Cowboys officially sever ties with six assistant coaches

Dallas Cowboys v Denver Broncos
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Back-to-back 12-5 regular-season performances became the top argument for keeping coach Mike McCarthy. It wasn’t enough to keep six members of his staff employed, however.

The Cowboys have announced that six assistant coaches have been let go. Technically, their expired contracts weren’t renewed. As a practical matter, they were politely told to pack their things and go.

Out are assistant head coach Rob Davis, senior defensive assistant George Edwards, assistant defensive line coach Leon Lett, running backs coach Skip Peete, offensive line coach Joe Philbin, and quality control analytics coach Kyle Valero.

“We thank these men for their hard work, dedication and contributions to the Cowboys,” coach Mike McCarthy said in a statement. “Each of them represented our team and organization at a high, professional level with class and commitment to making our team better. These were difficult decisions to make because of the great respect I have for each of them as a coach and person of character, combined with the experiences we’ve all gone through together. This is the hardest part of the business and we wish them nothing but the best.”

The fact that McCarthy made the announcement suggests he’ll be back in 2023. Because he was 12-5 in each of the last two seasons.

Which, again, wasn’t good enough to keep six members of his staff employed for another year.

21 responses to “Cowboys officially sever ties with six assistant coaches

  1. McCarthy is a tool. He can make an announcement and then find his key card deactivated after he gets back from lunch.

  2. Bad look. McCarthy throws everyone under the bus and yet agains takes no accountability looking like a tick about to pop on the sideline.

  3. Love every minute of the Dallas Drama. They bankrolled two toads to tens of millions of dollars in excess of their abilities and now they are paying for this. Party on, clowns.

  4. If anything Dallas overachieved, with Quinn getting the maximum out of that defense. Other than Pollard, their skill position players just aren’t good enough to compete for a Super Bowl.

  5. Philbin has always been very close to McCarthy – decision must have come down from Jerrah. Surprised they didn’t announce it as a retirement by Philbin.

  6. Interesting that the guys that got hired by McCarthy get fired, and McCarthy stays. As with most teams that continually have problems, they keep the guys at the top that are the real problem who keep hiring the same type of people. And then they wonder why nothing changes.

  7. What I see with the Cowboys isn’t a problem with the OL or DL, or running game, or defense in general. These firings look arbitrary.

    What we see with the Cowboys is a lot of individual parts that work well hobbled from being an effective whole by a sort of foggy malaise of disconnect. We see it when things get tense in a game, and the team gets loose and discipline gets scrambled. Look at the latter stage of the 49ers game. It was a completely winnable game, yet the wheels came off left and right for no good reason. The talk all week was about Maher, yet he delivered and the supposedly sound parts didn’t. That’s on leadership and the team culture it creates, and the HC and OC level for play calling.

    And of course, none of this works without a great franchise QB who delivers reliably when the lights are brightest. Dak simply hasn’t done that. A guy who’s been playing for two months showed up a $160 million veteran. That should not happen.

  8. I love how when it is Dallas 12- 5 seasons are considered failure. Cowboys haters are pitiful. Most would love to have a team who at least are winners instead of picking in the top 10 of the draft every year and still losing.

  9. Get rid of the worst OC in the league as well. Dude is horrible. When Pollard went out why would you keep calling the plays designed gor him and not adjust? You called outside runs with an old back with a brace that hasn’t been able to get outside the tackles in three years.

  10. This has Jones written all over this. Pretty sad, other then their QB, the head coach is holding them back also

  11. Doesn’t make sense he says he thanks them for all the dedication hard work that they did for the organization but wasn’t good enough to keep them. Hum?

  12. They should have fired McCarthy and let the New HC who to keep. McCarthy is a poor HC especially considering the great amount of talent Dallas has on their roster.

  13. Davis and Philbin . . . bring them to Minnesota. They’ve got that highly sought after Packer pedigree!

  14. Just like his Packer days, McCarthy fires his assistants and refuses to take blame. Didn’t McCarthy exhibit his usual clock management skills when he failed miserably down the stretch against San Fran wasting precious seconds in the final minute? Bad half time adjustments and usually his teams play to the level of their competition.

  15. Back-to-back 12-5 seasons and they can six guys. This makes no sense. An organization succeeds or fails from the top down (for the most part). And by that I mean that Jerry is a constant source of destabilization, and the HC skates while throwing six people under the bus.

    I’m guessing if six assistant coaches were that bad, they wouldn’t have gone 12-5.

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