Brock Purdy describes elbow injury as “extremely painful”

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
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49ers quarterback Brock Purdy clearly had a hard time throwing in the NFC Championship Game after suffering an elbow injury on San Francisco’s first drive of the game.

After Sunday’s loss, Purdy described the injury as “extremely painful.”

“My arm just felt like it stretched out,” Purdy said in his press conference. “Just felt like, really, a lot of just shocks all over from my elbow down to my wrist — front and back. Just pain, really, all over.”

Eagles defensive end Haason Reddick hit Purdy’s elbow as he was trying to load up and throw it to Brandon Aiyuk with 7:03 left in the first quarter. While the play was initially ruled an incomplete pass, replay showed the ball was out of Purdy’s hand and he batted it forward. Philadelphia’s successful challenge gave the Eagles the ball.

“I thought it was an incomplete pass,” Purdy said. “And then we had a third down coming up and I went to the sideline while they were reviewing stuff — the play — just asking for a ball because I knew something wasn’t right. So I just asked to see if I could throw.

“And even in those couple of throws, I was just like, man, something is not right. And it was a fumble. And then that’s when they checked everything out and I tried throwing on the sideline and it was just extremely painful.”

When Purdy returned to the game because Josh Johnson had suffered a concussion, he knew he was very limited.

“I’d been throwing after the hit occurred on the sideline just to see where I was at. But even in those throws it was painful,” Purdy said. “So, I couldn’t throw anything probably over 10 yards, 5 yards. So, that’s why we just had some screens. It was really our only option when I went back in.”

As head coach Kyle Shanahan said, Purdy noted that he’ll undergo an MRI on Monday to determine the severity of the injury.

“It is a little swollen in the forearm area near the elbow,” Purdy said. “Still in pain, obviously. Just have to get the MRI tomorrow.”

32 responses to “Brock Purdy describes elbow injury as “extremely painful”

  1. Well, whichever USFL team he’s going to play for probably cares…

  2. Translation:
    I was getting the crap beat out of me and no way did I want to get beat up all day, so I had to make a business decision and stayed on the sideline as long as I could

  3. Back in the 90’s 49er teams you got a cortisone shot when you had a HUGE game to play. Unbelievably disappointing game. Eagles didn’t earn that win.

  4. Cheers to an amazing season by Purdy. Keeping this team humming as Mr. Irrelevant is a great story. Didn’t have the storybook ending but most NFL stories don’t. This is all coming from a cards fan too..

  5. Extremely painful?
    Funny that they constantly showed him trying to warm up, and not once did he wince in pain. Extreme pain?
    I sort of doubt it.

  6. The “Purdy was scared” and the “Purdy is soft” comments are so predictable.

    Raise your hand if you’ve played in the NFL. You have to be pretty tough just to get there let alone have any success whatsoever. It’s the best of the best in the world.

    This kid took the job and ran with it…beat the teams in front of him…and people on here are calling him scared. It’s ridiculous.

    I’m an Eagles fan, btw.

  7. Brock sounds like an 8 year old after a Soccer game. Does he want milk and cookies and tucked in before bed?!

  8. Not the stuff of leaders. There’s a reason he was picked last. Move on. Had your chance and shrunk. Stop already with the excuses, he’s not an NFL QB. No one is getting in a fox hole with this guy. Run and hide little boy.

  9. Kind of reminds me of that national championship game when Colt McCoy was seen crying trying to throw the ball to get back in the game. But Brock was much more stronger since he wasn’t seen crying at all.

  10. Someone has to start asking why this keeps happening to Shanahan led teams? Qbs just keep going down. I see a few times eachgame, free rushers breaking in on the qb. Sometimes nothing happens, but then sometimes they get hurt.

    This I don’t even know the answer to, but the question needs to be asked

  11. You couch QBs imagine getting your arm ready to throw a dart then a 6ft 230 guy with blazing speed hitting that arm and knocking it back with extreme force. You couldn’t open a beer after that let alone throw a football.

  12. He gave it his all. Folks slamming Purdy should remember that he played in Seattle with an oblique injury and played well.
    Yes, it’s a concern whether he can stand up to the rigors of the NFL, but to slam his toughness is classless.
    Try taking one hit before you comment on his toughness.

  13. You folks are all hilarious. Pile on Purdy while your Cowboys/Packers/Jets etc. jerseys gather dust in your closets until draft day.

  14. if my team got a walkover playoff win due to injury I wouldn’t care, just glad to get an easy playoff W. hate that the beagles got it but tough luck.

  15. Brock Purdy is a great story and seems like a good man and I wish him well. It was very unfortunate for Clara to lose him so early in the game and it obviously handicapped them. However, Shanahan melting down on the sideline over legitimate penalties changed the dynamic of the demeanor of team and was more a factor to the loss. The better team and the better coach won today.

  16. The better team definitely didn’t win. Check how many yards the Eagles put up. Refs outgained them by a wide margin.

  17. Some of these posts make me laugh.
    Raise your hand if you play football in the NFL. You try getting hit by a 300 lb man..
    Please, save your comments.
    If having to play in the NFL is a prerequisite to commenting about NFL games, you all should head over to another website. It’s called being a fan.

    To my point, I was questioning how extreme the pain was. I would think if I was in extreme pain, I wouldn’t be throwing the ball on the sideline, and if I was in extreme pain, you would see a reaction after each throw. We did not see any reaction.

    No one said his arm was perfect. I questioned the extreme pain he said he felt.

  18. If Purdy’s going to play in Shanahan’s no protection scheme, we better come up with a nickname.

    We all know Jimmy Glass.

    I guess it’s now Broken Brock.

  19. No other NFL team has had the QB injuries SF has had the last few seasons.

    It’s why Jimmy G got the nickname Jimmy Glass.

    But is it his fault or a coach who values maximum receivers in the route vs protecting the QB?

    Watch the film. It’s the latter. On that last play they used a backup TE to block one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. 1 – shouldn’t have used a TE; 2 – should have had help; 3 – should have been Kittle if you were even dumb enough to try that protection package.

    SF was down to QB #4 because Kyle doesn’t give two spits about protecting QBs.

    Any FA would be insane to sign there.

  20. It’s not possible at all to know what Purdy’s tolerance for pain is.
    Just because he didn’t “wince “ doesn’t mean that he didn’t feel pain. It only means that he’s a whole lot tougher than you.

  21. You don’t put a shot in a quarterback’s injured elbow mid-game. That would just be borderline criminal. Full props to Purdy. He should be the Niners starting Quarterback week 1 next year.

  22. I think this lose is really tough for Clara fan based on the posts because they haven’t won in this century and a SB win may have brought them closer to the stories their grandfather told them.

  23. “Extremely painful…but then kinda nice to just get away from Coach Shanahan for awhile too. So a mixed bag, really”

  24. Sorry I prefer guys like Patrick Mahomes fighting with coaches last week to not even LOOK at his ankle, and him gutting it out in the AFCCG limping around but giving it all for the team. And I’m sure Chiefs fans are thankful Mahomes didn’t point out how “extremely painful” his ankle was. One’s in the Super Bowl, the other isn’t. No matter what the ref calls were, if Mahomes didn’t play the Bengals would be going to the Super Bowl. #facts

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