Report: Tua Tagovailoa remains in concussion protocol, won’t participate in Pro Bowl games

NFL: DEC 04 Dolphins at 49ers
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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa entered the concussion protocol after he was examined for symptoms following Miami’s Christmas Day loss to Green Bay.

He didn’t play for the rest of the season, with the Dolphins starting Skylar Thompson in their narrow postseason loss to the Bills.

But it turns out Tagovailoa still has not been cleared a month later.

According to Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN, Tagovailoa remains in the concussion protocol and won’t take part in the league’s Pro Bowl games next week.

As an alternate, Tagovailoa was set to replace either Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow, as one of those quarterbacks will be playing in Super Bowl LVII.

Louis-Jacques reports that according to a source, “Tagovailoa’s time in the protocol has been deliberate as he meets with multiple doctors and specialists. There have not been any setbacks as the Dolphins prioritize his long-term health.”

Tagovailoa suffered at least one other diagnosed concussion during the team’s Week Four loss to Cincinnati. He missed two games after that concussion and the Dolphins’ last three games of the season.

In his first year under head coach Mike McDaniel, Tagovailoa led the league with a 105.5 passer rating, 8.9 yards per attempt, and 13.7 yards per completion. He finished with a 64.8 percent completion rate, 3,548 yards passing, 25 touchdowns, and eight interceptions.

General Manager Chris Grier said immediately after the season that Tagovailoa will be the Dolphins starting quarterback in 2023 and that Tagovailoa is no more prone to concussions than anyone else.

27 responses to “Report: Tua Tagovailoa remains in concussion protocol, won’t participate in Pro Bowl games

  1. What. A. Joke. Dolphins are vying for the number one pick in 2024 with Tua at the helm. He has the worst trait a quarterback can have… No availability. 🤔🙄

  2. Wow. Must have some real long term health concerns if he’s still in concussion protocol. I’d understand if he passed but just isn’t taking part in any activities but this means there’s at least one test/evaluation he can’t pass.

    Makes me wonder if this is a one off or just how many guys passed concussion protocol but maybe should’ve stayed out longer. Some of symptoms require players to be honest with themselves and doctors.

  3. I’m sure the Fins will keep him in it as long as they possibly can to appease the masses. If he had a quick turn around there’d be even more questions and the franchise would be under the microscope again. Might as well just leave him in it for the time being.

  4. He never should have been allowed to return to the game against Buffalo in week 3. He was clearly concussed and had no business playing.
    The entire Dolphins organization should be held responsible for the way they treated this young man. His football career is all but over,now the only question is what repercussions he’ll have to deal with for however long he lives and what the quality of that life will be.

  5. Sadly, it seems like given our current awareness of the effects of concussions on long term quality of life, and the fact there’s always more dudes in the pipeline (not to mention he’s been underwhelming besides his flashes this season), his career is likely done.

    Dolphins will now sell the farm to bring in Lamar.

  6. Bye bye Tua…

    You have to wonder if Miami’s recent cheating/tampering now leads to them thinking they can sign Brady without further repercussions.

  7. This is terrible and sad news. That first one he got must have really messed him up badly. The Phins should be ahsamed of themselves for pushing the kid to play again and then he got another one Tua needs to go ahead and retire now i hope he has some of his brains left. He still has a long life ahead of him.

  8. He’s been concussed the better part of 3 months now.
    They won’t even let him play flag football now.
    Well, he won’t have to worry about any contact until September, because starters no longer play in preseason games.

  9. These are the stages to clearing protocol-
    Phase 1: Symptom-limited activity. …
    Phase 2: Aerobic exercise. …
    Phase 3: Football-specific exercise. …
    Phase 4: Non-contact training drills. …
    Phase 5: Full football activity/clearance
    As far as I know, the Dolphins season ended, Tua had his medical checkup and cruised off to the offseason. Season is over, he’s under no obligation to participate in any any “non-contact training drills” or “full football activity clearance” or basically anything until OTS’s. The Phins have no obligation to report anything regarding Tua’s status since, ya know, THERE’S NO GODDAMNED game, practice, OTA, etc. for MONTHS. His status should therefore be kinda frozen in place at whatever stage he was at prior to the conclusion of the season until such time that any league sanctioned team activities are imminent. But you frigging lemmings go ahead and leap into the sea of diarrhea the national media are getting ready to spew at you telling you how evil and despotic your beloved team is . Wallow in it, come down with giardia, get pink eye, whatever floats your boat. Just rinse yourself off before the season starts back up please.

  10. Relax everyone.The media blasted the Dolphins organization for letting him get back in against Buffalo.Then there was the incident in Cincinnati,followed by the Cowboys game.He’s got 6 months to figure it out before we hear how bad the Dolphins organization is run.Sit back and relax

  11. I don’t know when he’s going to retire, but after he does, the fish can eventually expect Tua to file a lawsuit.

  12. The NFL “independent” neurologists & spotters have failed miserably.
    The Dolphins neurologists & doctors have failed miserably.

    Tua should sue the pants off the league and the Dolphins.

    His playing career is over.

  13. So basically Ross cost the Dolphins a 1st round pick for tampering and another 1st round pick for insisting an injured and concussed Tua play.

  14. “…as the Dolphins prioritize his long-term health.” Is this some type of joke? They sure didn’t prioritize his long term health when they were in the playoff hunt and threw him into action when the whole world knew he was concussed the week prior. McDaniel killed this kid’s career.

  15. Every single person in Tua’s life should be telling him to call it quits. Family, friends, teammates, it doesn’t matter. The voices should be unanimous in saying, “Retire. football isn’t worth ruining your life before you even turn 25.”

  16. On the flip side why did the Steelers rush Pickett back from 2 concussions during his rookie year? Why is there absolutely zero talk about that? All these health and safety advocates seem to gloss over that fact. Weird. I think it mainly has to do with EVERYONE being wrong about how good Tua can be.

  17. Simply a sensible cover for avoiding Vegas, Flag Football, Fox… Just enter the offseason standing upright, converse with all your sources and hit the field for OTA’s in the Spring… or don’t. Then we have a story.

    Go Dolphins.

  18. So many medical experts here with complete access to all his test results. Maybe it’s just, the season’s over and who cares about a stupid flag football game.

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