Colts, Jim Irsay congratulate Frank Reich for landing on his feet

Indianapolis Colts Introduce Frank Reich
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Former Colts coach Frank Reich, fired after nine games in 2022, has landed on his feet in Carolina. The Colts are happy about that.

The team’s twitter account has congratulated Reich. Owner Jim Irsay did, too.

And it’s not just false praise. The Colts and Irsay have reason to be happy. With Reich getting another head-coaching job, the buyout for Reich dropped dramatically if not evaporated completely.

Irsay has saved millions, the same way Panthers owner David Tepper saved millions when Matt Rhule became the head coach at Nebraska.

The Colts and Irsay might not be as happy if, for example, Reich beats the Colts when they play in 2023. Or if the Panthers thrive under Reich, and the Colts struggle under, for example, Jeff Saturday.

In fact, it’s fair to wonder whether Reich getting hired so quickly could prompt Irsay to shy away from giving Saturday a chance to continue his on-the-job training. It won’t look very good for Irsay if Reich’s Panthers win the division — and if the Colts go 3-14 — next year.

So maybe Reich getting hired not only will save Irsay plenty of money but also prompt him to not entrust the permanent gig to someone whose best qualification comes from the fact that he got an eight-game interim audition with no qualifications.

8 responses to “Colts, Jim Irsay congratulate Frank Reich for landing on his feet

  1. I’m not so sure that the Colts “messed up”. Frank, a nice man but not the best coach from a game strategy standpoint, lands on his feet. Colts are free from the salary they owe him. Colts find a new coach and hopefully, that person is a good one. And, since no one with anything on the ball thinks that we’ll miraculously fix everything that is wrong with our team by next camp, Irsay gets another year. Frank leaving had to happen….an “insider” tells me that he was starting to lose some guys.

  2. Does he still get the $9,000,000 / year (39 mil) through 2026 that Irsay gave him in his last contract extension? If so “Life is good”

  3. yeah jimbo ok – in other words “i did you dirty but hey no hard feelings right?”

  4. Colts are an absolute embarrassment to professional sports. Welcome to the dark era of Jimmy’s descent into madness.

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