Aaron Rodgers links his current villain status to Big Pharma

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As it turns out, the argument that Damar Hamlin secretly died and was replaced by a double on Sunday wasn’t the craziest shit I heard today.

Thanks to Jimmy Traina of SI.com, who listened to Tuesday’s musings from Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers so that others (like me) wouldn’t have to, Rodgers suggested at one point that the negative coverage he has received in recent months flows directly from Big Pharma.

Specifically, Rodgers tied negativity directed to him to media sponsored by the three providers of the COVID vaccine, given that Rodgers refused to get one — and then lied about it.

“If you take the right sound bite from the right thing and it’s a station that may or may not have in the past been brought to you by Pfizer they gotta make sure their villain gets cast in the correct light,” Rodgers told Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk on Tuesday. “And whether or not they’re sponsored by Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson, whatever it might be, when you go up against some of those powers that be, put yourself in the crosshairs, they’re gonna paint you a certain way. And that’s what the media did to me a couple of years ago. That’s fine. That’s their prerogative. That’s what they wanted to do.”

If Big Pharma was giving out big (or small) checks for calling out Rodgers for playing a Greg Brady “exact words” game with reporters so that he could enjoy the benefits of being vaccinated in 2021 without actually being vaccinated, mine must have gotten lost in the mail. For me, the criticism was about the decision to lie about his status, and then to show up in the press room without a mask, in direct violation of league rules.

The rules were the rules. The NFL and the NFL Players Association negotiated them. If Rodgers didn’t like the rules, he shouldn’t have played. Instead, he defied them until he tested positive.

I didn’t like what he did. I didn’t appreciate the blatant dishonesty. I didn’t agree with the juvenile game of “gotcha” he played with reporters by saying “yeah, I’ve been immunized” when asked whether he’d gotten the vaccine.

For people who are really smart (like Rodgers), there’s an obligation to be intellectually honest. In 2021, Rodgers used his smarts in a failed effort to outsmart others.

I don’t need a check from Big Pharma to say that. I’ll do it for free. He lied. He knows he lied. And now he’s trying to obfuscate his lie by pushing a stupid-ass conspiracy theory that anyone who speaks ill of him isn’t doing it because they genuinely believe he lied but because they’re getting paid to do it.

148 responses to “Aaron Rodgers links his current villain status to Big Pharma

  1. I am 100% tired of this guy and 100% ready for Jordan Love. I rarely speak ill of Rodgers because he’s done so much for us, but this, coupled with the 911 truther stuff tells me he’s clearly a loon.

  2. For all of Roger’s words and deeds, it seems that big Pharma has either over or under medicated the delusional QB from Green Bay.

  3. I hereby direct all questions to my snake oil salesman, Dr. Toe Rogan aka Joe Toegan.

  4. I don’t know about Big Pharma however I think of him as Big Choker when it comes to the postseason.

  5. IMO has more to do w not showing up for all of the offseason work, especially w new WRs. Talking MVP over team. Watching the guy play seems like he’s irritated and angry more than happy to play the game. I love coaching my communities’ baseball team, helping the young guys fulfill some potential – maybe Aaron could take a similar approach throughout the year and not just parts of it. Feels good to help out.

  6. Just like the “safe and effective” mantra? The vaccines certainly can help reduce the risk, but it didn’t stop the spread and there are millions of cases where the vaccine was not safe.

  7. WTF – wtf with this coverage and wtf with these channels covering it and wtf with AR and his entourage and wtf with AJ and the boys

  8. In the eyes of most NFL fans, it’s not the Covid debacle that makes him a villain it’s his arrogance which has no link to Big Pharma, unless he’s on some heavy duty mind altering prescription drugs.

  9. The great and powerful Oz said to pay no attention to the man behind the beard, er, uh curtain.

  10. Instead of believing in conspiracy theories, why not oh I don’t know… Research and use critical thinking skills like most educated adults do. You would have found that MNRA technology is a breakthrough that as been in development since the SARS epidemic in 2008 and this breakthrough will one day lead to the cure for most cancers.

