Jimmy Garoppolo says possible Super Bowl return “still up in the air”

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers
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Jimmy Garoppolo fractured his foot early in the 49ers’ Week 13 game against the Dolphins. The quarterback returned to the practice field for rehab work on the side last week.

He is not ready to return to action this week.

Garoppolo told Matt Barrows of TheAthletic.com on Friday that “he can do everything on his still-mending foot but sprint.”

Garoppolo was non-committal on a return for Super Bowl LVII should the 49ers beat the Eagles on Sunday.

“That’s still up in the air,” Garoppolo told Barrows.

The 49ers never placed Garoppolo on injured reserve, leaving open the possibility he could return before the end of the season to back up rookie Brock Purdy. Josh Johnson, who joined the team after Garoppolo’s injury, currently is the No. 2 quarterback.

Garoppolo, who is scheduled to become a free agent in March, completed 67.2 percent of his passes for 2,437 yards with 16 touchdowns and four interceptions.

52 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo says possible Super Bowl return “still up in the air”

  1. Disrespectful to the game, and to young Brock. If Brock gets you there, start him. Because Jimmy will no doubt lose the game for you. Might as well trade Brock if you’re gonna bench him in the SuperBowl.

  2. You never know when your QB is going to go down, so having a proven winner as a backup plan is the best thing possible. Get well Jimmy. I have no doubt Jimmy can lead the team to a championship if necessary.

  3. Unfortunately for Jimmy, the trade deadline has passed. It’s too late for him to back up Hurts in the Super Bowl.

  4. Jimmy is tripping. If Brock Purdy gets the 49ers to the Super Bowl, they will ride with him all the way.

  5. I assume this would mean available as a backup? No way they make a QB change from the guy who would have gotten them there.

  6. If the Niners make the Super Bowl. Brock Purdy will be the QB. Garoppolo won’t be a Niner next year.

  7. Jimmy, you don’t need to worry about playing in the Super Bowl. You, along with the rest of the 49ers will be watching it on TV.

  8. He better hurry and decide. Those tickets will keep getting more expensive.

  9. I will never forget when Buffalo turned their backs on Doug Flutie. SHAME SHAME. You ride the hot hand. This Mr. Nothing is the hot hand.

  10. If the 49rs make it there, he has a better chance at buying a ticket than taking a snap!

  11. I’m excited.

    I have friends who know Shanahan and they’re bringing me to his Super Bowl party. Heard he plans it months ahead. A real bash.

  12. I have to think this is much ado about nothing, since Jimmy G was asked about returning for the Super Bowl and simply said, “That’s still up in the air.” Not only is that about as non-commital of an answer as can be, but I don’t think anyone is under the illusion that it would be as anything more than a backup. Purdy is starting from here on out, period.

  13. Some real Einsteins on this thread, jezzus. No where does Jimmy Say HE May be the starter. No where. However IF he CAN go, there is no way Josh “Ive been on 847 teams Johnson” is gonna be the primary backup.

  14. LOL

    What is this guy thinking?

    He thinks he’s going to get the start in the Super Bowl???

    Everyone knows Shanahan chokes by the NFC Championship.

    He CAN watch it with all the other Niners.

  15. I mean…if the Niners make it, can they really go back to Jimmy over Purdy at this point?

  16. Jimmy is a good guy and a team player . He was wounded in battle again and is trying to work his way to full duty. This will be decided by Coach Shanahan ,who’s coaching tree is now a forest,a very thick forest. I will defer to Coach on this one,he should not be questioned.

  17. Let Jimmy be the guy who goes out and takes a knee at the end of the 1st half. He’s earned a snap.

  18. Relaxxxxx. Jimmy G never said there was intent to make him the starter. He’s still a 49er so if he can be ready in case he’s needed in an emergency situation then bravo for him.

  19. He wasn’t asked about starting. Obviously it would be as a backup. Some of you have noodles for brains.

  20. Right, because it makes all the sense in the world to pull a QB that would be 9-0 while playing some of the best football in the league at his position, and replace him with one that hasn’t played in a few months that went 7-4 prior to that. Sure.

  21. Niner fans are a hoot.

    “Purdy will start!”

    Purdy won’t be there.

    Chick his QBR vs Boys. If not for a dropped INT you’d probably not be here despite TWO picks.

  22. If Brock does it again on Sunday then Garappolo shouldn’t even be considered to start the Super Bowl. But back up yes.

  23. Nothing hurts a great defense more than a scrambling QB. They have to change the scheme.

    They have to throttle back their rush to maintain lane integrity. They have to possibly put a cheater on him.

    Niners were at home and barely beat a very suspect Cowboys team who 1 – lost their #1 back which was a huge blow; 2 – dropped a int right in their hands that would have likely at least caused OT; 3 – threw two INTs; 4 – had a kicker who couldn’t kick; 5 – had one of the most inconsistent QBs in the NFL who always seems to have his worst games under pressure.

    Eagles by 10+

  24. Drew P Weiner says:
    January 27, 2023 at 11:48 pm
    He wasn’t asked about starting. Obviously it would be as a backup. Some of you have noodles for brains.

    80Rate This


    We live in a very scary time.

  25. thetooloftools says:
    January 28, 2023 at 12:07 am
    If the 49ers play him they are nuts

    Dude, unless it’s a half time game in Shanahan’s backyard, after many beers at his annual SB party, there will be no venue to play him.

    Niner fans have jumped the shark.

    Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  26. NOBODY is suggesting the Jimmy start in the Super Bowl, but having him as a backup in case Purdy gets injured would be a great asset.

  27. Attention poor souls who think niners would bench Purdy for Jimmy G. if he was healthy and the niners advancing to the big game. No coach would bench the hot hand on a roll for a player recently healed up from injury !!!

  28. Love to have Jimmy G back for the Superbowl…as Purdy’s backup. Obviously a hell of a step up from Josh Johnson.

  29. Shanahan already so they are sticking with Purdy, he’s simply talking about his availability as a backup. He never said he may return to start. You can all relax now.

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