Chiefs now favored over Bengals after more line movement in AFC Championship Game

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
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It’s been a roller coaster of a week for those who follow the point spreads in the NFL.

The latest line movement has the Chiefs favored over the Bengals by a point, and at some sports books 1.5 points, as the news continues to look good on Patrick Mahomes‘ injured ankle.

The Chiefs opened as favorites in the AFC Championship Game. The the line shifted and the Bengals became favorites. And now it’s back to the Chiefs again.

All the news out of Kansas City the last two days has indicated that Mahomes is moving around well on the practice field and isn’t likely to be significantly impacted by his high ankle sprain, and that’s why the Chiefs are now favored. But the line movement all week shows how volatile the betting market is on this game, and any rumors that Mahomes is hobbling could result in the Bengals being favored again before kickoff.

30 responses to “Chiefs now favored over Bengals after more line movement in AFC Championship Game

  1. How about simply there is no way CINCINNATI beats KC four times in a row. Cincinnati right now is likely better but the O-Line issues will become an issue vs. Kansas City’s defensive line. GO. CHIEFS. I hope Toney has learned his package plays on offense & Pacheco better be ready to roll.

  2. As they should be. It’s not as if the Bengals blew them out in each game. They won each by 3 points. All their trash talking will finally catch up them. The window is closed!

  3. He rolled his ankle. Big whoop. It’s all gamesmanship, I’ve seen him hobble around like that and scramble for 12 yards the next play plenty of times. If the Bengals got duped, shame on them.

  4. So excited for this game. Of course I want to win, but as a Bengals fan, it’s surreal even seeing headlines like this. Pinch me and WHO DEY!!! We got this!

  5. Maybe Andy should’ve played it up more. Maybe show Patrick taking snaps from a wheelchair.

  6. Bengals are the better football team. Just double or triple Travis Kelce, unlike the Jags who decided not to cover him for some reason.

  7. The Bengals have way better offensive weapons ao this is all Mahomes moving that needle.

  8. 0-3 vs Bengals and media and betting world still refuse to think the Bengals can beat the Chiefs….

  9. Can’t forget last years championship game when Mahomes was just choosing not to throw to open WR’s. Never bet on football.

  10. So either Mahomes doesn’t have a high ankle sprain or the Chiefs are blowing smoke about how well he is doing moving around the field. Either way, Chiefs lied about something.

  11. The bengals were going to win (again) until the bengals started saying “Burrowhead” Stadium…

    28-20 Chiefs
    33-19 Eagles

  12. Mahomes with a bad ankle will do spinning pirouettes cross-over double dribble behind-the-back no-look 30 yard completions on every 3rd down

  13. This should be a great game regardless. I just don’t want to watch it and hear the announcers fawning over Mahomes after every time he throws a football. I mean even in the Jacksonville game Trevor Lawrence scrambled for a second and dumped the ball off like any normal QB and freaking Collinsworth had to say he was doing Mahomes type stuff! No dude that was a play all NLF QBs make.

  14. therealraider says:
    January 27, 2023 at 6:23 am
    Joe Burrow doesn’t lose to Patrick Mahomes.

    I don’t remember Mahomes playing defense??? Even if KC loses they still own the Raiders and AFC west. 7 straight…..

  15. Right. So KC couldn’t beat Cinci 3 times in a row when Mahomes was healthy, but they will now when he’s hobbled.
    Nothing against Mahomes, he’s outstanding, but Cinci just matches up well against the Chiefs and have improved steadily throughout the season. Bengals are peaking at the right time as seen by their dismantling of the Bills.

  16. We will see how much talent Cincy has once they have to pay Burrow. Yep, they have more talent now, but the problem with having a lot of talent is you have to pay them at some point. Cincy better wins the SB this year. Mahomes has an SB win!!

  17. I wonder how many people yakking about what this “proves” about the qualities of the teams playing really understand the how and why of betting lines.

  18. Oddsmakers adjust betting lines to try and get an even amount of payout across 3 different outcomes. When the line gets adjusted, it has more to do with how much is being bet on each outcome then it does with the actual players. Vegas doesn’t care who wins a football game. They only care about them collecting 66% of the betting total.

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