Sean Payton denies report of concerns with unnamed member of Broncos ownership

Denver Broncos v New Orleans Saints
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As some wonder whether former Saints coach Sean Payton will wait to return to coaching until 2024, he has spoken out in response to a report regarding one of his potential destinations for 2023.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post tweeted the following on Thursday: “[T]here was an issue with Payton’s interview with the Broncos. Payton likes the idea of coaching Russell Wilson and having that defense but fears a potential power struggle with a member of the ownership group, source says.”

Maske did not name the member of the ownership group about whom Payton supposedly has concerns. Limited partner Condi Rice was directly involved in the first round of interviews, along with CEO and owner Greg Penner. The other primary owners involved in the hiring process are Rob Walton and Carrie Walton Penner.

Said Payton in response to Maske’s report: “Zero truth to this. We had a great visit and [Broncos] ownership was fantastic!!”

Payton has drawn interest from the Broncos, Texans, Cardinals, and Panthers. This week, a sense has emerged that he’s likely to return to Fox for another year, and to re-enter the market in 2024.

If that happens, the reason won’t be (according to Payton himself) that Payton fears a potential power struggle with an unnamed member of the Denver ownership group.

43 responses to “Sean Payton denies report of concerns with unnamed member of Broncos ownership

  1. Broncos nation just 2-3 days ago was acting like Sean Payton was Football Jesus and any less of a hire was the end of the franchise. They seriously dodge a bullet. Good franchises dont let fans and press make their decisions.

  2. As a patriots fan, I have no reason to argue about coaching and championships.

    However, when are people going to get off the Payton wagon?! Guy won a championship in 2009, and how many postseason games did he win after that?!

    How many super bowls did he get to after beating the colts?

    How many NFC Championship games did the saints play in after the colts victory?!

    Overrated and overpaid. Why give up a first round pick for that guy?!

  3. I know there are only 32 of these jobs on the planet but not all are created equal. Cowboys DC Quinn opted to stay at Dallas one more year; you can speculate that he didn’t care for the situation(s) and/or he likes where he’s at for now and will wait for the ‘just right’ opportunity to present itself next year.

  4. He priced himself out and he knows it now Ryans will probably have first choice not to mention he probably will be ok with a 6-7 million dollars a year contract no coach except BB and Reid worth at least 20 million a year…

  5. Good lord, but there are a lot of stupid fans. Payton is a top 5 NFL coach. Reid and belichek are the only ones clearly equal or better. Oh, only one superbowl — well, unlike belichek and Brady he hasn’t had a lucky playoff horseshoe forged of 4 leaf clovers shoved up his rectum. Zimmers defense never recovered from the hurt that Brees and Payton put on them and it took a miracle to lose that game. Gregg Williams blitzing in 2011. Ingram losing a fumble before beast modencould happen. The no call. 4 of the 5 teams — one of them will get lucky — will be hiring another head coach and preaching a commitment to winning after 2 years of failure in 2025.

  6. Payton isnt a developer otherwise he would have stuck around in New Orleans. Its just not in his wheelhouse to be a developer/mentor. Hes an old school coach in the same vein of the Zimmers of the world. Payton needs an established team to thrive. Of the openings, which team is the most complete? That will be the one Payton goes to if he so chooses.

  7. How could something this random be not true. I can’t think of a story that ends with “…and that explains how we got this wrong.”

    I can’t help but note that Payton is from (I really hate this phrase) the Parcells tree. Parcells refused gigs for that reason, as did his most famous protege. (Sorry Jets fans, I k ow that’s still a sore point.)

  8. Don’t understand the love affair with this guy or really any head coach that had a HOF QB playing for them. Maybe he’s good, all I know is Brees was unbelievable.

  9. Is it possible Payton isnt that interested in the available jobs? The ones he wanted never opened up. I dont think hes as great as all this is making him out to be but I also dont think he comes back for just any coaching job. I do think hed wants start on 3rd base if he comes back.

  10. So one of the richest ownership groups on the planet with no experience hiring an NFL head coach is using Condaleeza Rice, who has no experience hiring an NFL head coach, to help them with the process?

  11. The Saints go all in with Brees final years and destroy there salary cap, Payton gets out of dodge soon as theres problems, then comes back one or two years later. Something always fishy about coaches doing this, and the Saints are going to get a first round pick for him. If he was a good coach he could lead them like Dan Campbell did the Lions and not leave when you don’t have a superstar team. I think him and his visor suck.

  12. Payton spent at least 10 hours with Michael Bidwill today, and they left the Cardinals facility together around dinner time. Payton May be the Cardinals new coach

  13. Can we set up a Go Fund Me page to send Payton and Rodgers to the CFL? A one way ticket?

  14. This is all starting to sound like the OBJ nonsense promotional tour for fake interest of his services. He’s simply not that compelling

  15. Too many cooks in the kitchen at Denver and a QB taking all the cap space. Good call to be weary of that potential mess.

  16. Next year a couple of A+ QB prospects will be coming out. I’d wait. You are going to go to a bad team, wait until you get a top flight QB talent to sign on with.

