Isiah Pacheco: I’ve been waiting on this moment my whole life

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Chiefs landed running back Isiah Pacheco in the seventh round and he’s had a clear positive impact on the team’s offense.

He finished the regular season leading the league’s top offense with 830 rushing yards and five touchdowns. While Jerick McKinnon was Kansas City’s best backfield receiving threat, Pacheco also caught 13 passes for 130 yards.

After rushing for 95 yards in his postseason debut, Pacheco said this week that he’s looking forward to playing in the conference title game against Cincinnati.

“I’ve been waiting on this moment my whole life,” Pacheco said Wednesday, via Rocky Magana of “So for me, [it’s] continue to be myself and go out there and follow our leaders, and take it play by play, and let the game come to me.”

Pacheco mentioned quarterback Patrick Mahomes, tight end Travis Kelce, McKinnon, and the offensive line as those with the kind of playoff experience he can lean on to get a grasp of what to expect on Sunday.

“The guys who have been here before me and they’ve been in this situation, those are the guys that I look up to and learn from — learning from them has helped me overcome the game by playing so fast,” Pacheco said. “For me to just continue to be patient and learn from my mistakes … it’s important for me to take those mistakes and grow from them.”

Pacheco had 66 yards on 14 carries with a touchdown in Kansas City’s Week 13 loss to Cincinnati. He also caught two passes for 16 yards and averaged 23.2 yards on five kick returns.

14 responses to “Isiah Pacheco: I’ve been waiting on this moment my whole life

  1. Like Mixon against Buffalo, Pacheco had a great game against the Jags and should get at least 20 carries in this game. The Chiefs need 30 or more to win …

  2. In the trenches, Cincy holds its own against the Chief’s DL but fails against the Chiefs OL. They’re not playing the Bills weak OL.

    The Eagles OL and DL are the best San Fran has seen this year. By far.

    Games are won in the trenches.

    KC vs Philly in the Bowl.

  3. Mr. Pacheco, We are Excited to have You as a Chief. You have impressed us this season so far. Let’s bring it on Sunday and keep it going. You can do it.

  4. I actually think Pacheco and Mckinnon are going to play major roles this Sunday. As a Bengals fan, I’m actually quite nervous about KC’s running game if Andy Reid can stay disciplined and not get away from it. With Mahomes hobbled he might not have a choice.

  5. ““I’ve been waiting on this moment my whole life,” not the super bowl yet lol.

  6. KC has got to be soiling themselves knowing how Cincy is rolling and KC cannot beat the Bungles.

    Pressure mounting. If the choke yet another AFC title game at home, Mahomes is entering Aaron Rodgers type territory.

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