  11. Aaron Rodgers is one of the most talented and accomplished quarterbacks of all time. He’s also overly sensitive, inherently dishonest, and selfish.

  12. That’s not cunning. That’s paranoia. The scary, soon-to-be-wearing-if-not-already tinfoil hat kind. And, no, I’m not a clinician and I have never stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

  13. Now I’m sure he was taking mushrooms when he made that comment. Did them back in the seventies and that stuff makes you say crazy crazy yep you get it.

  14. Mike, your last paragraph sums things up perfectly. Rodgers lied, got exposed, and became indignant about it. It’s his own fault. He painted himself. It was his prerogative to take the deceptive, privileged route nobody else’s.

  15. Factual and well stated. Liars continue to lie to cover up the first. Good football player, but slimy character.

  16. Well said Florio! I am glad someone has not forgotten his bad behavior and is not letting Rodgers get away with continued attempts to lie and distort the record.

    It is one thing to be an anti-vaxxer conspiracy nut. It is another to lie and thumb your nose at the rules while putting innocent people at risk. Rodgers thinks he is a lot smarter than he actually is. I would love to root for this guy but he keeps making it so hard to not detest him. Such a shame. The ironic thing is Rodgers just lectured Zach Wilson about the value of humility. Maybe, a lesson Rodgers would benefit to learn.

  17. Big Pharma, oh I remember him, wrestled Hulk Hogan in Obsessamania 12. Big fella I believe.

  18. packerlies says:
    “Aaron Rodgers is right again.”

    By the name I’m guessing he was lying right?

  19. I didn’t realize that it’s a conspiracy theory to claim that companies are loyal to their lucrative sponsors… thought that was common knowledge.

    What part is the conspiracy? That sponsorships cost money? Or that Pfizer sponsors these programs?

  20. Clearly, being able to throw a football better than most humans does not correlate with actual intelligence and reasoning skills…

  21. The Pillsbury Doughboy, Muppets and the Chucky Cheese band are all coming for you next aaron.

  22. He’s full on conspiracy theory, Art Bell style crazy at this point. Please stop putting a microphone in front of him.

  23. Very well stated.
    Except for the part about Rodgers being “really smart” – not much evidence of that here.

  24. *sigh* Is anyone really taking Aaron Rodgers seriously on this? I can smell the mountain range of manure here in BC, Canada from Wisconsin or California, wherever Rodgers is. Just clickbait stuff to keep Rodgers in the news. I only read this article, because I didn’t know about the Damar Hamlin conspiracy theory.

  25. I have watched football all throughout Aaron’s career. I think he always had the ego, but the dingbat right-wing conspiracy nut job act developed along the way, but I don’t always remember this version of Rodgers that has been flowing for the last few years.

  26. Don’t encourage the anti-vaxx waterheads to spew their idiocy please. Unfortunately their inability to understand basic science somehow inspires them to pop off on topics better left to their intellectual betters, like third graders and above.

  27. The media has made Rogers a villain because he regularly chokes like a dog in the playoffs and because he’s a self-centered liar. Period, end of story.

  28. Novak Djokovic stated he was not vaccinated and was refused entry into several tournaments. He stated why he wasn’t vaccinated and understood why those around him did not want his presence. So, Aaron, was Novak a whimp for telling the truth?

  29. Makes sense, I’ve been blaming big pharma for the Bears drafting Trubisky over Mahomes for years but nobody wants to talk about it

  30. Whatever Rodgers decides will be a win win. He can retire and we never have to hear about him again or he can play and have yet another failed season no matter what team he goes to!

  31. i kinda like Rodgers non mainstream opinions…i might not agree but its better than the same old boring stuff from all the talking heads…

  32. He’s taken too much psychedelics and his brain is now scrambled. That’s a lot of gibberish, the kind you usually here from people who have taken too much dope or booze.

  33. He not man enough to take responsibility for his actions he now makes up wild conspiracy theories only a small misguided minority would believe such lies.

