Steve Wilks, Frank Reich move on to second interviews with Panthers

Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers
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A couple of candidates with head coaching experience have landed second interviews with the Panthers, including their interim head coach from the 2022 season.

NFL Media reports that Steve Wilks has had a second official interview with the team about remaining on hand as the permanent replacement for Matt Rhule. Wilks went 6-6 after Rhule was fired and the Panthers remained alive in the race for the NFC South title until Week 17.

Frank Reich opened the 2022 season as a head coach, but did not close out the year in that role as the Colts fired him after a 3-5-1 start to the year. He was 40-33-1 overall during his time with the Colts and went 1-2 in the postseason.

Wilks interviewed on Tuesday with Reich set to meet with the team again on Wednesday.

Those two choices would seem to indicate that head coaching experience is a plus in Carolina, but the makeup of the rest of the list of finalists could change that impression.

9 responses to “Steve Wilks, Frank Reich move on to second interviews with Panthers

  1. I think Steve Wilks has earned this job, and I hope he gets it.
    He turned a dumpster fire situation around, earning the respect of our fan base and more importantly, the players. Going 6-6 is impressive when you consider that the Panthers had gone 17-45 since midseason in 2018, under Rivera, Fewell and Rhule (after a 6-2 start coming off our 4th playoff season in the previous 5 years). Our qb’s during that stretch have been mostly Kyle Allen, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield, with PJ Walker filling in.
    We have a good core of players on both sides of the ball. We need a quarterback who can consistently keep the offense on the field longer, and put more points on the board. Unfortunately, we are also very weak at the crucial Owner position.

  2. Wilks should be the next coach no question. But I fear they will pick the wrong guy again look at their history.

  3. Wilks had just “okay” results, but to get from where they were to “okay” was a real feat. It was total disarray before he took over. To stabilize almost everything, even QB, was what the team needed most.

    I think he should get the job. Give him a chance to solidify everything. No one is going to run away with that division and it’s likely a couple years until contention no matter who gets the job.

    As for Reich, I think he should be a HC somewhere, thought Indy shouldn’t have fired him, but if no one hires him as HC, I think the Bills would be crazy to not pursue him for OC or something comparable.

  4. The head coaches job is to lead, which Wilks has proved he can do. You can get x’s and O’s guys to be coordinators. Give him to ability to hire his staff and get out of his way.
    Plus, the critical job is to build a roster of talent. So, in some respects, the GM role is more important.

  5. Thought Wilks deserved the job until the team no showed in the Bucs game that actually counted. Reich is a great coach.

  6. If Reich doesn’t get the head coaching job, the Ravens should pursue him immediately, and pay him handsomely, to be their OC.

  7. When it comes to Wilks the Steelers and Bucs games are giant red flags. Coached small in big spots…thought his thing was defense, can’t contain the Trubisky led Steelers, then doesn’t adjust/give help to his CB during the Bucs game???

    Seems to me he’s the kind of coach that if he can make the playoffs he gets routed because he comes into the game to conservative (run up the middle, run off tackle right, pass…)

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