Mike Pettine, Brian Flores to interview for Vikings defensive coordinator

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The Vikings will interview a couple of defensive coordinator candidates over the next two days.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports on Wednesday that they are interviewing their assistant head coach Mike Pettine for the opening. Steelers linebackers coach Brian Flores is set to interview with the team on Thursday.

Pettine joined Kevin O’Connell’s staff in Minnesota last February. He spent the 2021 season working in Chicago and was the Packers defensive coordinator from 2018 to 2020.

Pettine also went 10-22 over two seasons as the Browns head coach.

Flores has interviewed for the Cardinals head coaching vacancy as well as the defensive coordinator posts in Atlanta and Cleveland.

The Vikings have also interviewed Seahawks associate head coach Sean Desai and Saints co-defensive coordinator Ryan Nielsen.

24 responses to “Mike Pettine, Brian Flores to interview for Vikings defensive coordinator

  1. Flores did a good job with very little support from the front office in his time in Miami. He’s a good coach and I hope they pick him.

  2. I vote for Pettine. That way you get more of the same while still claiming to have made changes

  3. I would prefer Flores to Pettine. Pettine was there last year and he didn’t help the situation.

  4. Tough to go against an in-house candidate, but if the current staff was cutting it, there wouldn’t be a job opening.

  5. philmccracken says:
    January 25, 2023 at 2:29 pm
    I vote for Pettine. That way you get more of the same while still claiming to have made changes


    Yeah, you vote matters. Not!

  6. It wouldn’t bother me if Mike Pettine got the gig cause he’s a tough cookie and he can get it done. However if you want a real booster shot in the arm then Brian Flores with his aggressiveness will help take this Minnesota Vikings team to a place they haven’t been since the early 70’s.

  7. If they hire Pettine, I’m out until he’s out. Flores or Fangio will be the only two that can turn around the defense.

  8. Wow, so Pitt already bailing on Flores. They’re not going to get a better coordinator than him that’s available.

  9. Queasy loves ex-Packer coaches. First Ed “4th-and-26” Donatell, now Mike Pettine. If Pettine says no, Bob Slowik is next on the radar.

  10. Don’t care who it is as long as they get the Vikings D in attack mode again. They only only need to be a top 15 unit to compliment the existing offense enough to win most games.

  11. The Vikes will never win a Super bowl in this lifetime no matter who any of the coaches are.

  12. I’m really hoping for Flores. I was all for Pettine taking over mid-season last year and seeing if he could Change things around, but I think it definitely time for new blood. Pettine was on staff last year and we had the worst defense.

  13. I’d take Flores over every coach the Steelers have on the payroll including Mediocre Mike.

  14. The Vikings need to toughen up and relearn how to tackle. Flores is the man that can lead them. However, I think Flores is focused on Arizona.

  15. Pettine was Assistant Head Coach to KOC this past year. As such, why didn’t he put the hammer down on Donatell to get his ‘stuff’ together and get aggressive on defense? If he’s going to be Donatell 2.0, then the defense will be a bottom five again next year.

  16. Do NOT sign Pettine. He was a full time participant in the complete collapse of the defense last year.

  17. Anybody but Pettine. He was already here, and I’ve seen enough of that. That would be doubling down on the huge mistake that KOC already made last year.

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