  34. Why do people continue to say Rodgers is so intelligent? I’ve seen no actual proof, all I see is a narcissistic, arrogant wad. People seem to take his arrogance as a sign of intelligence, it’s not.

  35. I believe 20 NFL players choose not to be vaccinated and had to accept the consequences but just one sneaky snake lied to the press and lied to us and never apologized for lying who does that sound
    like ? the press were scared of him and never asked the tough questions certainly this hand picked blogger won’t in fear of retaliation. He might as well wear his maga hat in public now everyone sees him for who he is.

  36. I hate to break it to Aaron, but even with his burgeoning net worth ($), he is a very small fish in comparison to the economy of Big Pharma. In other words, he doesn’t move the needle one iota when Big Pharma is working up their “villain” list.

  37. As a Packers fan Aaron should worry more about his play from this last season and less on what Big Pharma is doing.

  38. Mike is correct. Perfect column. Thank you for your smart mind, Mike.

    The person who wrote: “Aaron Rodgers is right again.”

    Wakeup, please…..Use facts for your judgments and your votes….Please do not use your emotions.

  39. So the Moderna and Pfizer corporations had a campaign to discredit Rodgers reputation because he was taking ivermectin from Joe Rogan?
    This tells you everything you need to know about Rodgers. Dude thinks he is the center of the universe with stars,planets, and galaxies spinning around him. He must be insufferable in the locker room.

  40. When it comes to villainy, Rodgers is a self made man. For good or ill, people are a product of all the choices and decisions they’ve made in life.

  41. One too many hits to the head? Rodgers is starting to go the same kookoo clock route that Antonio Brown did.

  42. Is Big Pharma also responsible for Rodgers having zero 300 yard passing games last year and the packers losing record?

  43. No, he’s just a total tool…. Owes the villain rep to himself, after all, he worked hard to get it all on his own!!!

  44. Aaron Rodgers seems to be deliberately destroying any value he may have as an advertising icon. His lies about the vaccination and his apparent wholesale swallowing of conspiracy theories puts him way outside of mainstream America.

  45. Funny how many of these so called conspiracy theories have been shown to be correct recently.

  46. Wow look at all the bots getting mad they got jabbed and Rodgers didn’t. Who cares, nobody should be forced to undergo any medical treatments by anyone at anytime. Look at what this Jab has done to the world, people are dying suddenly all over the place due to this MRNA garbage that was pushed through with LIES by BIG PHARMA yet NOBODY IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS TALKING ABOUT THAT!

  47. Mr Immunized crying again? Color me *shocked, not shocked*

    Does it ever stop with this drama queen?

  48. packerlies says:

    Aaron Rodgers is right again.

    Big Pharma doesn’t even know Aaron’s name.

    And even if they did, why would they waste their time trying to “put their crosshairs” on some odd ball football player who plays in the middle of nowhere?

    Outside of diehard NFL football fans, most of the country outside of Green Bay don’t even know who Rodgers is.

    Once again, Aaron is merely attempting to fluff his ego. It needs a lot of fluffing, especially as his skills diminish and he sees his legacy going down the toilet.

  49. baltazarre says:
    January 25, 2023 at 9:19 pm
    Tool is a band. It is also a great word to describe Rodgers!

    Dude, that’s not fair to Tool

  50. The guys needs to stay in the spotlight & stretch out his need to get on a championship winning team. & more “respect”

  51. Should Pat McAfee take any blame for magnifying Rodgers conspiracy theories? Rodgers is great for his ratings, no doubt, but is there any point at which he will provide any pushback to what Rodgers says? Of course, if Rodgers isn’t allowed to say whatever he wants, whenever he wants on that show with no critical questions, he probably will stop coming on the show.

  52. The fans and the media put this obvious narcissist on this pedestal. Don’t cry about it now.

  53. What he conveniently left out is the fact that he was not well liked by many outside of Green Bay well before his lie about being vaccinated. The criticism for Rodgers increased because of the ridiculous comments he made on podcasts not because of Big Pharma. Just like on the field Rodgers always looks to blame others for his own shortcomings off the field as well.

