Jonathan Taylor had ankle surgery last week

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Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, who suffered an ankle injury in Week Four that affected him for the rest of the season, had surgery last week.

Taylor told that he underwent surgery on his ankle on Wednesday with Dr. Robert Anderson in Green Bay. Taylor initially approached the offseason expecting just to need rest and rehab, but after a month of trying that, Anderson and the Colts’ medical staff agreed that surgery was the right call.

“That thing had a bunch of junk in there from a bunch of years,” Taylor said of his ankle. “Just finally had to clean it out and make sure I’m good to go. We finally had the time to get it right, make sure I’m 100% ready to rock. That’s all you can ask. It was a no-brainer. Get that out of the way, so you can focus on maintaining your body and get ready for the season.”

In 2021, Taylor led the NFL with 1,811 rushing yards. But in 2022 he missed six games because of the injured ankle and finished with just 861 yards.

Taylor indicated that he expects to be ready to go at the start of training camp.

4 responses to “Jonathan Taylor had ankle surgery last week

  1. In just 11 games for a bad team with no QB and that fired its coach, Taylor rushed for 861 yards. He would have had 1,300 yards in a full season at that pace. Maybe he won’t be able to bounce back from his injuries in 2023 or he will be burned out like so many running backs, but his 2022 season was only “disappointing” compared to his tremendous 2021 season or for fantasy football team owners who were angry they drafted him #1 in 2022.

  2. Taylor is a great back and one of the NFL’s good guys. It will be good to have him back on the field at 100% next year.

  3. One of my favorite all-time UW players. Ankle surgery always comes with some risk for running backs, especially the great ones. Here’s hoping Taylor comes back stronger than ever next year.

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