Philadelphia police greasing light poles in anticipation of fans climbing them in celebration

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade
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The Philadelphia police are trying to dissuade Eagles fans from going overboard on Sunday.

Police said that they will be greasing light and traffic poles to prevent them from being climbed during what may be a raucous celebration if the Eagles beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game.

“We will be instituting the practice of ‘greasing poles’ as a deterrent for climbing poles and light fixtures,” a police spokesperson told Fox 29. “We encourage everyone to celebrate safely and responsibly.”

It’s a Philadelphia tradition, and a technique that the police also employed the last time the Eagles were in the NFC Championship Game.

33 responses to “Philadelphia police greasing light poles in anticipation of fans climbing them in celebration

  1. What’s their plan for preventing Philly fans from throwing full beer cans at the opposing team’s fans?

  2. I’ll be at the game and on Broad St after for the celebration. I’m sure, as usual, plenty of young, drunk, Eagles fans will do some dumb stuff. The greasing of the poles doesn’t work, it’s a waste of time and money!

  3. Maybe the Philly Mayor and Police Commissioner should deploy the police to stop the 500 murders that occur in the City each year instead of protecting the light poles.

  4. And the 49ers fans still think they have a shot. I can’t stop laughing at how naive they are. I guess enjoy it for the next 48 hours.

  5. Funny how Philly fans get a rep for destroying things, yet during the 1st championship and subsequent parade there were only minor issues. Sure, people climbed poles and you had that one moron with the horse….stuff. But 99.9% of hundreds of thousands of people over those days were awesome. I was at the parade. It was pure joy.

  6. Was at a eagles game wearing my team’s jersey and was verbally abused, beer thrown at me and was not an entertaining event for us. Philly fans. I hope you lose.

  7. So if I understand correctly, Philadelphians will be greasing their poles regardless of whether the Eagles win or lose?

  8. ONe Arrest last time…Which was less then EVERY team that has won in the past 20 yrs..I was at the Vikings destruction..Fans were hugging not fighting. I’ll be there this Sunday as well when the most arrogant fans in the NFL o home crying Philly 31 Niners 20

  9. The people on the east coast always act like they are better than anyone else in America. What a bunch of rednecks. Go climb a pole.

  10. I wanna know what kinda crap list you gotta be on as a Philly cop to have to grease light poles lmao

  11. A rookie QB who’s Cinderella story is due to hit the wall of reality, coming into Philly. Yeah like I’m betting the Niners. Bet the farm on Philly.

  12. You’d have to be drunk out of your mind to want to climb a light pole in the first place.
    Next they’ll be “celebrating “ by laying down on railroad tracks with a train approaching.
    Nobody is more creative than Philadelphians.

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