Tom Brady and the Detroit Lions could be an interesting combination

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions
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During Tuesday’s PFT Live, Chris Simms and I were spitballing on potential destinations for quarterback Tom Brady, if (as it appears) he intends to keep playing.

His testiness, which many regard as contrived, over simply being asked on his own pre-taped podcast for a “timetable” on his decision seems to be (in my opinion) an attempt to cover up any tampering that will happen before he officially becomes a free agent in March — if any tampering isn’t happening already.

So while coming up with places where Brady may think he would have a chance to win an eighth championship, Simms mentioned one I hadn’t previously considered.

The Detroit Lions.

Wouldn’t that be something? Tom Brady, back in Michigan. Tom Brady, with a Lions team that finished 2022 strong. A Lions team with an impressive nucleus of talented players. A Lions team that quarterback Jared Goff may be able to lead on a deep run in the postseason, but may not be able to take over the top.

Brady has shown he can do it. Seven times. And while he’s 46, if the Lions want to finally make an appearance in the Super Bowl and possibly even win it, Brady could give them a better chance to do it than Goff.

I know, I know. Goff doesn’t deserve to suddenly find himself swirling in a storm of speculation. But the reality is that, when he arrived in Detroit two years ago, no one believed he’d be anything more than a short-term solution. He has played well enough to be traded to a team that needs a starter, and there could be one or two teams looking for one after the looming game of signal-caller musical chairs ends.

Beyond football, there’s a very real business element to wanting Brady. He’d sell every ticket to every game at Ford Field. The Lions also would end up with multiple prime-time games, along with multiple 4:25 p.m. ET contests. In recent years, those games draw even more viewers than games played at night.

Maybe that’s the way to finally break the Curse of Bobby Layne, who was only 31 when the Lions traded him but looked 46. Maybe it would be fitting to bring in a quarterback who will be 46 but looks closer to 31.

At this point, it’s nothing more than a dart thrown loosely in the direction of the board. But if the Lions get a phone call from someone on Brady’s behalf in the coming weeks (or if they already have), it won’t be easy to say no. And it ultimately could make plenty of sense to say, “Hell yes.”

48 responses to “Tom Brady and the Detroit Lions could be an interesting combination

  1. You sign brady it’s one year with him then rebuild.

    Lions has too much promise to do a 2024 rebuild and are too far for a 2023 championship.

  2. “Maybe it would be fitting to bring in a quarterback who will be 46 but looks closer to 31.”

    Guess you haven’t seen Tom lately. Age is catching up to him quickly.

    The Lions have improved very well on their own. They don’t need Brady.

  3. I still suspect that Brady and Payton end up together in Carolina. The Panthers have a pretty good D and enough parts that they could mould into similarly capable O, in Tepper they have an owner who seems desperate enough to agree to pretty much anything they’d want and perhaps most importantly, are in a weak division with both of their previous teams.

  4. Not really following the logic that a soon to be 46 year old who was unable to get a team with a very good defense and a cakewalk schedule to .500 this year would think he could win a SB with a team whose defense ranked 28th despite being 4th in turnover margin and having a plus margin for ToP.

    The Bucs 53 man roster is much better than the Lions 53 man roster. The difference is the Lions got better QB play down the stretch.

    Brady wasn’t nearly as bad this year as some people seem to think, but it’s clear that he no longer represents an upgrade over Goff. With Brady another year older and Goff poised to enter his 2nd year in Ben Johnson’s offense, the gap seems likely to widen.

  5. It’s quite the possibility, and he’d be going to a team that’s ready to make a deep run, and we all know that’s going to be the number one deciding factor when he finally makes his decision. Oh the haters are going to have a meltdown over this one if that’s where he decides to go…We’ll see

  6. It’s kinda funny how teams lose draft picks and get fined for tampering….yet it seems like Tom is instigating all of it.What am I missing here?

  7. Brady will never go to Detroit and Jared Goff is not the reason why they didn’t reach the playoffs. He carried the Lions in the second half of the season. Brady is going to the Raiders unless the Jets offer him some crazy stupid money. Raiders already have good nucleus with a coach that he had a close relationship with for 2 decades.

  8. There is literally no chance whatsoever that the Lions are going to undo the only real success they’ve had in recent years and give up on Goff now.

  9. Stop, you tried pushing the Baker Mayfield to Detroit narrative all last offseason. Goff is fully capable to advance this team and ticket sales will be just fine without TB12.

  10. Wait! I thought it was Baker Mayfield to Detroit that you were pushing?! Brady to the Lions makes even less sense than that.

  11. In golf terms, the Lions might be close to the green, but Brady wants the ball closer to the cup. Most teams that are championship ready have a QB. The most playoff ready team with an opening is The Dolphins if they decide to move on from Tua.

  12. I think the Jets are the most likely destination. They have no starting quarterback. I fail to see how any team would bench their starting quarterback for immobile Tom Brady.

  13. Why on earth would the Lions want a QB with ZERO winning seasons without elite coaching? They have a good thing going with Goff.

  14. The advantage of bringing Brady in anywhere over Rodgers is compensation, both in yearly salary and what’s given up in trade. Detroit won’t take Brady, but the New York Jets might.

  15. Zero chance. Brad Holmes says NO. He is sold on Goff, he doesn’t want a one year placeholder when they’re building long term sustainability mostly through the draft. Ford Field is already full most weeks and Sheila truly wants to win, selling tickets is good but not the focus. Now with this all said please don’t extend Goff, keep it going so long as he keeps playing well but we can move on if he falters with his contract now. Please get a real backup QB though.

