Mike McCarthy doesn’t guarantee Kellen Moore will return

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore was a candidate for the Panthers’ head coaching job. He didn’t get that job, with the Panthers announcing Frank Reich as their new head coach Thursday.

The question now is: Will Moore have a job with the Cowboys after this week?

The Cowboys surely did not want to sabotage Moore’s chances of getting the Panthers’ job, but now that Carolina has a head coach, the team could move on from Moore.

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy did not guarantee Moore’s return during his news conference Thursday. McCarthy said he will meet with Moore possibly as soon as Friday and called the evaluation process ongoing.

“I really don’t want to play this game today,” McCarthy said when asked a second time about Moore. “It’s been a long couple of days. Kellen Moore, just like the rest of the coaches, will be evaluated. Every coach will be evaluated. The evaluations, it takes more than one day.”

Moore has served as the team’s offensive coordinator for four seasons, keeping the job after McCarthy become the head coach in 2020. With Moore calling the plays, the Cowboys twice ranked first in yards (2019, 2021) and once ranked first in points (2021). They were 11th in yards and fourth in points this season, but they have not gotten beyond the divisional round since 1995.

McCarthy said he does not have a timeline for finishing staff evaluations.

The Cowboys announced they have parted ways with six assistants whose contracts are expiring at the end of the 2022 league year. They still could lose defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, who is a candidate for the Broncos’ head coaching job.

“I feel good about where we are,” McCarthy said of Quinn’s possible departure for a head coaching job. “I feel good about our assistant coaches and what we’ve established on defense. In two years, we took a step. I think from a staff structure, we’ll give Dan his due time. Hopefully we’ll have an answer sooner than later.”

21 responses to “Mike McCarthy doesn’t guarantee Kellen Moore will return

  1. Payton will not coach this year and he will be waiting in the wings to takeover the Cowboys as soon as this horrible coach is fired. Us NFC East fans hope he stays with the Cowboys forever

  2. Jerry Jones doesn’t guarantee he won’t promote Moore, leaving you without a job.

  3. Cowboys are making a lot of impulsive, emotional decisions. Might as well keep it going and fire McCarthy.

  4. It just seems really odd that Carolina would seriously consider someone as a HC when his coordinator job is in jeopardy.

  5. McCarthy can be really reckless with decisions within games but the Cowboys fielded a better than good defense this year and when their offense was cooking made for a potent combo. Dak just isn’t at that playoff difference maker level.

  6. Can’t understand the hate for McCarthy. Dak throws 2 interceptions, Pollard goes out with a fractured leg, Zeke is terrible and somehow it’s all McCarthy’s fault.

  7. Not a huge Kellen Moore fan, but the OC is just a piece of the puzzle, Dak needs to be better and elevate his game. I don’t think Dak is the guy, he’s serviceable, but to get you to, and to win a Super Bowl, uh, no.

  8. McCarthy must have video proof of some Jerruh shenanigans…only reason I can think of him still having his job.

  9. That’s a lot of assistant coaches to replace at one time. A smart owner and head coach duo would probably be worried about continuity and the new staff not all being on the same page. Unfortunately for Cowboy fans, this duo is anything but smart.

  10. The issue isn’t on the sidelines it’s in the owners box and who the $40m is getting paid to

  11. Given the Cowboy offense has, in fact, ranked so well with Moore as OC, they’d be smart to not blame him for Prescott’s poor accuracy and decision making skills along with McCarthey’s terrible clock/game management.

  12. Should they dump Moore, or should he decide he doesn’t want to come back to the S… Show, he will not be unemployed long. Good OC and I would love to see what he could really do with a QB who knows his team from the other team.

  13. I’m not going to pretend to know or understand the complex dynamics that go into a successful NFL team. On some teams the OC and DC have more (or less) power than others. It does look like Dallas is purging the staff…after consecutive 12 win seasons.

    Maybe winning in the playoffs is hard? Maybe there are a ton of small things that add up to a good or bad game and it’s the HC’s job to lead the team and take responsibility when it all falls apart?

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