  54. I believe his villain status has much to do with that hole below his nose…

    He has said a ton of things over the past few seasons that would rile people up… not just the covid shot thing.

  55. Rodgers considers the Packers his own Animal Fraternity House. He does what he wants, hangs out with his upperclassmen pals, hazes the pledge members and looks for 3 roster spots for his friends. #0.0

  56. packerbacker1987 says:
    January 26, 2023 at 7:14 am
    If only there was a vaccine to prevent Aaron from choking in the playoffs.
    There is, the Lions gave it to him a few weeks ago

  57. baltazarre says:
    January 25, 2023 at 9:19 pm
    Tool is a band. It is also a great word to describe Rodgers!

    Tool is not just a band, they’re the greatest band of the last 30 years IMO. Rodgers IS a tool and I would never want him 10 feet from any locker room I care about.

  58. It’s not that you weren’t vaxxed, A-A-Ron. Kirk Cousins isn’t either. He got dunked on a bit and then everyone moved on, but Kirk at least had the balls to say it. You thought you were so smart and assured in your convictions that you … had to lie about it? If you really believed in what you were doing you would have just said as much, and it wouldn’t really have been going against the grain all that much either since others like Kirk, Joe Flacco, Carson Wentz, etc all were not vaxxed either. But you hid behind it because you didn’t want anyone to question you. If you were that firm in your beliefs and your ‘research’, why wouldn’t you have just said as much?

    Bottom line, you were slimy and sneaky and tried to pull one over on people and got caught. And rather than some self reflection, you doubled down and said, “NO! It wasn’t ME that was wrong, it was EVERYONE ELSE!”

  59. Crazy town. He might be sticking a knife in his chances to be traded by acting koo-koo. Who would want a big contract for an old dude who is also becoming, eh, eccentric?

  60. forwarddownthefield57 says:
    January 25, 2023 at 9:43 pm
    Back on the ashwagandha, eh?
    You can buy ashwagandha at Walmart, it supposedly “relieves stress”.

  61. Another right wing nutty! Next he’ll tell us 2+2=5 and Goodell tells the truth. bawhahaa

  62. What’s also sad is State Farm insurance after all his lies his 911 denier beliefs now this lying crazy conspiracy theories only the tin foil hat club would believe would still be showing his commercials ?
    That’s there right it’s also your right to say no more you have gone to far in your support of this anti-science individual I switched to All State and am very happy with them.

  63. Gee, it’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it? How about personal responsibility? “I act like a jerk, lie, get caught but it’s not MY fault!”. Yikes.

  64. Big Pharma doesn’t even know who he is I’m fully vaccinated and never got Covid i’m around people i’m not wearing a mask but I keep my distance from people it’s like driving a car on the highway imagine everyone around you is an idiot and your 100 times safer. This guy is an immature self centered liar who was at onetime the best at what he did believe me that’s not the guy you want to get your medical advice from. I get mine from my Doctor and read John Hopkins Hospital and yes what a shock Covid was real and still is. The media no longer are doing there jobs while the deaths are way down to 1,000 a week i bet those people thought they were safe from it well sadly RIP they weren’t. State Farm Insurance continues to support Rodgers so think twice before you send them money I made to move to All State and am at peace not supporting that evil corporation .

  65. secondgenameriacan says: Why do people continue to say Rodgers is so intelligent? I’ve seen no actual proof, all I see is a narcissistic, arrogant wad. People seem to take his arrogance as a sign of intelligence, it’s not.
    This post is sooooooooo well-said! Totally agree. And as for that potty mouth Pat McAfee, I’m soooooooooo glad he’s off Sirius radio and has been replaced by Danny and Dusty. I can’t STAND that horrid McAfee guy. He and Rodgers deserve each other. Two idiotic egomaniacs blabbing away their nonsense. I wish BOTH would just go away….

