Gronk thinks Tom Brady would pick the Buccaneers over the Raiders

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Tom Brady doesn’t want to talk about where he’ll play next season. His friend and former teammate, Rob Gronkowski, has no such hesitation.

Via, Gronk said that Brady is more likely to return to the Buccaneers for a fourth season than to join the Raiders.

Those were the only two options presented to Gronkowski. Brady likely will have other potential destinations to choose from.

The answer will surprise many because there’s a belief Brady definitely won’t return to Tampa Bay. Maybe things will change enough to make it enticing. Maybe the proximity to his children will make the difference.

Then there’s the question of whether Alex Guerrero will be willing to pack up and go wherever Brady goes.

Regardless, perhaps the Bucs need to be taken more seriously as Brady ponders his options for 2023. If a close friend like Gronk thinks Brady would pick the Bucs over the Raiders, it’s worth taking seriously.

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  1. The media has been talking about Brady leaving Tampa since he signed with Tampa. They had two amazing seasons followed by a tough one riddled with injury and divorce that still culminated in a division title and playoff berth. They love Tom in Tampa and are always willing to adapt to his wishes – which they are clearly already trying to do this offseason. He is a god in Tampa and still has great weapons and a team that can compete again with a smart retool that isn’t focused on bringing back every aging, expensive player – why would he want to leave?

  2. Either return to Bucs or retire. Been a Raiders fans for decades and they have been disappointing most of the time. The last place a veteran like Brady in his last year would want to go is LV. That city has not heart whatsoever unlike Oakland. Depressing place Las Vegas. Raiders need to completely rebuild systematically. They need to find a young QB to build on. It’s going to take time. I would suggest Raiders play one home game every other year in Oakland or Bay Area at least. Fire up actual Raider fans and motivate them to drive to Vegas for home games.

  3. AFC West makes no sense for Brady. Unless somehow San Fran decides that Purdy and Lance are not the answer (highly doubtful), the only real option where the division and therefore the playoffs are a virtual lock is the NFC South. TB or Carolina (with possibly Sean Payton), heck maybe even Atlanta or New Orleans. But most likely right back to Tampa.

  4. Please pick the Raiders so he can battle it out with Russell Wilson to see who the worst QB in the division is!

  5. If his kids are in Miami with Giselle at least half the time, then I expect Tom to be in Miami next season.

  6. Yeah, hard sell. Bucs can’t do anything to improve themselves because they brought Brady there and got everything they needed for one run. Raiders pretty much have everything he needs on offense and can build on both sides in FA and the draft for a SB run. Vegas would be perfect for the GOAT to inflate his ego some more. He’d rise to the challenge of taking on MaHomes in his Division for ONE season.

  7. 1. Who cares what Gronk thinks? It’s all speculation.
    2. Brady is near the end, if not there already. He really needs to retire and go to Fox (where he will be a mediocre announcing talent at best).
    3. The best place he could be is Tampa. Why? Because the NFC South is a horrible division (as we saw this season) and the Bucs should be able to win it again next year. That wouldn’t happen in any other division, so Brady really ought to stay in Tampa where the Bucs can fumble their way to another division title.

  8. The Bucs are so cap strapped right now that they can’t afford new socks but they are the only team dumb enough to sell every player they have worth anything to afford Brady. Question will be is he going to want to play for a team full of scrubs?

  9. If Jason Licht can assure Brady that the offensive line will be fixed, the chances of his returning to Tampa increase significantly.

  10. Loved watching Gronk play, and he’d be fun to party with… But I don’t give a single damn about what he thinks Brady may or may not do.

  11. The Bucs lack talent, youth, depth and cap space. TB plays in an easier division but they are 54 mil over the cap.

    The Bucs could be worse than 8-9 next year even with Brady.

    We’ll see how in touch Tom is with reality here real quick.

  12. The Raiders are not smart enough to pass this up. This will be another colossal failure added the list of the Raiders inept leadership and legacy of failure.

  13. The easiest thing is for Tom to stay in Tampa Bay provided he gets to pick another new HC AND OFFENSIVE coordinator. I actually think Wilks would a great HC for Tampa.

  14. Not sure why everyone keeps saying Miami, Brady doesn’t have the same skillset to run that offense that McDaniel runs. And Brady is not interested in facing the defense in the AFCE 6 times in a season either. Plus Miami has made it clear Tua is the starting QB for 2023

  15. Unless the 49ers win the Super Bowl, I think San Francisco could be the landing spot for Brady. The Niners were his team as a kid. They have a great team, so not much of a load to carry. Purdy and Lance can back up Tom for 4 years until he’s 49.

  16. He will go to whichever he thinks has the best roster with best chances of a ring with him dropped into it. You can debate which team most fits that description, but that is the criteria.

  17. Raiders will have another 5-12 season (give or take) if they add Brady. The Chargers and Chiefs are too good for them. The Broncos are going to be improved next season too. Raiders keep doing what their good at, taking one step forward while taking three steps backwards. The Devante Adams trade is a perfect example, give up 1st/2nd rounders when you need offensive lineman for an overrated and overpaid WR.

  18. Tom Brady going to the Raiders is probably the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in 2023.

  19. It sounds like nobody is predicting Brady will retire so this will continue to be an annual tradition about what Brady or Rodgers will do next season. Both will play until their skills decline and they cant play anymore.

  20. beej says:
    January 28, 2023 at 10:10 am
    LV has the #27 ranked defense in the league, and they’re blaming their failings on Derek Carr


    And sometimes your defense is ranked #27 because your offense had 13 passing yards in the second half.

  21. LV has the #27 ranked defense in the league, and they’re blaming their failings on Derek Carr
    That’s because Carr can’t move the chains and the D are on the field most of the game getting gassed.

  22. The Raiders aren’t going to get Brady. He wants to win another Superbowl not play for a garbage time team.

  23. I love watching the Raider’s fans excuses! As if their defensive rank is the root of their problems….LOL!

  24. dejadoh says:
    January 28, 2023 at 10:51 am
    Unless the 49ers win the Super Bowl, I think San Francisco could be the landing spot for Brady. The Niners were his team as a kid. They have a great team, so not much of a load to carry. Purdy and Lance can back up Tom for 4 years until he’s 49.


    Why would SF downgrade from Purdy to Brady?

  25. With just a couple years (at best) left you’d think that logic would dictate finding the easiest path to the playoffs. The AFC West is not that. Meanwhile he just finished winning the division with Tampa with a losing record.

  26. Can’t wait till the Tommy cult shares more MVP and Super Bowl guarantees for Tommy in 2023 lolololololol. Telling Gronk this season to come back to the Bucs cause it’s an easy ring lolololololololololol

    ZERO winning seasons without elite coaching. Facts matter. Truth hurts.

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