NFL finally scores a minor victory in the Jon Gruden case

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The lawsuit filed in late 2021 by former Raiders coach Jon Gruden against the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to move very slowly through the legal system.

More than 14 months after Gruden filed his civil complaint, we still don’t know whether the case will proceed in open court or in the NFL’s secret, rigged kangaroo court otherwise known as arbitration conducted by the NFL.

But we do know this. The NFL, which lost at the trial-court level the fight over whether Gruden’s claims will stay in the court system, has finally scored a minor victory. Earlier this week, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the litigation otherwise will be stayed until the NFL’s appeal of the ruling is resolved.

It makes sense. If the NFL ultimately wins its effort to force arbitration, there will be no litigation in court. Thus, there should be no litigation until the NFL and Gruden know where the case will proceed.

For now, Gruden is still winning. His chances of prevailing in the case in many ways hinge on whether the case stays in open court or moves behind closed doors. Our chances of getting to the truth hinge on that, too.

Once the appeals process ends — and if the case stays in court — it will be time for Gruden’s lawyers to question people under oath as they embark on finding out who leaked to the media supposedly confidential internal emails, with the apparent goal of bringing him down.

11 responses to “NFL finally scores a minor victory in the Jon Gruden case

  1. If it goes to arbitration and you get the verdict you want, will you still call it a “kangaroo court”?

  2. Unless Gruden wins, settling this in arbitration, will keep the lid on the pot. I’d love to see the Band-Aid ripped off and have people that tried to take him down exposed. Then Gruden can go back to TV, where he really shines, and he can stick his finger in the eye of the NFL while laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. The very first mistake was drafting a 9 year crappy QB in Derek Carr.

    Moving to Vegas was the next bonehead decision for the Raiders.

    The Gruden scandals and drama was the next mistake.

    The most hilarious and stupid mistake was hiring McDaniels

    The final biggest blunder of the year was trading the farm for Devante Adams.

  4. The kangaroo court reference to arbitration is absurd. The employee signs a contract stating they understand and agree to arbitration to resolve disputes within the company. No one forces anyone to sign a contract. When the former employee tries to get a complaint resolved in open court instead of arbitration….Who is attempting to force what?

  5. I hope this goes to open court. I think the views expressed in Gruden’s emails are disgusting, but it’s laughable that his firing was the only result of the league’s alleged investigation of an entirely different team.

    The fact that the NFL front office leaked that stuff to destroy Gruden’s career (it had to be them, and probably at Goodell’s orders) and has done NOTHING about a toxic owner (40+ employees complaining about harassment!) just shows how arbitrary stuff like this is, and where the real priorities lie.

    Let it all come out in court.

  6. dadsource says:
    January 25, 2023 at 11:18 am
    “Then Gruden can go back to TV…”

    Hahaha who’s gonna hire him? OAN? Stromfront? TASS?
    Seriously, who?

  7. We have all said things in the past that, though bad then, were not as bad as they are now. Judging past mistakes by today’s values is not a way of getting justice it’s just getting even, old scores to settle. We see it in every of section of society today. We will all pay a price for it.

  8. Who ordered the Code Red?

    Of course people do agree with arbitration in their contract if playing or coaching football is their occupation. There aren‘t many alternatives.

  9. the biggest “Kangaroo Court” on planet mother f’in earth…. is the media.
    its the media that told you “naw, those riots are mostly peaceful”, “hunters laptop is arussian plant”, “kap was blackballed because he knealed” and the infamous, “no, that election wasn’t rigged or stolen”

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