Brandon Beane on Stefon Diggs: I’d rather have guys I gotta cool off

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs‘ displays of frustration on the sideline and quick departure from last Sunday’s loss to the Bengals became a storyline after the game, but the Bills have not expressed any displeasure with the wideout’s reaction.

Head coach Sean McDermott said on Monday that it was a byproduct of Diggs’ competitiveness and General Manager Brandon Beane went down a similar road during his Tuesday press conference. Beane said he’d prefer to have players that need to be calmed down than ones who can’t be fired up in moments like the divisional round of the playoffs.

“Stef’s a competitor. I’d rather have guys like that,” Beane said, via WIVB. “I’ve been around it. Steve Smith was a lot like that [in Carolina]. I’d rather have guys I gotta cool off. He wants to win. I can live with that. . . . I’ve been around people that I’ve questioned, ‘Are they just here for the Monday paycheck?’ Stefon Diggs has been paid very handsomely; he could say ‘Man, I’m good, I’m set, I could take my private jets, I could do whatever I want.’ He wants to win. So, he wears his emotions on his sleeve. But that’s what makes him really, really good.”

Diggs has been really, really good for the Bills, but they missed a consistent second wideout to help balance out the offense during the 2022 season. That’s an area where the Bills could look to improve as they try to avoid another bitter end to their next season.

21 responses to “Brandon Beane on Stefon Diggs: I’d rather have guys I gotta cool off

  1. No doubt the stress from Hamlin’s health took a toll BUT that Bills offense looked anemic and Josh Allen played Hero Ball for quite a while beforehand.

  2. I still say the trade was a mistake. Sure Diggs has been great but the pick they gave up was used for Jordan Jefferson who is better and cost less. Who would you rather have? Would have been a lot easier to find that #2 WR with more cap space. It is the subtle moves that make or break a roster.

  3. Diggs is the best thing to ever happen at WR in Buffalo.
    No Diva, just expects the same energy and will.

  4. Beane seems to be doing a whole lot of talking for somebody that should (at this point) be focusing on the offseason.

  5. Diggs is just another diva WR. It’s almost like a law in the NFL that a man who is the best or among the best at the WR or CB position must also be a major headache. You take the bad with the good.

  6. Selfishness and self centeredness are the root of Diggs’ issues. You never show up your QB or teammates during a game.

  7. Diggs & Allen will lead Bills to divisional round every year. No coach QB that have not won a Super Bowl in the first 5 years together have ever gone on to do it there after. Allen & McDermott just finished year 5 together. So have Lamar and Harbaugh been together 5 years.

  8. So screaming at your QB in the biggest game of the year helps? Pretty sure Josh would have been better served with Diggs sitting next to him, saying we got this and breaking down plays together trying to get on the same page. Some positive reinforcement goes along way toward building up your leader in a moment of let down.

  9. Oof, quite a bit of damage control over this guy. I’m sensing a trade for Diggs next year.

  10. A 2nd wideout? We were told Beasley and MacKenzie were saviors.

    Here it is: Buffalo lacks maturity and good leadership. No one is going to buy Diggs isn’t a Diva or Von Miller isn’t there for the attention and money at the end of his career.

    The team has been doing a lot of reading of the press clippings for years now and I really never understood it. They’re a contender, but they never won the SB even though they’ve acted like they did.

    Very strange.

  11. If you ever played a sport and lost you never like it! If you do then you can pick up your participation trophy and join the victors for a pizza party! Give me a break on Diggs!

  12. Such a tired trope that to be a “competitor” you have to be a total hothead, yelling at people on the sidelines. Like guys like Jerry Rice weren’t competitors?

  13. Don’t be surprised if he comes back to Minny to take care of unfinished business. He loves Kirk and I’m sure he would love to play under KOC’s coaching. Diggs, Jefferson, and Hock would be a monster trio.

  14. Diggs is a WR. Yes, he’s a diva – but he has been great for this team, and was a big part of changing the culture in Buffalo.

    I have a hunch most fanbases would still want him on their team if they could get him. I’m sure some would reply “no way” – but they’d be stoked if they woke up and found out they got him in a trade.

  15. If anyone can produce even one quote from ANYONE saying that Beasley or McKenzie were supposed to be “saviors,” I’m here for it.

  16. Diggs is a top 5 WR. He was great in MN, but weird. He’s great in Buffalo, but still weird. Passion or not, you don’t show up a teammate, particularly your QB. That’s not how leaders act.

  17. And with that you’ll never win a Snoopy Bowl. There is a difference between passion for the game and being a complete unhinged tool.

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