Sean Payton: “I think in the next week we’re going to know a lot more”

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For four teams, the clock keeps ticking toward Threat Level Midnight.

Three weeks after the regular season ended, coaches haven’t been hired in Denver, Indianapolis, Arizona, or Houston. Former Saints coach Sean Payton is a factor in three of those places.

Appearing on the FOX NFL Kickoff show, Payton addressed his candidacy, in broad terms.

“It’s been a busy week, a great week,” Payton said. “We’ve had a chance to visit with a lot of great owners, a lot of outstanding organizations. They’re obviously looking for a reboot.

“I think with the way the coaching hiring process has changed this year, we’re seeing it play out a little longer for these clubs. And I think there’s more pressure on everyone who’s covering it. And I think it’s a good thing, because they’re allowing teams to get to the right candidates.

“I think in the next week we’re going to know a lot more. . . . There’s a handful of things that still are taking place for these coaches, and myself.”

A week can be a lifetime when it comes to coaching searches. Three days ago, the Panthers made their hire.

Payton didn’t address the report from the Washington Post that he has concerns about a potential power struggle with a member of Broncos ownership. He previously refuted it on Twitter.

It continues to be one of the stranger reports of the week, something Payton would have no reason to leak. Even if he has concerns, it’s still important to have maximum options and leverage. Burning a bridge to Denver pre-emptively makes no sense.

Within the next week, more sense will be made of the entire situation. That’s what Payton thinks, and he’s right in the middle of 75 percent of the current searches.

14 responses to “Sean Payton: “I think in the next week we’re going to know a lot more”

  1. He could go to Arizona if he likes the challenge of knocking the Niners off the top but does he really want Murray as his QB?

  2. I believe Payton ends up with the Cardinals or he doesn’t coach this year.
    The Broncos seem to be starting from square one. If they were all in on Payton, this approach would make no sense. It appears the Texans are waiting for the Niners to play this weekend, then they will lock down Ryans.

    The Cardinals could have hired Flores already, and he’s supposedly the other main candidate. I believe it’s Bidwill and the Cards negotiating with Mickey Loomis. They either strike a deal next week or Payton goes back to Fox for a year

  3. If reports are true then Ryan and the Texans are close to signing. That leaves Denver with their QB problem and Arizona with the man child Murray and both with shiny new contracts. Honestly the Texans are a good draft away to being a better situation long term. Should be interesting how this all plays out..

  4. For a head coach who underachieved for many years with a HOF QB sure is a lot of suspense.

  5. Sean Payton will turn the Texans around. DeMeco Ryans is a guy guy but not ready to be a Head Coach. Fans in Houston Love Sean Payton. He has lots of experience needed to do this rebuild. As Houston Texans fans who live in Houston, we want Sean Payton!

  6. If Indy could get the right QB,… I think they are in their roster is in pretty good shape to succeed sooner than the other teams looking for a HC.
    And Payton gets to choose who he wants at QB. I think the issue could be a power struggle. Payton wants control. Ballard does too as GM.

  7. As usual we only remember what we saw last. Brees was unwanted until Coach P MADE him a HoF’er. Coaching matters, & there are levels to this

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