Chiefs are playoff underdogs for first time since drafting Patrick Mahomes

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
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A Patrick Mahomes injury is what it took for the Chiefs to be playoff underdogs for the first time since Mahomes arrived in Kansas City.

The Bengals are currently favored by 1.5 points over the Chiefs at most sports books, reflecting the feeling among most bettors that Mahomes, playing on an injured ankle, will be less than 100 percent effective in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

That ends an impressive run for the Chiefs: They had been favored in 14 consecutive postseason games, which includes all of Mahomes’ playoff starts as well as their last two playoff games with Alex Smith as their starting quarterback.

With Mahomes as their starting quarterback, the Chiefs have been favored by as much as 12.5 points in the postseason (last year’s 42-21 win over the Steelers) and by as little as 1.5 points (their 31-20 win over the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV). But they’re now in new territory, heading into a game that they’re not expected to win.

18 responses to “Chiefs are playoff underdogs for first time since drafting Patrick Mahomes

  1. That high ankle sprain will be a problem. He’ll be stiff and his moboility will be affected so as long as Cincy bottles him in the pocket, it will be a long day. Cincy needs to be patient and try to get a lead because KC will come out like an angry, wounded animal.

  2. A lot of smack talk coming out of Cincy about Joe Burrow looking forward to ” having fun” at Arrowhead and the DB’s for Cincy calling Arrowhead ” Burrowhead” . Chiefs arent going to lay down, this is going to be a good one no matter who is at QB for the Chiefs

  3. For competitive reasons I’d like to see Cincinnati move to the AFC West and Raiders to AFC North until Burrow and McDaniels are gone.

  4. In a perfect world, Eli apple will get burned for 400 yards and 4 tds but Cincinnati will still win.

  5. High ankle sprain and forecasted temps in the 20s doesn’t make for a great day of mobility for Mahomes.

  6. Even with the ankle injury, the Chiefs were briefly favored after the week’s games were over. I think that says more than subsequently getting bumped down a little due to an injury.

  7. Adds fuel to the fire for Chiefs. Whether or not the emotional lift can offset the physical limitation of Mahomes’ ankle remains to be seen. Just hoping for a close game as divisional rounds were ho-hum.

  8. So, never an underdog but only one Super Bowl after four attempts. 2 of those losses at home. By Brady standards you could say Pat has underachieved so far.

  9. Toney, Pacheco, Kelcec McKinnon, and Juju gonna be busy on the short game. Hopefully they’ll get Hardman back but with Mahomes limited, they’re going to need the defense to step up too.

  10. Seems to me to be a smart call, considering, Bengalls beat the chiefs last year at the same stage and they are stronger this year, whilst the Chiefs are weaker IMO.
    Mahomes will be no where near 100% fit and his Ego will cost the Chiefs

  11. A fan of neither team, the Bengals might be the best team in the NFL, people/media blow them off because they are not from the east coast or west coast or from Texas.

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