  16. Goff did a great job this season, and has the potential to do even better. The Lions offense wasn’t their problem this year it was their defense. Big no for TB to go to the Lions.

  17. Signing with any NFC team would ensure an easier way into the playoffs but Detroit would just be plain hysterical.

  18. Brady isn’t looking 31 these days and would be a bad move almost any where. Look at the games instead of the stat sheet.

  19. First Baker Mayfield. Now Brady. You sure you want to upset the apple cart in Detroit don’t you? By the way, winning sells out stadiums. Not a 46 year old QB. P.S. in the present: : Goff > Brady.

  20. Sorry, but Jared Goff>Tom Brady at this point of their careers. And I say that with much respect to Tom Brady. Goff and the offense weren’t the problem. This team needs defense. Particularly in the secondary. They’re not that far away. I’m no Lions fan, but it looks like they have something pretty good brewing there. But they’re more than a 46 year old Tom Brady away from being a Super Bowl contender. They have a lot of good young talent. Keep adding to it.

  21. I always appreciate thinking outside the box but I don’t see an upgrade
    Over Goff. Goff had a good year. Can’t waste resources on an FA QB or top picks in the draft. Draft a DE with the 6th, a CB with their other first and LB, S, with the 2nds.

  22. Eh no, it’s too cold, the owners have a bad track record and it’s in Detroit. Goff is a much better QB for this team than Brady would be.

  23. “Maybe that’s the way to finally break the Curse of Bobby Layne” Oh you mean the one they broke last year?

  24. Having observed the Browns repeatedly reset, stumble and reset over the last 25 years, I sincerely hope the Lions continue to build a strong roster through the draft and don’t give in to the temptation of taking shortcuts. It’s great to see the Lions including the line of scrimmage in their rebuild and not focusing only on “skill” positions.

  25. We’ve got to be close now to every team having an article about how Brady is going there. He makes ZERO sense for Detroit. Detroit is on the rise but they’re a couple years from being really ready to contend and Brady will be retiring right as they’re hoping to start their run. Yeah, that makes great sense.

  26. You think they’d get rid of a good QB who has the respect of the whole locker room and existing chemistry with all of his receivers for a washed up shell of Brady’s former self so he can throw a fit and scream at his o-line whenever things don’t go his way? Sewell would run through a brick wall for Jared Goff.

  27. I can see Tom Brady there…………. if the Fords offered to give him the franchise.

  28. If Goff hadn’t had such a good year, I could absolutely see it. But Goff looks like Detroit’s franchise quarterback and is signed at what is today a relative bargain for a strong starting quarterback.

    I think Detroit is trying to build a long-term winning organization, and even if Brady as a short-term rental might give them a legitimate chance to win a championship this year, Goff has a real chance to be part of the solution there.

    I think they’d be much better off using the cap space they could theoretically spend on Brady by upgrading the defense. Goff has started a Super Bowl and has proven he can win in the postseason. I’d love to see it after everyone wrote him off.

  29. Why on earth would the Lions want a QB with ZERO winning seasons without elite coaching? They have a good thing going with Goff.

    Belichick with Brady in the playoffs is 30-11. Without 1-2.

    Arians with Brady in the playoffs is 5-1. Without 1-2.

    See a common thread here?

  30. What this theory clearly demonstrates is that neither you or Chris Simms knows anything about Detroit fans. Lions fans would riot ala 1967 if Brady was hired to replace Goff. They might even burn down Ford Field.

    Lions fans actually love Goff. He’s giving them wins. They love his story – unappreciated in glitzy LA, goes to working class Detroit and proves the doubters wrong. Detroit love scrappy heroes who get no respect – just like the City. The fans who are feeling the sting of Stafford winning a Super Bowl his first season in LA would love to see Goff win one in Detroit. They’d wear it as a defiant f-you towards LA.

  31. No way. He is past it. He had what two above average games and then looked like he was 50 years of age. Sign him as a backup.

  32. Notice the post dates… I should have been born triplets. I’m too good to be one man….

    Could Tom Brady end up in Miami, after all?
    Posted by Mike Florio on January 12, 2023, 6:40 AM EST
    (the body of the article is not posted here)

    thaswussup says:
    January 13, 2023 at 3:33 am
    Will Tyreek move in with Brady though…that’s the question.

    Everyone is overlooking the obvious…Tom is a Michigan Man. He’s going to go to The Lions, join Dan Campbell, and it’s going to be “Let’s F-ing Go Bite Off Some Kneecaps!!!” in Detroit. It’s obvious right?

    Seriously Tom, why not? I know it’s not what some might call a stacked roster, but it’s not bad. They have a good o-line and o-line coach to help keep you upright. I know you can take a stacked roster to the Super Bowl. I’m not asking you to join a roster in full rebuild. I’m asking you to take a decent roster in a place that has never won a Super Bowl, and bring one home for them. It’s not exactly a stacked division. Minnesota has won 13 games on a -3 point differential. The Packers may lose Rodgers. The Bears just earned the #1 Draft Pick. You have the Michigan thing going, and you’re single now. You can live wherever you want. I know you said no more cold, but most of the games are indoors. You’d be a Hero. They’d rename Detroit Bradytown. C’mon man. Don’t just parachute into a really good roster. Take on some sort of challenge. You’ll even get the Thanksgiving Game each season. What do you say Tom? Are you still into some heavy lifting? Doing something that would really mean something?? At least think about it. This has to happen.

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    thaswussup says:
    January 13, 2023 at 3:40 am
    Brady may be looking for a three year contract, guaranteed, and not under market, given what happened to all that good good crypto. He’s going to want to doge and shib his way back from the digicoin abyss. The safety net just left with the jiu-jitsu instructor.

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