The longer Jeff Saturday is in it, the greater the chance he wins it

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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Upon shocking the NFL world and making Jeff Saturday the team’s interim head coach, a distinct vibe emerged from Colts owner Jim Irsay that he already had decided, unofficially, to give the job to Saturday after the season. That didn’t stop a slew of candidates from interviewing for the job.

And so, apparently, Irsay is using the process to legitimize the unofficial decision to hire Saturday. The longer Saturday remains in the mix, the greater the chance he gets the job.

That’s the big takeaway from the news that Saturday will get a second interview. He’s in it. And he may very well win it.

Some think that it will come down to Saturday and Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. It’s ultimately Irsay’s decision. If he wants to hire someone that didn’t even get an interview with any of the other four teams looking for head coaches, that’s his business.

And it ultimately comes down to business. Even as the Colts were falling apart with Saturday running the show, folks filled up the stadium. Which gives Irsay the ability to let Saturday secure on-the-job experience to make up for the experience that he necessarily lacked — before he got eight games of on-the-job experience to end the 2022 season.

24 responses to “The longer Jeff Saturday is in it, the greater the chance he wins it

  1. Not a colts fan, but I loved it when Saturday said he wanted his team / o lineman to go after the Giants player that celebrated hurting the Colts QB. I Loved that.

  2. hey it’s not my football team. Go ahead, Irsay. Will be fun to watch the train wreck unfold in front of our eyes. Pretty much going to drive the team into the ground.

  3. Colts would looking for another HC position next year if they hired Saturday over Bieniemy.

  4. Saturday has no business being the HC at the NFL level. If Irsay hires him, it will lead to a season or two with 0-3 wins and a total rebuild of the organization. Maybe it’s a plan to get Caleb Williams?

  5. Whether you like the emotional stuff (or whatever you want to call it) or not, at some point fans will tire of not winning. You can’t be all-brain no-heart or no-brain all-heart and be effective.

  6. i’ve never given guitar jimmy much credit, but choosing saturday over reich was incredibly knee-jerk, as was the decision to bench ryan a couple weeks before.

    doubling down on saturday over a clown car full of more qualified coaches would qualify irsay as the head clown driving the car…. and one would have to wonder how many good assistant coaches want to be associated with the circus….

  7. Honestly, who cares at this point? They’re irrelevant right now and Saturday would get them into position for the first pick. It’d be fun watching him get ridiculed some more. And when he eventually goes back to broadcasting it’ll be funny watching everybody try to act as if he really wasn’t completely terrible, just like they did with Matt Millen after he got canned as a GM.

  8. I hope so. I think it’s awesome that owners continue to show journalists that their opinions don’t matter.

  9. If they hire Vic Fangio to run the D and Gary Kubiak to run the offense it should be no problem having Saturday back.

  10. It seems like Eric Bieniemy has disappeared from consideration for most teams. Why is that?

    It also seems like it is hard to justify Saturday getting the job based on his record.

    So, seems like either decision is dicey.

  11. Anyone who can blow a 33 point lead to the fraudulent Vikings doesn’t deserve to run a football team.

  12. I thought Saturday was a good interim coach. The O line was a mess. He got the O line to play hard and better. Saturday does know pass protection and blocking schemes. He’d be fine as an O-Line coach. The Colts were not going to win anything this year, so having a motivator of men as a interim HC was good.

    Eric Bieniemy deserves a shot, he should hire Saturday as the O line coach. Everyone wins.

  13. You said all there is to say on this matter. It’s HIS DECISION, and if you don’t like it well that’s just TOO BAD. It’s his football team, and his business, and if he wants to make a bad decision that’s on him. Deal with it

  14. Drew P Weiner says:
    January 25, 2023 at 10:52 am
    I hope so. I think it’s awesome that owners continue to show journalists that their opinions don’t matter.


    Hmmm, I think there may actually be a term for what you are describing and it’s called “chopping off your nose to spite your face”

    Who he is really letting down is the players and the fanbase who all want to win. Saturday has shown he isn’t remotely qualified t be a NFL HC but then again he has the complexion for the right perception. And that seems to be enough

  15. It’s entirely possible the more desirable candidates don’t want that job. They have no QB. Their owner likes to meddle and they have a GM so personnel control is likely off the table. There’s not much hope of immediate success. There are much better situations out there.

  16. No way. Here’s how Irsay’s mind is working— “The more we make it appear that Jeff Saturday has a chance at getting the job, the less idiotic I look for giving him the job the first time”.

  17. No other team interviewed Jeff Saturday for their open head coach position. That says a lot.

  18. And the more someone has to push a book for it to sell, the more you know it is garbage.

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