On Our Way Home

Anthony Zych

During the 2022 holiday season, I posted roughly one chapter per day from a Christmas novel I wrote the prior December/January.

The plan was to leave it up until after New Year’s Day had come and gone. I assumed that, by then, interest in it would naturally dissipate.

So I took it down. And then I heard from multiple people who said, basically, “Where’d it go? I haven’t finished it.”

So it’s back up again. I’ll leave it there until February 2. Then, it goes back into the vault until Thanksgiving 2023.

Chapter One.

Chapter Two.

Chapter Three.

Chapter Four.

Chapter Five.

Chapter Six.

Chapter Seven.

Chapter Eight.

Chapter Nine.

Chapter Ten.

Chapter Eleven.

Chapter Twelve.

Chapter Thirteen.

Chapter Fourteen.

Chapter Fifteen.

Chapter Sixteen.

Chapter Seventeen.

Chapter Eighteen.

Chapter Nineteen.

Chapter Twenty.

Chapter Twenty-one.

Chapter Twenty-two.

Chapter Twenty-three.

Chapter Twenty-four.

Chapter Twenty-five.

Chapter Twenty-six.

Chapter Twenty-seven.

Chapter Twenty-eight.

Chapter Twenty-nine.

Chapter Thirty.

Chapter Thirty-one.

Chapter Thirty-two.