Benglas linebacker Germaine Pratt: “Why the f–k would you touch the quarterback?”


Multiple teammates consoled Bengals linebacker Joseph Ossai after he drew a late hit penalty that put the Chiefs in position for a field goal that delivered a Super Bowl berth for Kansas City. One teammate in particular was not pleased.

Linebacker Germaine Pratt was yelling on the way to the locker room about the foul.

“It’s the motherfuckin’ last series,” Pratt said to no one in particular. “What the fuck. Why the fuck did you touch the quarterback?”

In Ossai’s defense, he was in a tough spot. If he had pulled up while chasing Mahomes, who had surrendered all protections given to a passer when he became a runner, Mahomes could have ducked back inside and picked up more yards. That’s something we’ve seen quarterbacks do, time and again.

So Ossai kept going. How was he supposed to stop?

The end result was a shove. Mahomes wiped out, making it look even worse.

It would be naive to think quarterbacks don’t know how to time the collision just right to potentially draw those fouls. It’s a basic reality of the league’s obsession with keeping quarterbacks healthy.

The Bengals need to take the time to explain this to Pratt and anyone else in the locker room who may have a problem with Ossai. He was damned if he didn’t pursue Mahomes, and damned if he did.

Unless and until the league fully commits to fully regarding quarterbacks who become runners as something other than quarterbacks, things like this will happen.

It’s no one’s fault when it does. Ossai wasn’t going to pull up. And Mahomes, once he felt a shove on his back, wasn’t about to try to stay up. While not a flop in the soccer sense, Mahomes was smart to let the momentum take him to the ground.

Any smart quarterback would have done the same thing in that spot. And if Ossai had stopped running, any smart quarterback wouldn’t have run out of bounds.

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  1. Honestly it’s like all out and then suddenly you can’t touch anyone. I’d love to see like a one yard or even one foot buffer which is a line beyond the out of bounds. That way it is out of bounds but you can’t get called for a late hit unless you’re beyond that one foot or one yard perimeter.

  2. It’s not chasing him out of bounds…it’s the push. He didn’t have to push him. SMH

  3. It is BS penalty. You should have to have both feet out of bounds for unnecessary roughness on the sidelines. But at the same time you know they gonna call 100% of the time if you hit a star QB.

  4. I definitely saw it differently. Ossai didn’t have to shove Mahomes when both were clearly out of bounds. If he had shown that restraint, there would have been no foul.

  5. To be fair, that’s a unnecessary roughness on any offensive player. Just a bone head decision on a critical play.

  6. He was supposed to chase him out of bounds…It was stupid but he was not alone – look at the corner standing past the yard marker waiting for Mahommes instead closing the distances between them. He comes us to force that play and Mahommes probably goes out of bounds before Ossai runs him down

  7. 10 sec left with no timeouts….let him cut back on his bad ankle. He’s not reaching the end zone and they aren’t getting another snap.

    Agree that QBs who are runners should absolutely be treated as runners. But that’s a penalty no matter who has the ball.

    Who’s call was it to punt the ball right down the middle and let a Dave Toub coached special teams unit set up a return??? Kick it out of bounds and make them go 45 yards in 30 seconds with no timeouts and 1 healthy receiver. This is all a moot point if you just do that.

  8. Mahommes was clearly out of bounds with both feet when he was hit. Absolutely a penalty and would called 99% of the time. Pratt made a mistake and he knew it. He made no effort to pull up.

  9. What game, what play were you watching? Mahomes was CLEARLY out-of-bounds.
    And I’m not a KC Homer, I had Cincy picked to win and even *I* saw it was a really
    stupid hit.

  10. I feel for Ossai. We all know the Bungles had no chance in this game in the first place. He shouldn’t be the scapegoat.

  11. The problem was Ossai pushed Mahommes when he was already clearly out of bounds. Not because the refs afforded Mahommes the protection of a QB. Any WR or RB would’ve drawn the same foul if they were shoved the same way.

    Ossai didn’t have to push Mahommes. I feel it would’ve been ok if they were both on an unavoidable collision course but this wasn’t the case.

