Dan Quinn staying in Dallas, won’t pursue head coaching jobs

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
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Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn plans to stay in Dallas for the 2023 season.

Quinn, who was a candidate for three different head-coaching vacancies this offseason, has informed those teams that he plans to remain in Dallas, according to multiple reports.

The Cardinals, Colts and Broncos had all shown interest in hiring Quinn as head coach. It’s unclear whether Quinn was the first choice of any of those teams, however, and he may have decided to stay in Dallas only when he got the feeling that he wasn’t going to get a head-coaching job.

The 52-year-old Quinn has spent the last two seasons as the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator. He previously spent six seasons as head coach of the Falcons and has also been a defensive coordinator in Seattle, as well as for the Florida Gators.

14 responses to “Dan Quinn staying in Dallas, won’t pursue head coaching jobs

  1. Before the next season is over, McCarthy will be fired and Quinn will be made the interim HC.

  2. He did some interviews. If he isn’t interested, what does that say about his thoughts on the Colts, Broncos and Cardinals?

  3. Quinn just waiting for the HC job in Dallas. He fixed the D just need a better offense and clock management.

  4. Obviously the teams that interviewed him were not going to hire him, and they allowed him to save face by removing him from consideration.

  5. 43-42 as a head coach and will forever be known for blowing it in the SB. Some coaches make for better coordinators. He might be smart keeping this job.

  6. By all accounts Quinn has done an excellent job. Jerry rewards those who deliver the goods, whether players or coaches.

  7. Some coaches are just really good coordinators, like Quinn. Dennis Allen is another example of a good coordinator but bad head coach. I am glad he stayed, he is building something that can win a championship

  8. Quinn is one of the best Defensive minds in the NFL.
    What he has done with that once awful Cowboys Defense over the past 2 seasons
    was to change the culture in the club house.
    He got the front office to place greater value on positions like safety they used to not value.
    It was his defense that was the biggest reason for 2 twelve win seasons in a row.

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