Brandon Beane: Bills expect Von Miller to play a good portion of 2023, maybe all of 2023

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Bills edge rusher Von Miller tore his ACL on Thanksgiving, but General Manager Brandon Beane thinks Miller will be ready to make a big impact in 2023.

“I think Von’s in a good spot. I think he’s doing well,” Beane said, via the Buffalo News. “I expect him for a good portion of 2023; I’m not ruling out all of 2023, but I don’t want to say that, either. I think it’s too early.”

The Bills’ defense fell off after Miller’s injury, and Beane acknowledged that replacing him proved difficult.

“You don’t have a replacement in the cabinet for Von Miller, and our D-line was really playing well with Von out there,” Beane said. “He allows more guys to be singled up.”

Miller said this week that he thinks the Bills’ Super Bowl window is still open. Miller and Beane are both expecting Miller to be a big part of a big season, one that they hope is still going a year from now.

8 responses to “Brandon Beane: Bills expect Von Miller to play a good portion of 2023, maybe all of 2023

  1. There were many other injuries to this defense that doomed the Bills. Not having Miller was just a part of the demise. They should get credit for 8 wins in a row before the loss to the powerhouse Bengals. Hopefully with a healthy defense next season, they can take the next step.

  2. My first instinct is to dump Dorsey, also. But I realize it’s his first season in the coordinator chair, and recall that Brian Daboll didn’t set the football world on fire immediately.
    I hope Dorsey does some deep introspection and comes back with more creativity.

  3. I said on the other thread that you can’t use the injuries the Bills had as an excuse. Part of winning it all means having depth and overcoming that.

    But it’s hard to overstate how big of a deal losing him was. It wasn’t so much his play – which was still at a high level. But he made all of those other guys on the line look so much better: Rousseau, Oliver, Epenesa, Lawson, Phillips. All put up better #’s and just looked better when he was in there. Great leader, and obviously someone who DC’s would focus on, freeing up the other guys to make plays.

    It will be good to have him back.

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