Andy Reid: Patrick Mahomes is moving around good, will play Sunday


There hasn’t been any real question all week that quarterback Patrick Mahomes would start for the Chiefs in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

But head coach Andy Reid confirmed that would be the case when asked directly in his Friday press conference and said, “Yes.”

Mahomes is dealing with a high ankle sprain suffered in the divisional-round victory over the Jaguars. But Mahomes has still been a full participant in the week’s practices.

“He looks good. He’s moving around good,” Reid said in his Friday press conference. “He’ll go out and play.”

Mahomes, the likely AP Most Valuable Player for the 2022 season, finished last week’s game 22-of-30 passing for 195 yards with a pair of touchdowns. Chad Henne subbed in for 13 plays and was 5-of-7 passing for 23 yards with a TD.

Reid also noted that there’s still a chance tight end Jody Fortson may be added to the 53-man roster off of injured reserve to play on Sunday. And receiver Mecole Hardman got in another day of practice as he tries to return from a pelvis injury.

“He’s worked his tail off. I think he’s feeling better than what he was, definitely, last week,” Reid said. ‘So, we’ll see how he does.”

Additionally, Reid said receiver Justin Watson did not practice on Friday with an illness.

Kansas City’s final injury report of the week with game statuses will be released later on Friday.

29 responses to “Andy Reid: Patrick Mahomes is moving around good, will play Sunday

  1. Sure, remember what Mike Tyson said? Paraphrasing, Everyone seems good until they get punched in the face.

  2. I guess they can use that as an excuse after they lose bc its most likely going to happen

  3. There was never any question as to whether or not he would play. He played almost immediately after the injury occurred

  4. Mahomes is a good QB even when he’s hobbled. He’s the league MVP when he has his wheels.

  5. Anyone else notice none of the leaked videos show PM pushing off his right foot? High ankle sprains are fine until you have to drive off that foot. You know like every right handed QB does on every throw. Mahomes will not be himself.

  6. Doubt that he has a high ankle sprain then but good news he is playing and is moving around well.

    Plyers usually don’t play on a fresh high ankle sprain.

  7. Clyde Edwards has been out for months with high ankle but Mahomes is able to play after a few days? Playing possum

  8. Bengals should be paying close attention to the screen and run game because that is where kc is going to try to attack. If Cincy can clog that middle and stay alert on the edges that will really put a lot of pressure on a gimpy mahomes.

  9. sewalters79 says:
    January 27, 2023 at 2:53 pm
    I guess they can use that as an excuse after they lose bc its most likely going to happen


    And if they win what does that say about the bengals allowing a a one legged quarterback beat them for a trip to the Super Bowl?

  10. The hardest part about moving around with any ankle sprain/strain – is just getting warmed up and started after 7 to 9 hours of sleep and joint inactivity.

    Swelling still occurs overnight (I’m not up on the latest treatments to reduce or minimize this natural bodily function concerning strained tendons).

    I played football at the collegiate level, but never with a severely sprained ankle, and that was 40 years ago and nowhere near NFL quality training staff monitoring and pain management.

    Back then the equivalent was rubbing some more dirt on the afflicted dislocation and going to sit on the bench.

    Frankly, I’m astonished watching him moving around without visible limping, even though his ankle is rigidly taped up. He looks pretty fluid with his walking and light jogging. How does anyone do that especially if wrapped in so much tape?

  11. Sure he feels good, like I say practice is much different then game time where he will feel the pressure and have to move around, and when getting hit.. then we will see how he feels…

  12. Good grief, this is about the 10th statement we’ve heard from Reid about how Mahomes is moving around on his high ankle sprain like Fred Astaire on a dance floor, and leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

  13. I don’t think it was a high ankle sprain either. I had one of those a few years ago and was on crutches for two weeks.

  14. Yes, he definitely faked the injury. I mean, a lot of Bengals fans learned about faking injuries from Jesse Bates when the NFL fined Bates $50,000 for faking an injury against the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes has integrity, Cincy fans and Jesse, not so much.

  15. This is a non-issue the refs will make sure the NFL darling Chiefs win the game. Im counting the calls against the Bengals already. Brought to you by Draft Kings where your first bet is free.

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