Nick Sirianni: Individual awards are nice, but we have much bigger things ahead

NFL: JAN 21 NFC Divisional Playoffs - Giants at Eagles
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The Eagles are the top seed in the NFC playoffs this season, but that wasn’t enough to make head coach Nick Sirianni a finalist for the Associated Press’ coach of the year award.

Giants head coach Brian Daboll, Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson, and 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan made the cut for the final three, which led to a question for Sirianni at his Wednesday press conference about how it felt to fall short of that recognition.

Sirianni noted that quarterback Jalen Hurts and offensive coordinator Shane Steichen are finalists for other awards and that the Eagles have bigger collective fish to fry at this point in the season.

“That’s something I can’t control,” Sirianni said. “Those awards are nice and everything like that. I’m really happy for Jalen and Shane that they’re on that, but we obviously have much bigger things ahead and on our sights than individual awards.”

Sirianni is 23-11 with two trips to the postseason through two seasons in Philadelphia. A win against the 49ers on Sunday would add a Super Bowl trip to a resume that’s looking pretty good with or without a coach of the year award.

9 responses to “Nick Sirianni: Individual awards are nice, but we have much bigger things ahead

  1. I think Shanahan would also rather have a Super Bowl than a coach of the year award. Pederson or Daboll will win this award anyway-probably Pederson, he deserves it the most, by a mile.

  2. Pedersen is my choice. Only 5 teams have gone from #1 Draft pick to Win Their conference. Add to that the _hit _how that he inherited. Definitely a great turn a round.

  3. Well, after Sunday he will hopefully have defeated all three this year. I’m sure the winner then would trade that award in a heartbeat for what Sirianni has…a Super Bowl berth. Go Birds!

  4. Shanahan is the only finalist that doesn’t coach a 9-win team, but he would be hard to overlook after losing his top two quarterbacks and actually getting better. Pederson and Daboll (and Dan Campbell, who gets a lot of love) took bad teams and got them to a slightly better than average record. It’s a lot harder to take a 9-win team and raising it to 14 wins (Sirianni) or a 8-win team and raising it to 13 wins (Kevin O’Connell). In fact, I would give O’Connell the award because the personnel and level of performance barely changed but he managed to squeeze 13 wins out of that group. If that isn’t good coaching, I don’t know what is.

  5. Shanahan should get the award.
    Coaching up your rookie 3rd string QB to win you 7 straight and get you to the conf. championship, while putting up ridiculous numbers is unheard of!!! Its a coaching masterpiece!!! Shanahan would get my vote.

  6. Teach me how to Dougie P should be the winner, he’s popular enough right? Acting like that’s not the biggest factor is comical. If they give it to Shanahan, that’s not like some huge injustice but he shouldn’t be on there over Dan Campbell because Shanahan shouldn’t be there over Sirianni…they’ve been winning in SF for a while now, that’s a well run organization similar to the eagles, just longer success amongst the current regimes. Daboll, Pederson & Campbell all started the change in culture in their respective cities. They all have that major thing in common & that SHOULD be what the writers are voting on. Hopefully they remember they’re not voting like they’re voting for Prom King

    Hell yeah Shanahan did a great job but that roster is stacked and his offense is designed for the QB not to have to play out of his skull anyhow. Starting the season with Lance MUST HAVE really helped transitioning to Purdy. He still shouldn’t be in the finals of this

  7. I like the Shanahan people aka the niners fans think going to the conference final is a straw in Shanahan’s cap for coach of the year…it’s a regular season award, geniuses

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