BB would “fall on his sword” and retire as a result of his disastrous decision. I’m sure Kraft thought long and hard before giving him another year at the helm, but the situation with Mayo makes it seem as if he is the head coach-in-waiting, hopefully as soon as the 2024 season.

  20. gregc79 says:
    January 24, 2023 at 7:56 pm
    Belichick finds gigs for all his pets.
    and his kids.

  21. I think Patricia needs to go to SpaceX or Blue Origin. He doesn’t have the temperament to be an effective NFL coach. The guy is a rocket scientist, get to working on rockets already

  22. The last 3 seasons featured no plan to replace Brady with the signing of Cam Newton in July. The no punt Bills game. Patricia as OC. The spectacular Raiders crash and burn. I am starting to question the elite coaching. Not sure Tampa had elite coaching with Arians and the now departed OC. It may have been more Brady, although some will disagree.

  23. BoB should be able to ruin patriots like he has done for Texans, and hold them back like he did for Alabama!

  24. “He clearly has something to offer on the defensive side of the ball. ”

    LOL, no one saw the terrible defense he built in Detroit?

  25. you guys can diss B O’Bs performance at Alabama all you want but you’re wrong – they scored plenty of points – Alabama just couldn’t keep other teams off the board

    Bill Bs wanted B O’B last year but he was under contract and out of respect for Saban didn’t interfere

    Matty P was the scapegoat and fell on the sword and just kept the seat warm

    If they get a good left tackle in the draft and move Trent Brown to right tackly where he belongs the protection will be much improved (the interior line of Strange, Andrews and Onwenu are fine) and Mac Jones will look like 2021 Mac not 2022 Mac

    you guys are all going to have to eat your words

  26. Pola pe’a says:
    January 25, 2023 at 6:30 am
    gregc79 says:
    January 24, 2023 at 7:56 pm
    Belichick finds gigs for all his pets.
    and his kids.


    Cowards are always scared to do the right thing and let people go.

  27. Patricia, being a rocket scientist and all, is essentially being groomed as the replacement for Ernie Adams. Special Football Advisor. Pink Socks 2.0!

  28. In there two losses this year Alabama lost one 52-49 – that’s right B’OB scored 49 points and loss

    The other loss was 32-31 in Overtime

    Yeah- LOL – offense was the problem for Alabama – ok – and if my aunt had cohones she would be by uncle

  29. Patricia will be the assistant to the assistant’s assistant for analytical football studies….in other words a gofer.

  30. you guys are all going to have to eat your words


    FYI, with BOB as HC, Texans offense was never among top 10 on total points scored, even with DeAndre Hopkins.

    Get a clue how Pats offense would be like next season?

  31. The Herald article about the Patriots coaching mess showed a picture of breathtaking incompetence.

    Both these two bozos need to be fired ASAP. I’d say BB can go with them for letting it happen under his watch but that won’t happen.

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