  66. I honestly think that Aaron’s “drama” over not getting a Covid vaccine is that he is hiding the fact that he is afraid it might react with other medicines he is taking. He might have a “weakened immunity system” and is already taking medication for that. Just my guess!

  67. Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer have one ring just like yours Aaron.

    The Packers won BEACUSE of Rodgers

    The Bucs and Ravens could have won with Johnny Manziel

  68. This guy is the classic narcissist where everything has to revolve around him. He’s the sort of guy who’d interrupt somebody’s story about climbing Mt. Everest to tell his own story about something even better he’d done.

  69. I don’t believe that people are upset with Aaron because he lied. Even the most honest among us tell lies. People are upset with him because he has shown that he cannot be forced or pressured into doing things he is uncomfortable with, and most people wish they had this same resolve.

  70. florioforag says:
    January 26, 2023 at 6:18 am
    Aaron Rodgers seems to be deliberately destroying any value he may have as an advertising icon. His lies about the vaccination and his apparent wholesale swallowing of conspiracy theories puts him way outside of mainstream America.


    what is it about Rodgers that has you believing that he cares about being an advertising icon?

  71. Those with half a brain now dislike Rodgers because he lied and then got even more smug when he was caught in the lie. For guys like me, it’s not a vax or anti-vax thing, its an honesty and integrity thing. The guy’s too conceited to even admit fault, but instead blames the backlash on corporate advertisers — sheesh.

  72. I’m no Rodgers fan, but it’s hilarious how triggered people get over his vaccination views. What happened to my body my choice?

    Before everyone freaks out on me…I’m vaccinated. I just belive in personal choice.

  73. myusernameissteve says:
    January 26, 2023 at 9:13 am
    “Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer have one ring just like yours Aaron.”

    “One ring is a lot of rings.”
    -R. Moss

  74. Well, it was either link it to “Big Pharma” or to “I’m kind of a nutjob. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

    Which would you choose?

  75. stellarperformance says:
    January 26, 2023 at 10:54 am

    “One ring is a lot of rings.”
    -R. Moss


    In other words ‘1+0 = 2, maybe 3. Nah, let’s make that 4. There, feeling much better now.’

    – R. Moss

  76. I wasn’t sure anyone had yet quantified the effort needed to make Big Pharma look sympathetic/like the victim.

    And here we are.

  77. Way to keep him pinned down Florio i agree with you. I don’t really care if you’re smug and short with the media but don’t be like that to your teammates, especially the young guys. He’s a top ten all time talent but his indifference and passive aggressiveness have really not made me a fan of his. This guy should have almost a handful of rings right now but he’d rather play the untold you so game with ownership and teammates and keep his smartest guy on the room mantra going. Football is a team game and Rodgers has never been able to adapt to that. He would’ve been an all time great baseball player.

  78. The Jets rumors are pretty amusing.

    Rodgers will need every penny of that contract to pay the fines for not speaking with the hordes of New York media.

  79. “Tampering happens all the time. Teams rarely complain about it, because they all do it.” Pretty blase.

    The rules are the rules. The NFL and the NFL Players Association negotiated them. If NFL teams don’t like the rules, they shouldn’t play.

  80. This guy should have almost a handful of rings right now but he’d rather play the untold you so game with ownership and teammates and keep his smartest guy on the room mantra going.

    Organizations win Championships, not quarterbacks.

    The Packers haven’t fielded a complete team since 2011.

  81. cobrala2 says:
    January 25, 2023 at 9:30 pm
    Nick Foles has as many rings.
    A-A-Ron is NOT a winner.
    Dan Marino and Jim Kelly have fewer rings. Wow, those guys must have really stunk!

  82. Anyone who thinks Rodgers suddenly sucks hasn’t been paying attention. He was the MVP in 2020 and 2021. QBs don’t just start playing poorly for no reason, he played with a broken thumb most of this year.

  83. He’s going to look perfect in a Jets uniform. And the media in NY will certainly treat him with the patience and respect he deserves. J-E-T-S Media Circus!

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