Dolphins hire Vic Fangio as defensive coordinator

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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One of the best defensive coaches in football is heading to Miami.

The Dolphins have agreed to terms with Vic Fangio to become their next defensive coordinator, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

The well-regarded Fangio had other teams interested in him, and according to the report, the Dolphins landed him by making him the NFL’s highest-paid coordinator.

Fangio went just 19-30 in three years as the Broncos’ head coach, but he has had success as a defensive coordinator for the Bears, 49ers, Texans and Colts, and he’s a major get for Mike McDaniel and the Dolphins as they attempt to build on a playoff season in 2022 and become Super Bowl contenders in 2023.

44 responses to “Dolphins hire Vic Fangio as defensive coordinator

  1. And my Vikings are still sitting on their hands. Hire Brian Flores and be done with it-any other hire will put the fanbase in jeopardy!

  2. Stephen Ross has his heart in the right place at least. He wants to win and willing to spend the $$.

  3. Uhhhh? Are the Dolphins better in organization than the Bills all of a sudden?

    Can we fire Leslie Frazier before we are second best in our own division? Hello?

    Anyone at One Bills Drive awake?

  4. Massive get for Miami.

    To go from Josh Boyer to Vic Fangio is a major coup for this team.

  5. Great hire. Big upgrade. Although I thought Boyer did fairly well with the injuries, the attacking defense left our depleted secondary out to dry. Now we just need to get some CB depth.

  6. Can’t complain about this. But I’m eager to see how he does with Miami’s current personnel…

  7. The most money, great location, tons of talent… very hard to turn down.

  8. He’s got work to do in Miami & still needs players to do this…and my Bills & the rest of the AFC-East better look out because he’s very good at designing a Defense & adjusting to dismantle any Offense!

  9. Fangio could take this defense back to the Zach Thomas Jason Taylor days… Let’s go!!! 🐬🤫😃

  10. Mannnnn The dolphins just got soooo much better with 1 addition. Chubb back with his guy!

  11. Wait… Now they’re trying to say the deal is not finalized yet. Stay tuned… Only in Miami. 🍿🙄🤔

  12. The Vikings weren’t going to hire him. In fact, they didn’t even interview him. Probably because he’s too close to Ed Donatell.

  13. Bigger get for the Dolphins than O’Brien was for NE. Another 3rd place finish unless Rodgers goes to NY and sends them to the basement.

  14. Is Vic going to fix the poor game management from his boy wonder HC? Fins
    had as much or more problems this past year with the O. If you roll with the trifectra of Tua,Tedy & Skylar…you’ll continue to spin your wheels.

  15. I’m honestly a bit surprised about the hire, considering the amount of sunshine, the outdoor stadium and all the garlic heavy food in Miami. I would’ve figured the lions would’ve been perfect for Fangio, what with the harsh michigan winters and the domed stadium.

  16. johnwick says:
    And my Vikings are still sitting on their hands.
    GB fan here,… you can have Joe Barry for a couple Jack’s Pizzas and a 15 pack of Busch Light,…….

  17. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    January 29, 2023 at 4:21 pm
    Desperation move
    The Dolphins gave the Pats all they could handle this season. The Pats couldn’t beat a Tua led Dolphins and had to come from behind to beat a Teddy Bridgewater led Dolphins. You should be very worried about the Dolphins getting better.

  18. Miami wins the Super Bowl Again crown then like you did after 5 games PROVE IT! Buffalo and if the JETS get Rogers you are TOAST

  19. Last time we saw Fangio, he had this clueless look on the sideline at every bronco game. Not too inpiring.

  20. Over his thirty-five years of coaching his teams compiled a cumulative win/loss record of 288-271-1.

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