  17. No one wants to give up a 1st round pick and $20M for a guy who frankly is overrated. He has one Super Bowl when Brees was on a cheap contract. No better than McCarthy who has been to the playoffs with two teams and held ground with a back up QB this year. What is Payton’s record without Brees at QB? Peyton is a fine coach but you can do just as well keeping your picks and money going with the next young mind. Do your research and find the next Sean Payton. It isn’t like he set the world on fire with a HOF QB playing with him.

  18. I think Quinn stayed in Dallas because both Denver (Ryan’s) n Arizona (Payton) have told Quinn they won’t be hiring him to take the Colts job if he can which is why despite having a SAT interview with IND he’s now staying in Dallas all of the sudden. Sean Payton spent all morning n all afternoon at Cardinals headquarters for his 2nd interview and I think they’re working a deal out now and either tmrw or the next day Payton will be announced as the Cardinals new HC. It’s either going to be Payton or Flores but the way things look now it really seems like Payton is going to be the new AZ Cardinals HC.

  19. He’s not worth the total asking price. A team would be stupid to give up a chunk of the future, premium draft picks at that, for the privilege of having him.

  20. I can’t think of any new ownership from the last 30 years that didn’t have a steep learning curve. A bunch of new money people “just want the best” is preposterous. They got rich undercutting ever local business in america i’m payton got one whiff of their management style and gtfo there.

  21. Those who don’t live here will never understand the importance of Sean Payton to this city.
    Four years before our Super Bowl we weren’t sure we would even HAVE a city, much less our team.
    Sean was rumored headed to Green Bay and Drew Brees was to sign with the Dolphins, coached by one Nick Saban.
    How would that have changed the entire world order…?
    Sean put us right and from the rubble gave us our Super Bowl.
    And we remained a contender through much of his tenure.
    So to you nit-pickers who, amongst other digs at Sean and his records(s), want to diss on him, I say:
    Other teams have won their Super Bowls and they were great, milestones, fun, epic.
    Sean Payton gave us one that was–

  22. A couple weeks ago Colin Cowherd asked what good coach would want to respond directly to ownership? He went on to say the Bronco’s ownership have no clue how a football team is run! Why would any tenured person want to get involved in that?

  23. Reports indicate the Broncos are moving on due to the demands of New Orleans, a first and two third round picks. That would effectively gut Denver for the foreseeable future in the draft as they have already given up two firsts and two seconds in the Russel Wilson trade. Don’t do it Walmart.

  24. Well this is your problem with this corporatist system we live in. Nothing runs efficient when it’s owned by a board of directors or an investment firm. A Top down monarchial structure is the most efficient form of leadership.

  25. Why are we looking away from the fact that he bailed from The Saints when the going became tough? I would question him hard on it.

  26. I think Payton’s a good coach, but there’s no way to know how he’ll do in a new situation. I think the Denver job becomes much less attractive if the HC will be reporting to an “ownership group”, which will just be a bunch of egos contradicting each other while knowing nothing about football.

    I hope Ryans doesn’t choose Denver for his first HC job. He should just look at how the last three HCs have gone. That place is a coach-killer, and he’ll be tied to Wilson for a few more years, which is fine if Wilson has a better year next year, but it’s just gonna get him fired if Wilson plays like he did this year.

  27. This is how bad ownership acts.

    There has to be a clear line of command.

    Payton doesn’t want to have to report to ownership AND first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson.

    It should be Wilson at the top and ownership and Payton reporting to him.

  28. Probably more of a struggle with the de-facto GM, Russ Wilson, throwing a tantrum that they are not hiring his guy and most likely going defense.

    Sean was always a long-shot it is the media, especially in Denver, using fake news to try to get the new owners to hire Payton even though the cost of draft picks (Most of their picks this year (something like their not great 1st from Miami, two 3s plus picks from next year or a 1 this year and a 1 next year) in conjunction with Russ’s wages would make it nearly impossible to improve that roster, more like see a talent drain. And what the Saints want is why Sean is quickly becoming and after thought.

  29. Assuming there is any truth to this story, it sounds like they asked some tough questions or possibly even questioned his salary demands. You’d think these interviews would be fairly tough but they’re often just back-patting affairs. (Still remember the time Rob Ryan got hired as DC by the Rams without them discussing what scheme he planned to use. He resigned after 4 days when they finally figured out he was going to run something other than what they had in mind.)

  30. Reading between the lines. Condoleeza Rice is pushing hard for the Broncos to hire her friend and colleague David Shaw as OC if he is not hired as HC. And Sean Payton is not in agreement with that.

  31. Sean Payton’s camp is spinning this because NOBODY wants him. DeMeco Ryans is Denver’s first choice. All media hype driven by this overrated egomaniac who QUIT ON HIS TEAM WHEN TIMES GOT TOUGH. What kind of leader does that? Not a very good one. And one more thing…any coach scared to coach in a division with great QBs and worried about legacy? You are in the wrong industry. To be the best, you have to be the best. This is poetic justice for the Saints. The league is onto this guy and I’m glad.

  32. The problem is wilson, its obvious. Payton doesnt want to coach that guy and go up against KC and Chargers every year. NOPE.

    He will wait til after next season and possibly go to Dallas, Chargers, Buffalo etc. and have better teams and still get paid

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