Andy Reid: Patrick Mahomes will probably do everything in Wednesday’s practice

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
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There’s some good news on the injury front when it comes to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Head coach Andy Reid said in his Wednesday press conference that Mahomes participated in Kansas City’s morning walk-through and is set to practice in the afternoon.

His exact practice status — full or limited — is to be determined. But Reid noted Mahomes could be full when the injury report comes out later in the day.

“We’ll see,” Reid said. “I think he’ll do probably everything, but we’ll see.”

Mahomes suffered a high ankle sprain in the first half of Saturday’s divisional-round victory over the Jaguars. While he missed some time in the second quarter, he played the entire second half. Reid and Mahomes have maintained since Saturday that Mahomes will play in the AFC Championship Game against the Bengals this week.

Reid said he’d like to see how Mahomes functions in Wednesday’s practice, though the quarterback did well in the walk-through.

“He’s had injuries before, so he can bank on that past experience that he’s had. But he’ll do fine,” Reid said. “It’s just a matter of making sure that he’s safe — as safe as you can be out there on a football field.”

17 responses to “Andy Reid: Patrick Mahomes will probably do everything in Wednesday’s practice

  1. Bad idea. They need to do a Steve McNair. Sit out all practices and let it heal as much as possible, show up on Sunday fully taped and novocained, win the game, and go back in the ice tub in excruciating pain on Monday.

  2. Mahomes is badly hobbled. If this was the regular season he’d be out 3-5 weeks. If he does go…he’ll be a shell of himself. Mobility is a huge part of his game. I wouldn’t believe what the Walrus is pitching. Could just be blowing smoke and will have to go to Henne.

  3. He won’t be able to feel his hoof with a gallon of Toradol in it. How bizarre would it be to have a foot you can’t feel in a championship football game!

  4. Mahomes will start and play as long as he can. One good hit and twist on that bad ankle and he’s good as gone. Hope he plays he full game for the matchup is classic.

  5. gotitan says:
    January 25, 2023 at 1:52 pm
    I’m not certain it will matter. Cincy dices them up all the time.


    If by dicing them up You mean 3 wins of each 3 pts, and taking come from behind wins in all 3 matchups. As well as big mistakes or penalties going cinci way……then sure.
    Glad they called arrowhead “burrowhead” as they won once there……
    Mahomes may be hobbled but they are giving some extra motivation to Chris jones and co this week. You will notice one thing different between the 2 teams, one is doing all the trash talking this week apparently.

  6. Andy Reid: Patrick Mahomes will probably do everything in Wednesday’s practice except run. Fixed it.

  7. This was a highly exaggerated “injury” to begin with. Andy Reid was being cautious to make sure there was no fracture and because, as Juju was quoted as saying after the game, “anyone can run this offense.” That was proven with Henne’s 98 yard TD drive. That doesn’t mean Mahomes isn’t a very good QB, but he’s also in the easiest system of all-time alongside Brock Purdy. We all saw Mahomes sprinting to the locker room when he thought the cameras were off of him, then exaggerate his limp after throws to dramatize the moment ala Paul Pierce. It’s sports psychology.

  8. “Mahomes heals different than you and I.”

    Yeah, especially in via the injury downplays, smokescreens and discarding the walking boot just before doing the presser.
    You think he and Andy would tell the Bengals that he is limited? Totally unlikely…

  9. Yeah right he will be doing walk throughs with a bubble around his ankle if you call that full practicing. Doesn’t matter with the shot and tape on Sunday he will be ready to go.

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