  12. The contact was well passed the sideline. I agree….why contact him. He extended his arms. That conscience act; intolerable. I also disagree with the Coach’s statement that it was not the play that cost them the game. It was.

  13. Come on now. This was egregious and indefensible. Mahomes was well out of bounds by the time he was shoved. It was a stupid thing to do, period

  14. Pratt was right, it wasn’t close, one bonehead play cost them a possible trip to the SB.
    Why are so many afraid to blame Ossai?

  15. He pushed him well out of bounds….this wasn’t a sideline run and last second jump out. Mahomes was beelined for the sidelines and well out when he made contact…he single handed ended their season. 57 yard fg wasn’t going to happen. They’d had punted

  16. All I know for sure, is that just like Broncos – the Bengals will be watching the “big game” on their coach like the rest of us. Get used to it Cincy and Denver.

  17. Pratt is right. It was a stupid play. But probably shouldn’t yell this when cameras are around.

  18. Ossai should not have touched the QB. But the NFL is weak that this is a penalty for unnecessary roughness, for what? Unwanted touching? And Mahomes has historically been a pansy flopping along the sideline trying to draw penalties, and it works. NFL should require actual roughness for a penalty not a palm on the shoulderpad that they call a “late hit”

  19. You don’t touch the qb in that situation. It is not a difficult decision. If he stays in bounds the clock might run out.

  20. Ossai shoved Mahomes when Mahomes was already fully out of bounds. I’m pretty sure Mahomes, already dealing with an ankle sprain, didn’t deliberately take a fall that could have resulted in further injury. Your implications here are not well reasoned.

  21. They need a “tapout” signal in the NFL for QBs that are scrambling. Kind of like the fair catch signal.

  22. No. It wasn’t just contact. They were a full step out. Ossai could have thrown his hands up & if they still got tangled it would’ve been incidental. Following through with a push to the back was what rightfully drew the flag.

  23. With an injured ankle there’s no way Mahomes was looking to draw a late hit or any kind of hit. He ran to get the 1st down and that was it. Bone headed move by Ossai. it was all about that shove which was completely unnecessary.

  24. That play clearly demonstrated Mahomes was faking an ankle injury all night, just to set up that moment.

  25. This explanation is dumb. No one’s saying he shouldn’t chase Mahomes….just don’t push him when he’s OB!

  26. Mahomes was already two steps out of bounds when Assai shoved him. It was inexcusable for him to do that and throw away his team’s chance of going to overtime.

  27. Because Patrick Mahomes was smarter than anyone else on that field yesterday… 🤔🤓😎

  28. It was clearly a late hit. And a very stupid play. The QB was out of bounds when the idiot player pushed him. I’m not certain what world anyone is living on who suggests otherwise. The Bengals player made a very dumb play.

  29. Mahomes was clearly out of bounds before the shove. Ossai is clearly at fault. I feel bad for the guy but there is no explaining this away …it was a boneheaded play.

  30. Mahomes was 3 steps out of bounds before he was contacted there was no ducking back in for more yards bad play right call.

  31. Mahomes was not going to “turn back in to gain a couple more yards”! If he does the game goes into OT!

  32. Yeah. Why on God’s green earth would Mahomes try to stay in play, with no timeouts? Ossai was a knucklehead, plain & simple.

  33. Pratt has had a great year, but he’s about to hit the open market and has already voiced his displeasure with the team. He’s gone.

  34. atomicpunk says:
    January 30, 2023 at 5:30 am
    That play clearly demonstrated Mahomes was faking an ankle injury all night, just to set up that moment.


    Umm sure. Makes sense Mahomes would limit himself physically throughout an entire game, especially considering how close the score was, just so he can use his speed at the very last minute to keep up the suspense and fool the defense to let their guard down.

  35. Man Bengals fans are turning into Bills and Pats fans before our very eyes. Worst part is they haven’t won anything. Everything is a conspiracy to keep the Bengals down all of the sudden. Lol. It’s comical.

  36. I can’t believe people are even arguing about this and some are saying the NFL is rigged because they think the NFL didn’t want Cincinnati to make it to the SB.If that was the case….why did Cincinnati make it last year?

  37. He was completely out when pushed. It was blatant and yes, that penalty cost Ossai’s team the game.

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