Cowboys announce departures of Kellen Moore, Doug Nussmeier

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The Cowboys made it official, announcing the departures of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and quarterbacks coach Doug Nussmeier. Moore had one year left on his contract, and Nussmeier’s contract was expiring.

“After continuing through our end of season review process and having additional discussion, Kellen and the Cowboys reached a mutual decision to part ways,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said in a statement. “I want to thank Kellen for his deep commitment, hard work and dedication that were a core part of his time with the Cowboys. The production of our offense and his mentorship of Dak [Prescott] were at the center of Kellen’s impact, and we are grateful for his tenure and leadership. We wish Kellen and his wife, Julie, and their family the absolute best as they set out on the next chapter of their lives.”

“We also wish Doug and his wife, Christi, and their family the best. Doug is the consummate professional and brought a level of football insight, enthusiasm and focus to work every day that helped everyone he worked with during his time here with the Cowboys perform at a higher level.”

McCarthy is expected to take over the play-calling, something he did in his time as the Packers’ head coach. When he arrived in Dallas in 2020, McCarthy kept Moore as offensive coordinator and play-caller.

The Cowboys twice ranked first in yards (2019, 2021) and once ranked first in points (2021) with Moore calling the plays. They were 11th in yards and fourth in points this season, but they have not gotten beyond the divisional round since 1995, and Prescott threw a career-high 15 interceptions in the regular season and two more last week in the loss to the 49ers.

Moore should not have a hard time finding another job.

25 responses to “Cowboys announce departures of Kellen Moore, Doug Nussmeier

  1. Moore obviously has talent as a coordinator, but, he never learned how to do In Game adjustments. He would go in with a plan, and if it worked – great! 30 points.

    If it didn’t, he seemed in capable of turning it around. Sometimes, game day experience counts more than X’s and O’s drawn up on Tuesday.

  2. I thought Moore was on the fast track to being a HC. Are all these people just sacrificial lambs for the lame duck McCarthy?

  3. Good Moves. Sometimes a Team needs some New Coaches to change things up. With Dak’s no trade clause in his contract we are stuck with Dak for a while. So, we need another great Wide Receiver like Deandre Hopkins in Arizona. He is available.

  4. Moore can get the offense ready to play, but he can’t physically prevent Dak from throwing the dumbest interceptions that even a HS’er knows better than to throw.

  5. Jerry’s Golden Boy kick to the curb. Now McCarthy head on the block with Quinn in the wings. McCarthy already behind a rock and a hard place by starting from scratch on the offensive side of the football with filling coaching positions. If McCarthy can’t turn Dak around in 2023 to getting Dak to get the Cowboys to the promise land. Here comes Quinn with the task in 2024, wit Jerry adamant in making Dak the next Troy Akiman by any means necessary. Dak ha 2 years to make Jerry look like a genius. Something Jerry been doing for 27 years and counting.

  6. I am going to go out on a limb here and say Kellen already has suitors lined up, for a qb coach minimally.
    And I’ll stay out on that limb by saying of course McCarthy will take over the play calling, this is it, make a break year for him so he’s gna go out swinging. His seat started warming up as Zeke lined up to play center, and if Payton happens to be out there next year…

  7. Kinda surprised Jerrah Ok’ed this
    Kellen was Jones’ fair haired boy and being groomed to be the next Jason Garrett.
    He actually wasn’t a bad OC.

    Starting to look like McCarthy may have incriminating photos of Jerry or something. The fat man needed to be gone the day after the playoff loss. His time has passed. A long time ago.

  8. tcb1 says:
    January 29, 2023 at 11:46 pm
    Good Moves. Sometimes a Team needs some New Coaches to change things up. With Dak’s no trade clause in his contract we are stuck with Dak for a while. So, we need another great Wide Receiver like Deandre Hopkins in Arizona. He is available.

    DeAndre Hopkins actually isn’t available he for starters he is under contract for the next two more years and he has a no trade clause he has to waive wherever he goes.
    Lastly AZ will only trade him if it makes sense for AZ to do so , they don’t have to do so and still could bring him back. If they hire Payton it’s a certainty he is back. Hopkins is still an elite caliber top 5 #1WR N they know his value so do all the teams in need of receiving talent which is why his market is around the block long AZ will only trade him if it helps them and makes sense for AZ to do it. AZ isn’t trading him for less than a late 1st round pick or mid 2nd n mid/late 4th.

  9. Moore going to LAC as OC.
    Smart, as he will slide in an take over as HC there by the end of next season.

  10. Good Moves. Sometimes a Team needs some New Coaches to change things up. With Dak’s no trade clause in his contract we are stuck with Dak for a while. So, we need another great Wide Receiver like Deandre Hopkins in Arizona. He is available.



  11. Kellen is widely acknowledged as one of the best young offensive coordinators in the league. The statistics put up by his Dallas offenses speak for themselves. His work is even more impressive coming during the time of Elliott’s decline, losing Amari Cooper, the decimation of the Cowboys Oline, and Dak missing the most of a season.

    Kellen will have absolutely no problem finding another OC position. He is also a great candidate for a college head coaching job.

  12. MM was the play-caller for many years prior to coming to Dallas. Honestly, it was a shock that he allowed anyone else to assume that duty. It is very difficult for any play-caller relinquish that function. They have to believe that they are the best to be successful, and when you believe that you are the best at something it is hard to give that thing up.

  13. Clearing the decks of assistant coaches isn’t necessarily a vote of confidence for Mike McCarthy.It wouldn’t surprise me if Jerry Jones’ assistant coach “suggestions” have been pre-approved by Sean Payton.

  14. Dallas would be well served with a simpler, lower-risk approach to offense with Dak given simpler reads and decisions. Given their cap situation,they won’t be able to revamp their offensive personnel beyond letting Zeke, Tyron Smith, and Dalton Schultz go and replacing them with draftees or low-cost free agents.

  15. Don’t think many (other than Jerry) are excited by Mccarthy calling plays. It’s a strange choice giving Mr Mismanagement more to mismanage!

    I don’t watch them a huge amount but it seemed like Dallas put up great regular season passing numbers feasting on the weak but the run game relied on Pollard doing something by himself. They need more balance to take on playoff calibre defences.

    Zeke’s nearly done, when can they realistically walk away from him?

  16. McCarthy is fully invested in operation human shield. Everyone will be tossed into the line of fire before him.

  17. This has to be some sort of record for the most assistants replaced at one time by a winning team. You get the feeling they’re setting themselves up for a disaster where everybody is going to be new and nobody will really be on the same page this coming season. And if basically the entire staff wasn’t worth keeping how can they hang onto McCarthy who hired all these guys?

  18. Did the guy above that complained about Moore’s inability to make in game adjustments ever watch Packer games when MM was the coach handling the offensive paly calls?

  19. McCarthy’s offense/play calling only worked when Aaron adlibbed ( with top of the NFL MVP talent to adlib) to make up because the play called was garbage (run, run, pass and punt) and easily covered by the defense. Unless the Cowboys are going to upgrade the QB position don’t see Mike lasting very long.

    In addition with Mike calling the plays his clock management gets much worse, maybe they can hire the canned by the Broncos the the clock coach.

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