Frank Reich sees “so much to build on” offensively with Panthers

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The Panthers announced that they’ll hold a press conference with new head coach Frank Reich on Tuesday, but he sat down with the team’s in-house media crew for his first comments since being hired on Thursday.

Reich said that the defense “stood out” to him when he looked at the Panthers on film and said that he believes the unit is one that will give the team a chance to win each week. Reich also complimented the special teams work done by coordinator Chris Tabor before turning his attention to the offense.

Reich said he saw “so much to build on” and mentioned the running game and offensive line as areas that were strong for the Panthers as they went through the 2022 season. Reich had less to say about the team’s quarterbacks, however.

There was general discussion of the toughness, decision-making, and “intangible leadership qualities” he looks for in a quarterback, but Reich didn’t discuss any of the Panthers’ current quarterbacks specifically. It’s expected to be an area the Panthers look to upgrade this offseason and next week could bring a little bit more from the coach about what he’s looking to do at the position.

9 responses to “Frank Reich sees “so much to build on” offensively with Panthers

  1. Don’t care about the Panthers, but I like Reich. He was doing a great job in Indy, especially considering the Luck retirement.

    Also, dude was behind the greatest comeback in playoff history. As a backup. How can you not want to see him succeed?

  2. Will he stick with Darnold or go after Carr, Jimmy G or Z Wilson, if the Jets go for another QB?

  3. No particular feelings either way about him as a coach, but as a Bears fan, I hope he can convince their GM to trade the farm to us to move up for a QB.

  4. There’s a lot to like about Frank Reich ….. except his connection to Carson Wentz. please don’t do that.

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