Reports: Broncos terminate expiring contract of Jerry Rosburg, but could he return?

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Broncos terminated the expiring contract of interim coach and special assistant Jerry Rosburg, but that doesn’t mean Rosburg is done in Denver.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that it was a procedural move.

“My understanding is he’s well regarded and may be back with Denver with new leadership,” Rapoport wrote on Twitter.

The Broncos coaxed Rosburg out of retirement after first-time head coach Nathaniel Hackett botched game management during the first two games of the season. Rosburg, with the title of senior assistant, sat in the booth during games to advise Hackett on his decision making.

When Hackett was fired with two games to go, and defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero turned down the interim job, the Broncos turned to Rosburg to finish out the season.

The Broncos nearly upset the Chiefs in Week 17, losing 24-21, and beat the Chargers 31-28 to finish the season.

They now are in search of a full-time head coach.

7 responses to “Reports: Broncos terminate expiring contract of Jerry Rosburg, but could he return?

  1. I like the fire in this guy! He soaked in every bit of those press conferences, and I’m happy he got the spotlight after all these years. Hiring him as Head Coach wouldn’t be the worst decision we ever made, but he would most likely be retained as a special teams coordinator.

  2. Won’t be head coach but would be great to have back in the building. Special Teams perhaps?

  3. Odd conjecture for a couple reasons: 1. Any coach they hire would clearly be selecting his own staff so unless it was known he was particularly tight with one of the candidates it’s extremely unlikely he’d be brought back. 2. He was already retired. It’s one thing to come back in a short term emergency sort of situation but has he actually said he wants to go back full-time to the sort of hours coaches work?

  4. “Hiring him as Head Coach wouldn’t be the worst decision we ever made”

    No, trading up in the first round for Paxton Lynch (Dallas responded by taking Dak in the 4th round) and giving Russ a quarter of a billion before he ever through a pass for us even though he had two full years left on His deal were worse decisions.

  5. He really served the Broncos well, and did a great job as an interim head coach for 13 days. If special teams is his specialty, I’d like to see him hired as special teams coordinator. It would also be nice to have him around as a consultant and a sort of backup HC should it be needed with a first time HC. He may be a little old to be a HC, but the 13 days and decades of work in the NFL makes him more qualified than some candidates. If he wants the HC job and has the energy and health for it, give the man an interview.

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