Chris Jones walks off with “see y’all at Burrowhead Stadium”

NFL: DEC 04 Chiefs at Bengals
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The Bengals are salty. The Chiefs are salty. It makes for an extra-sweet AFC Championship.

The Bengals relish being overlooked, disregarded, and underestimated. They believe they got a raw deal from the league in the aftermath of the cancellation of the Week 17 game against the Bills.

But they balance their salt with swagger. They believe they’ll go to Kansas City and win. And they were calling Arrowhead Stadium “Burrowhead” during the divisional round win in Buffalo.

The Chiefs have noticed. Defensive lineman Chris Jones referred to it as “Burrowhead” during a Friday press conference. He eventually walked off by saying, “See y’all at Burrowhead Stadium.”

The fact that the Bengals recently have owned the best team in the AFC makes this one extra spicy. The Bengals are upset, generally. The Chiefs are upset that so many people think the Bengals will win a second straight AFC Championship  in Kansas City.

However it plays out, here’s hoping for a great game. That way, regardless of which team wins, we all will.

48 responses to “Chris Jones walks off with “see y’all at Burrowhead Stadium”

  1. As Francis Sawyer once said “you just made the list Buddy”. This will go up on the bulletin boards. Chiefs going on war the path,many braves planing on tiger for dinner now.

  2. Joe Burrow is the best player in the big leagues. And he plays QB. And it’s a QB league. Yes, the Bengals will win. It’s hard to watch Patrick Mahomes and not think he’s the best player in the big leagues. I’m just hoping the players determine the outcome of the game. Not the refs.

  3. A pissed off Chris Jones against the Bengals’ 2nd string OL… what could go wrong? Chiefs are due for a win in this series, but it will be a close, down to the wire game. Can’t wait!

  4. This entire “Burrowhead” is being way overblown (albeit cringe). If you were wanting real bulletin board material it would seemingly be Willie Gay’s comments or how the NFL wanted so bad a Chiefs/Bills AFCCG.

  5. Don’t be ridiculous and intellectually dishonest Mike. Fans of the losing team are NOT going to be included in your “we all win” comment. Smh

  6. If Burrow goes out and throws 3 picks and the Chiefs blow them out will we still get articles about how Joe Burrows contract should be tied to a percentage of the cap?

  7. Chris Jones didn’t looked thrilled. And Arrowhead will be overly loud. The Bungles have to win this year. They have to start paying after this season. Good luck! Loud mouth aggravated quite a few people.

  8. I see a lot of chirping from the Chiefs They better win for their sake…otherwise they are going to be trolled hard by the Bengals.

  9. Mahomes can have that MVP trophy. Bengals looking for more.
    Dynasty winds are changing direction, they’ll be blowing strong through Burrowhead on Sundey.

  10. And will this the the last hurraah for the winner and the loser too as we enter possible salary cap hell as the bills soon come due for the big skill dudes n its time to cough it up ??? as sadly all good teams will hit this point and the needed depth ends up taking the hit unless you get the occasional home run n lucky draft picks to balance it all out going forward as in the end its the ultimate test of your GM n coaching staff. Some get our respect while others end up with their fan base in tears n so sad laughs.

  11. I know I’m from another time, but in my day too much “swagger” generally resulted in getting your arse kicked.

  12. The Chief’s are soft and will lose and lose badly, and then they’ll be crying about Mahome’s ankle. They’re the new Cowboys – Just wait till next year should be their battle cry

  13. Chiefs fans really seem to be grasping at the “bulletin board material will save us” straws.

  14. Joe Brrrrr been living in Chiefs heads rent free for so long he’s gonna have to sign a new lease.

  15. Boy, what if the Chiefs lose? That ought to put a nail in all this “bulletin board material”, “disrespect”, “extra motivation” blabber, shouldn’t it?

  16. Keep talking about burrow when you should be focusing on how the defense is going to shut down Mahomes in the 2nd half…..again.

  17. None of that crap matters once the players get on the field. Sunday can’t get here fast enough. No more talk, just play.

  18. Save the faux melodrama please. Great game high lasts as long as the league allows, and until profit margins demand the next sale B4 this games over the PR boys will start cranking it up for the next one. The NFL, creating controversy, fabricating excitement, like a well supplied heroin dealer, feeding the next fix.

  19. Ridiculous. The Bengals feel THEY got a raw deal as a result they WILLING walked away from? The Chiefs were the only team that got screwed in all that and they weren’t one of the 2 teams that forfeited. Luckily it worked out for them but it did for the Bengals too.

    How long are the Bengals going to keep pretending nobody notices them? They were in the SB last year for crying out loud. They’re just making stuff up at this point. All their games with the Chiefs have been decided by a field goal though, that can’t last forever.

    The Mayor of Cincinatti though, that was dumb.

  20. Lots of chips on lots of shoulders. Not being played on a neutral field. It is being played in the middle of winter in KC. Can’t wait.

  21. Certain trash talk is fine and even fun, but the amount coming from Cinci, the mayor talking about paternity tests, players and fans is definitely more than anything the Chiefs are throwing out there.
    Definitely shows who the actual rivals are….Chiefs and Bengals.
    People thought it would be bills, but it’s the bengals. Regardless of the winner of this one…there will be many more. Hope it’s a good game Sunday. I will be there and bring the noise!!!

  22. Wow, it’s just friendly banter. Why is everyone so upset these days? Even millionaires are looking to be offended. Good grief.

  23. Chiefs are the most overrated team in the NFL. They feast on weak competition but as soon as they get smacked in the mouth they cower. Guessing it will be a repeat of last year’s AFC title game.

  24. All these guys seem to need some concocted fantasy to motivate themselves. You’d think being paid millions of dollars would be enough for them to do their best.

  25. Really? “How many championships can Andy Reid lose?” Cincy fans may be just a little too confident for a franchise that is 0-3 in the Super Bowl.

  26. All this banter back and forth is comical theatre. We have Mayors involved, players wives involved, players involved. None of this is going to matter come 6:30 on Sunday. This will be a close game and the team with the ball last wins.

  27. Alot of people are pretty “Chiefed” out, and we have to listen to the fawning over the great Mahomes, so a lot of people were and are rooting for the Bengals, HOWEVER….their “Swagger” and bravado, and some might say hubris are making the Bengals less and less likable by the week, which is a shame because there is a lot to like about the way they play and are coached and we all love to see franchises get off the mat. I for one would not want to poke the kC bear…on paper however you have to say the Bengals should win this game, if Mahomes is banged up at all, they should win by a TD at least.

  28. Seems like Chief fans at least are feeling a lot of pressure.

    With an injured Homie, doesn’t look good.

    Tick tock.

  29. Most the fans on this site apparently grew up being carted to soccer games in a mini van by the neighborhood mom. You know, those games were EVERYONE wins and just playing is the joy.

    Back in the day this was how football was played. Grown men who talked sh1t and then did or did not back it up.

    I like it.

  30. Jones is a joker for real. I dig ¹the fact that he is poking fun at the whole “Burrowhead* thing. He definitely gives Burrow respect in the same presser. Should be a hellova game. Hopefully we get past Cincy this time around.

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