Kickoff temperatures will be 50s in Philadelphia, 20s in Kansas City on Sunday

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
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Philadelphia will be uncharacteristically warm at kickoff of the NFC Championship Game on Sunday afternoon, while Kansas City will experience a typically cold January evening for the AFC Championship Game.

The forecast for Sunday in Philadelphia calls for temperatures around 53 degrees at the 3 p.m. Eastern Time kickoff of the 49ers-Eagles game. Temperatures will fall only a few degrees during the game, although rain is possible by the fourth quarter. Winds of around 10 mph are expected during the game.

In Kansas City it will be much colder at the 5:30 p.m. Central Time kickoff of Bengals-Chiefs. The forecast is for around 21 degrees at kickoff, with temperatures falling into the teens by the second half. Winds of around 10 mph are expected during that game as well.

No snow is expected, so the many NFL fans who enjoy watching a snow game from the comfort of home will be deprived of that pleasure.

14 responses to “Kickoff temperatures will be 50s in Philadelphia, 20s in Kansas City on Sunday

  1. Weather wouldn’t be an issue for the AFC game if it was played in Atlanta like the fans wanted it to be

  2. Nobody really likes playing football in cold, nasty weather. Mahomes was brought up in Texas. He played high school and college football in warm weather Texas but has been able to transition to a place that gets cold in the winter. Joe Burrow’s dad was a football coach, so they moved around. Joe played football as a kid in Nebraska, North Dakota, and Northern Ohio. He’s played his entire life in cold weather, with the exception of a couple years at LSU. Nobody has a disadvantage unless the Bengals get hammered with false start penalties at key moments.

  3. Niner fans, wake up! You’ll miss your stop!

    You barely beat the Cowboys who; 1 – threw two picks; 2 – lost their best back; 3 – dropped an easy pick that would have at least likely sent it to OT; 4 -Was on the road; 4 – had Dak as QB…

    Sorry, this could be a KC type game for you all.

    Maybe next year.

  4. As I get older I still follow football because i am a fòotball coach, but i just don’t understand Fandom anymore. Why do people care so much if a team wins a football game? Unless I have something to do with the winning and losing, I just don’t care. The screaming and fighting and yelling over someone else’s accomplishment makes no sense to me anymore.

  5. YouKnow…..You are the first football coach that I ever heard of that doesn’t root for certain teams.

  6. At least the Vikings were smart enough to build a stadium with a roof on it.

  7. I grew up a rabid cowboys fan and yankees fan, but the day the Yankees won their last ws, I sat there and said this is stupid. People I don’t know and something that doesn’t improve my life in anyway was stressing me out. I dove into coaching youth sports and basically haven’t cared about an out come of a game in nearly 13 or 14 yrs. I know I’m peeing in a lot of cheerios here, but what does any of these teams winning a sb mean to you. Your life isn’t better or worse win or lose.

  8. Set your DVR fans of both teams. If Hurts wins he has at least justified his draft status and we all know Purdy can make history if he wins and can be the first rookie QB to win a SB and championship since 1945 and Bob Waterfield if the team can win the SB. Either way, it will be a game to watch till next september.

  9. Someone needs to play the song :”The Thrill Is Gone”. I love football and it is a passion ! As Frank Sinatra once said : “I feel sorry for people that don’t drink because that’s the best they will feel all day”.

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