Report: 49ers believe Brock Purdy injured his ulnar collateral ligament

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
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49ers quarterback Brock Purdy injured his elbow in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game loss to the Eagles and head coach Kyle Shanahan said after the game that the team needs an MRI to determine the severity of the injury.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team believes that Purdy, who returned to the game but clearly couldn’t throw, injured his ulnar collateral ligament. The MRI will show whether or not the UCL is ruptured and a negative result would lead to a six-week recovery period for Purdy. A rupture would lead to a longer timeline, but it’s not clear exactly how long.

UCL tears are common for baseball pitchers and they are typically repaired with what’s known as Tommy John surgery. That carries a lengthy recovery time, but the outlook isn’t the same for quarterbacks because of the differences in throwing motions.

The results of the MRI will have some impact on what the 49ers do at quarterback this offseason, so there will be a lot of eyes on the test results in San Francisco on Monday.

39 responses to “Report: 49ers believe Brock Purdy injured his ulnar collateral ligament

  1. Why would they even call a play for him to throw a single pass? Reminds me of hat Kyle’s old man did to RG3

  2. This is predictable under Shanahan. Just look at his history.

    He refuses to help out in protection with anyone (like a back or TE) who otherwise is a potential receiver. He would rather risk the QB being lit up so that he can rack up more offensive stats.

    It’s a team and offensive philosophy so don’t whine when you keep losing QBs.

  3. When it rains it pours

    His injury absolutely completely changed this game. That was not the same 9ER team we’ve all see for 3 months after he left that game. You can lie to yourself or not

    Heal up and healthy Brock. Hopefully he healthy by OTA’s

  4. tnyfg says:
    January 29, 2023 at 8:57 pm
    I hear Tom Brady is available March 15

    00Rate This


    I hear cap hell.

  5. C’mon man. Seriously? Let’s all find an injury no one’s ever heard of to cover for the kid. The moment was too big for him and he wanted no parts of another hit. They won’t say it publicaly, but all trust in him is gone forever.

  6. Ya that game was pretty much over after purdy left. Sucks to happen, but one really wonders what is going on with that team to have 3-4 qbs get knocked out in a season?? Is there o-line that porous, or is it the play calling? Maybe something else? Idk but that is a serious concern to have that many QBs suffer season ending injuries.

    That defense really carried the load for the most part. Kudos to them.

  7. The way the Niners go through QB’s they should probably sign all three again and keep Josh Johnson on retainer.

  8. Enter Tom Brady. You think the Niners would love to go into the season with Brady as the starter and Purdy as the backup. Jimmy G is gone, cant stay healthy for certain. Lance? see if any trade offers surface or keep at the #3. A lot dont want to hear that, but to me its a no brainer for both the Niners and Brady, and Im not a fan of either. Brady wouldnt command a ton of cap space for that gig, to ride off winning it for his favorite team and all the Niners are missing is reliable QB play.

  9. Why did they put him back in the game? It was over.

    Go to a WR that played QB in high school or all wildcat plays.

  10. Nothing you can do when you lose your QB. Especially when you’re already on your third string guy. It’s a tough way for a season to end, but the 49ers have arrived. It certainly looks like they’re here to stay.

  11. Losing both your quarterbacks effectively ended the game for the 49ers,the eagles made that happen
    en. Sorry excuses are for losers.

  12. Right? that was not the last time they did that either. All these people are crying about injuries but only a couple people with brains have realized Shanahan consistently put them in harms way. If the DE didn’t bite on the fake, the QB was getting blown the ##% up. BUT I guess it’s easier to complain about the refs or the injury problems than admit the 49ers were outplayed, out coached & OUTCLASSED. Their behavior at the end was bush league; it’s not the eagles fault for being superior. They didn’t do anything cheap throughout the game to lay a foundation for that kind of cheap sh*t. SF players acted like a bunch of petulant children and the whole world saw it.


    minime says:
    January 29, 2023 at 8:55 pm
    What happens when you have a backup TE blocking the other teams best pass rusher

  13. Anyone who thinks 45 year old Tom Brady is going to sign up for Shanahan’s “Let the QB get hit” offense needs to put down the booze start drinking coffee.

    There’s a reason that the Niners lead the NFL in QB injuries over the last several years.

  14. 49ers need a veteran QB backup someone who never gets injured. Joe Flacco maybe. It will cost 10-12 million, but they are paying two guys rookie contracts. Any other team it would be a waste of money, but there’s a recent history in SF that does not lie.

  15. your new guy gets a season ending injury beg of season, your back up a foot injury that takes 8 to 10 weeks to heel and your third guy gets a boo boo on the elbow. and the forth guy a head ache

  16. “C’mon man. Seriously? Let’s all find an injury no one’s ever heard of to cover for the kid. The moment was too big for him and he wanted no parts of another hit. They won’t say it publicaly, but all trust in him is gone forever.” — First place winner in the paste eating contest

  17. As someone in the Midwest, this reminds me of the Rams under Mike Martz. Mark Bulger, who always took a felonious beating, was always concussed by the 2nd quarter.

  18. Sincerely hoping the Chiefs boat race Philly. Just because their fanbase is such insufferable toolbags

  19. In the replay it even looked as if Kyle shook off Purdys first attempt to pull himself from the game, & seemed to almost touch him on the shoulder to Kyle could see his sad puppy eyes

  20. The QB’s got brutalized because the Niners offensive line could not protect them from the best defensive line in the league. Blame them. But SF fans are used to making excuses for their team’s failures. They’re what losers do.

  21. Trey Lance has to be the #1 QB going into spring training. Brady and/or Rodgers might end up signing a deal, if the CAP can be manipulated to work. This SF team is ready for the SB run. Breaking it up or just going with Lance/Purdy will be hard to make it back to Championship Game, much less the SB win.

  22. Niners proved they are nothing more than an overrated bunch of cheap shorting classless chumps. They’re never winning anything so keep crying Niners fans.

  23. If Tommy John Surgery is recommended, the rehabilitation can take nine months to a year, and sometimes longer.

  24. Maybe your super genius coach shouldn’t design plays that have a TE trying to block a premier DE. Purdy’s injury and Johnson almost got strip sacked with approach

  25. Best of luck to Purdy in his recovery. The Shanahan philosophy of expendable QB’s strikes again and he should be held accountable.

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