Will Patrick Mahomes be able to play like Patrick Mahomes?

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
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When images emerged on Wednesday of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes walking without a boot or a limp and moving as he normally would in video from practice captured during the period when the media had access, my first thought was this — if he’s fine, why didn’t they try to conceal it?

Which then had me wondering whether, in lieu of creating the impression that he’s not fine when he is, maybe they’re creating the impression that he’s fine, when he isn’t.

Whatever the truth, people seem to think Mahomes will be fine. But it’s one thing to walk or job without a limp. It’s quite another to accelerate, sprint, change directions, etc. during a game.

Some have questioned whether he really has a high ankle sprain. Maybe he does, and maybe he simply has superhuman recovery powers. Or maybe he doesn’t.

We’ll find out on Sunday whether Mahomes can play like he normally does, operating both from the pocket and with the ability to escape when needed, running around and buying time and either flicking a laser beam with his wrist or turning it upfield for a man-among-boys demonstration of elusiveness.

In Super Bowl LV, Mahomes had turf toe. He needed surgery three days after the game. It took just enough away from his mobility to make it easier for the Tampa Bay pass rushers to track him down.

12 responses to “Will Patrick Mahomes be able to play like Patrick Mahomes?

  1. Of course he will. He isn’t Lamar, he doesn’t run for 100 per game. Every time he misses a throw he’ll hobble dramatically back to the huddle, but otherwise he will be fine and won’t look any different.

  2. The history of the high ankle sprain suggests strongly that there’s a three- to four-week recovery period. Since this is a recurring injury around the league, there’s plenty of evidence. So if Mahomes plays as he always does Sunday, then he didn’t suffer a high ankle sprain. I suspect that he did, however, and he’ll be limited, most of the time, to the pocket where he nevertheless excels. His diminished mobility, though, will be crucial. Bengals 27, Chiefs 21.

  3. The Chiefs were also missing their starting left and tight tackles for the Tampa game.. so an injury with 2 key pieces out made that game what it was; awful.

  4. He will be fine. If he wasnt, Henne would start. During the championship game last year, he mostly was in the pocket while building a 21-10 lead that should have been 24 or 28-10 at halftime but they stupidly ran out the clock before the Bengals dominated the second half …

  5. I remember that Super Bowl loss well. He had no protection the entire game, but he ran and ran a lot. He was making crazy throws from almost on the ground hitting receivers in the face mask with the ball. He played an amazing game that day, just didn’t get support from team. If he can play like that I’ll take it.

  6. No, because the Mahommes we know uses his legs. Instead of being deadly, Mahommes is ‘just’ dangerous now if he can’t run. I’m sure he’s still 3 QB being a pocket passer.

  7. There’s a difference between sprain and strain…. A true sprain doesn’t heal up in a week, but simple forward and backward motion should be ok. Be interesting to see how he handles side-to-side motion

  8. Will Joe Burrow be able to play like Joe Burrow?


    So Patrick Mahomes’ status doesn’t matter.

  9. The Chiefs will be rolling Thune out to left tackle to take the spot of the turnstile from Easy Money University and plugging Allegretti into the left guard slot.

    That will solve 100% of the easiest Bengal defensive intrusions into the Chiefs backfield, thus masking the lack of shake & bake from their QB.

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