Kyler Murray posts photo of his reconstructed knee

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray underwent surgery Jan. 3 to repair the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Almost a month into his rehab, Murray posted a photo on his Instagram feed.

Murray is rehabbing away from the team facility, the team website confirms from the photo.

In the photo, Murray is sitting on a trainer’s table, looking forlorn, with his surgically repaired knee obviously swollen.

Since Murray’s last game, the Cardinals have parted ways with General Manager Steve Keim and coach Kliff Kingsbury. They have hired a new G.M., announcing Monti Ossenfort.

The Cardinals will have a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator and a new offensive system and will have to install it without Murray on the practice field to learn it.

There is a good chance Murray misses the start of the 2023 season.

15 responses to “Kyler Murray posts photo of his reconstructed knee

  1. Going to assume his reconstructed knee will spend more time watching film and reviewing the playbook than Kyler will

  2. This will be great, gives him plenty of time to study dim & get a better grasp of the play book while he recovers… oh wait…

  3. Not pictured: Reconstructed work ethic and professionalism transplant.

    That’s snarky, though I’d say he’s earned it. But I don’t root against him growing and succeeding. There’s no reason not to want to see him mature and thrive. Murray coached by Flores with both living up to their potential would be a great sight to see.

  4. Would not be surprised if the Cardinal draft his heir apparent in the draft. Time for a major reset

  5. Was gonna say, Murray may finally have the time to study the playbook but he doesn’t have one anymore. I’m sure when they hire a coach Murray will have it by his side at all times though. It’s nice n thick and easy to roll on😂

  6. What good experienced HC would step into that mess. New OC, new offensive system and an immature egotistical QB who thinks his self professed “superior cognitive ability” precludes the need to actually study like Brady, Rogers, Mahomes,Peyton and all the other future HOFers do. Because he’s better than they are.

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