Bill O’Brien: Looking forward to working with Bill Belichick, doing what’s best for Patriots

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After a rough season on offense, the Patriots made a move they hope will push things in a better direction when they hired Bill O’Brien as their offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach this week.

O’Brien was previously on the Patriots staff from 2007 to 2011 and he left in order to become the head coach at Penn State. He spent two years in that job and then moved on to be the head coach of the Texans for six-plus seasons before being fired. O’Brien spent the last two years as the offensive coordinator at Alabama and said in an interview with the team’s in-house media that he’s excited to bring those experiences with him to New England.

O’Brien said the chance to return to the Patriots was one he couldn’t pass up and said the chance to work with head coach Bill Belichick again was of particular interest.

“I’m looking forward to getting back and working with Bill, working for Bill, and doing what’s best for the team,” O’Brien said. “That’s what this place is all about.”

The Patriots put the offense in the hands of two returning coaches in 2022, but Matt Patricia and Joe Judge don’t have the experience that O’Brien brings to the table and the Patriots are betting that will make for a more successful reunion.

26 responses to “Bill O’Brien: Looking forward to working with Bill Belichick, doing what’s best for Patriots

  1. This should get interesting. Bill O’Brien was filmed many times screaming at Brady on the sidelines. If Mac Jones thinks he can treat Bill O’Brien in the flippant way he treated Matt Patricia he is going to have a rude awakening.

  2. LOL…good luck with Pats reboot 2.0. Your team is a shell of the glory days. That B.B. can’t step away is a joke. You all remember when he said “I won’t be doing this past 70”
    He’s chasing the ghost of TB12. You’ll need more than luck to make that work.

  3. Tired of the “doing what’s best for the team” nonsense when last year BB did the exact opposite.

  4. carloswlassiter says:
    January 27, 2023 at 11:03 am
    Tired of the “doing what’s best for the team” nonsense when last year BB did the exact opposite.



    1. Brady’s antics are on full display. That ship has been proven to set sail and sail for a long time. That was clearly the right decision to get out from under that unbelievable elephan in the room. BB clearly did what was right with the team.

    2. It’s very possible when McDaniels left he left faster than they expected. And, it’s beyond possible that they were fearful hiring someone who may use the platform as a springboard for just 1 year, maybe 2, to try to use the Pats brand for a headcoaching job, wouldn’t be what they wanted, which in turn, limits your hiring pool. Keep in mind, BB’s employees know how many hours he expects them to work. Numerous good OC candidates may not want that.

    It didn’t work, it’s being addressed and this is a very good hire.

    Bob Kraft got out his checkbook, something he DID NOT do last year with Patricia because Detroit was paying his salary without the title, so it’s not just BB here. So, one decision led to another and it’s obvious it didn’t work.

    I can’t think of one time where NE wasn’t perfect, made an error as humans, and didn’t admit the error and fix an issue. It’s pretty much happened every time over 20 years. And, the fix comes quick, too.

  5. I recall O’Brien and Brady having a sideline tiff one time and BB coming over to calm things down, did it really happen more than once?

  6. IF they get a starting Left Tackle in the draft and move Trent Brown back to Right Tackle all you haters are going to be munching on your words – they would have easily won 4 more games this year. You give a real OC two tackles and they are already set on the interior look out – the defense was good enough last year.

    With a good Left Tackle they’re a playoff team – Mac had no time last year and lacked the coaching to get him through it. he wants to be coached hard – problem solved!

  7. Welcome back BoB, we missed you. Hope the teakettle doesn’t boil over too often. Wouldn’t want you and Mac Jones to go screaming at each other like with Brady. On the other hand, if that’s what works, have at it.

  8. Its likely that as a favor to Saban, BB didn’t take Obrien away last year. His contract was through Feb 2023 anyway. And this year was just a placeholder until OBrien was available this year and no one has to break their contract.

  9. williamshatnerstoupee says:
    January 27, 2023 at 11:24 am
    They’ll be lucky to win five games. Mac Jones is benched by Week 4.


    That was the same sentiment as this year, but they had a chance to make the playoffs anyway. They’ll be better next year. Not world beaters, but better.

  10. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean running Lamar Miller of right tackle on 3rd an 7 all the time

  11. Reminder: the two “bozos” from last year are more accomplished in their respective careers — despite some obvious failures — than any of those calling them bozos. Funny innit?

  12. Next year playoffs
    Year after that AFC Championship game, possibly Super Bowl
    Years after that, same as 2 years from now above

  13. eaglesfan22 says: “What he’s really looking forward to is leaving and becoming a head coach again.” Right. There’s enough talent on offense in New England, including at QB, for a quick turnaround with the right coaching. And the quicker the turnaround, the quicker O’Brien will move on. If we get two years out of him, I’ll be happy(ish).

  14. Patriots will be drafting a QB or trading for an available established dude.

    Belicheck doesn’t have the time necessary to develop Jones – who is abysmal.

  15. From what I read Joe Judge is a cancer. “ Personality problems” at NY. Screaming matches with M Jones and B B. Get rid of him

  16. Belicheck doesn’t have the time necessary to develop Jones


    He didn’t develop any QB or players on offense side. Did you ever see a single video he worked with Brady during off season?

    It was his fans who insist putting a halo above his head, which is why Belichick the parasite thought he didn’t need Brady; which is why he has been screwed since Brady left.

  17. Who wouldn’t want to work with a first ballot HOF coach and one of the best ever?

    There were actually some dolts on here saying BOB didn’t want to come to NE at all. Obviously those folks were wrong as usual

  18. LOL, BeliCHEAP the parasite finally caved in.

    “Bill O’ Brien will reportedly have input on offensive staff decisions”

    It is obviously that he comes because of Mr. Kraft, not because BeliCHEAP. Let us wait and see what Pats will do next on coach staff and in draft.

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