NFL fines Arden Key but not for tackle that injured Patrick Mahomes


The NFL fined Jaguars outside linebacker Arden Key, but not for the tackle that injured Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Key’s tackle on Mahomes was legal.

Mahomes got caught between Corey Peters and Key, and Key fell on the quarterback’s right ankle, bending it sideways. Mahomes was a full participant in practice this week and will play in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday.

Mahomes did leave the divisional round game for 13 plays, and while he was on the sideline, Key was penalized for roughing backup quarterback Chad Henne with 5:27 remaining until halftime.

The NFL fined Key $15,914 for roughing the passer.

The league also fined Chiefs safety Bryan Cook $5,906 for taunting after Jaylen Watson‘s interception in the fourth quarter last Saturday. Cook was penalized on the play with 3:48 remaining.

10 responses to “NFL fines Arden Key but not for tackle that injured Patrick Mahomes

  1. I was shocked the booth guys didn’t have him ejected. I thought the leg injury to Mahomes was intentional, but the flagrant foul against Henne should have ended Key’s day. He was definitely trying to put QB’s out of the game, and he nearly succeeded. He was always getting late head shots to QB’s when he played for the Raiders. This guy shouldn’t be in the league.

  2. What about the play where the Chiefs’ player put his helmet directly into Trevor Lawrence’s chin guard. Blatantly illegal, but of course not even called as a penalty on the field.

  3. Did Brady get a fine or suspension for his bush league play? Nope


    Brady did receive a fine for the tripping.

  4. Players should get a fine for just looking at Mahomes, or at the very least go blind.

  5. One of Mahomes flaws is that he doesn’t know when to go down, often dancing around the pocket for too long which is an invitation for trouble. You might extend a few plays here and there, but as we saw last Sunday the result was a high ankle sprain which could potentially jeopardize the Cheif’s season. With his style you knew it would happen sooner or later, play smarter and go down or get rid of the ball.

  6. I realize the anti Brady crowd is stupid but good lord to the dummy that posted earlier Brady got fined for a trip that did not even happen. Key should not have been fined for this either but Mahomes and Burrow are the most protected QBs in the league.

  7. Yes I know this happened to Henne but any team with Patrick Mahomes on it is going to get most of the calls he is the new NFL cash cow. Burrow on the other hand has me baffled why him Bengals are 2 and 1 this season when Burrow throws two or more picks he is highly overrated. I can at least see why the NFL wants to protect Mahomes.

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