Patrick Mahomes was a full participant in Wednesday’s practice


In his Wednesday press conference, head coach Andy Reid said quarterback Patrick Mahomes would probably do everything in the day’s practice.

But, he added, “We’ll see.”

It turns out Reid didn’t need the qualifier, as Mahomes was a full participant on Wednesday.

That means Mahomes took all of his usual reps, despite suffering a high ankle sprain during Saturday’s victory in the divisional round over the Jaguars. Not that it was ever really a question, but Mahomes being a full participant on Wednesday is a great sign for his availability for the AFC Championship Game.

Mahomes said he would continue to test his right ankle day after day to see what he’ll be capable of this weekend.

The Chiefs had three more players listed on their injury report. Receiver Mecole Hardman (pelvis) was back on the field as a limited participant. Linebacker Willie Gay (toe) and running back Jerick McKinnon (ankle) were full participants.

36 responses to “Patrick Mahomes was a full participant in Wednesday’s practice

  1. Hoping Mecole Hardman is healthy enough to play Sunday. Everyone’s focused on Mahomes, but KC is going to need a complete team effort to beat Cincy—especially from the defense.

  2. Haven’t we seen this all before?! I’m sure he was at practice but that doesn’t mean a thing. He’ll be basically on one leg Sunday and the only reason he MAY play is because it’s the AFC championship. High ankle sprains are a 4-6 week deal.

  3. This was a highly exaggerated “injury” to begin with. Andy Reid was being cautious to make sure there was no fracture and because, as Juju was quoted as saying after the game, “anyone can run this offense.” That was proven with Henne’s 98 yard TD drive. That doesn’t mean Mahomes isn’t a very good QB, but he’s also in the easiest system of all-time alongside Brock Purdy. We all saw Mahomes sprinting to the locker room when he thought the cameras were off of him, then exaggerate his limp after throws to dramatize the moment ala Paul Pierce. It’s sports psychology.

  4. If he can’t throw deep, they’ll need Mr Jet sweep Mecole Hardman. Though Toney has done well to step in for that role while Hardman has been out. McKinnon, Hardman and Toney will all need to produce. But Kelce and Juju should help keep the DB’s honest.

  5. It doesn’t matter he’s going to lose again at home. He’s becoming Peyton Manning. It’s always next year with this guy

  6. It is absolutely hilarious to watch the Mahomes haters pivot from one excuse to the next. First there’s no way he’ll play. Then it’s that he’ll be limited to the pocket and hobbling around. Now that he’s a full participant in practice, suddenly the injury must have been exaggerated.

    Maybe it’s that you keyboard “experts” don’t know what you’re talking about. Yeah, that’s it.

  7. He’s playing it up. Left the stadium in sneakers with no limp on Saturday. Built in excuse for the Golden Boy.

  8. Great news. As a Bengals fan I want him at 100%. Nobody in Cincinnati is scared of the Chiefs. We know what we have and so do the Chiefs.

  9. Glad he’s full go. Want no excuses when it goes down. Also, can I have some of the miracle ointment that dressed up that 4-6 week injury?

  10. I can appreciate that Bengals fans have been down and out, well, for almost their entire existence. I get it.

    Cinci fans are not used to winning, so gotta cut them slack. Winning consistently year after year, being the target of everyone’s best shot and still being a top 4 team every year is every team’s goal.

    The constant RIDICULOUS comments, week in and week out are just that, RIDICULOUS!

    It will be nice when they come back down to earth after the Chiefs give them a beat down this Sunday!

  11. @bigdaddy I don’t think either team is going to get beat down. If anything its going to be another nail biter with a 1 score finish for the fourth time.

  12. Great news. As a Bengals fan I want him at 100%. Nobody in Cincinnati is scared of the Chiefs. We know what we have and so do the Chiefs.


    The Chiefs have a Super Bowl trophy and a 2-time MVP. We have what you want.

  13. Whooooo! Can’t to get to Burrowhead…oh my bad. I meant arrowhead! Lol

    We want the Chiefs.

    Who Dey! Can’t wait

  14. It wasn’t even a bad injury. He’s just being a drama queen… setting up excuses if they lose again to Cincy, KC’s new ownership group.

  15. I don’t believe that, either they lied about what his injury was or lied about what he’s doing in practice. Standing might have qualified as full participant.

  16. Kind of starting to sound like maybe Pat is not so tuff. A minor injury that made him walk around like a full diapered baby for over half the game.

  17. The Chiefs have a Super Bowl trophy and a 2-time MVP. We have what you want


    And it’s already old news

  18. Keep poking the bear…PLEASE! I’ve said all season we had no shot, then PM went down Saturday & I FINALLY saw that fire in his eyes I haven’t seen since the Super Bowl run. The rest of the team saw it also & responded. So PLEASE keep poking the bear. A little more bulletin board material will only motivate PM even more.

  19. Mahomes did look like he wouldn’t be questioned if he parked in the handicapped parking. Now ? D-R-A-M-A queen. Played it up just like Big Ben.

  20. sumyousername says:
    January 25, 2023 at 8:13 pm
    It wasn’t even a bad injury. He’s just being a drama queen… setting up excuses if they lose again to Cincy, KC’s new ownership group.
    In his 5th season as a starter – still has a shot at winning his 2nd Super Bowl, and has a couple of MVPs already. I doubt he’s feeling the need to “set up excuses”.

  21. Remember that Patrick Mahomes is literally built different and is double-jointed, which allows him to be more flexible than most. Good flexibility helps prevent injuries and or lessen severity. That being said, Mahomes will be affected by the injury. It may have a positive effect by him becoming more of a pocket passer and game planning accordingly.

  22. Patrick Mahomes is God’s gift to football and he is coming Sunday to exorcise these Bengal demons.

  23. Get ready for a long offseason KC. Pass rush is going to feast on the now stationary drop back passer.

  24. Then he doesn’t have a high ankle sprain… no way he could go full on that kind of injury

  25. If he had a high ankle sprain he isn’t going to be close to normal. If he is normal he didn’t have a high ankle sprain. You don’t come back from these in a week. We’ll find out soon enough.

  26. No one can exaggerate the way Mahomes’ ankle was bent on that play. I suspect that, along with a half mile of tape, the magic needle was used in the locker room. Mahomes’ mobility on Sunday will tell us more than “full participant” labels during the week.

  27. Congrats……he made it through the WALK-THRU lol. Wednesdays are always walk-thrus in the NFL. But i see what they are trying to do.

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