BJ Hill on Joseph Ossai: One play doesn’t define who you are

NFL: JAN 29 AFC Championship - Bengals at Chiefs
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Bengals defensive end Joseph Ossai found himself in the spotlight at the end of Sunday night’s loss to the Chiefs because his late hit on Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes helped set the stage for Kansas City’s game-winning field goal in the final seconds.

Ossai faced the music for his penalty in the locker room after the game and said that “in a situation like that I’ve got to be better.” Defensive tackle BJ Hill was standing alongside Ossai when he met the media and said that he would continue to stand up for his teammate because one play did not decide the game or define Ossai as a player.

“Because he’s my brother,” Hill said, via the team’s website. “The same thing happened to me a few years ago. I had a chance to win a game and I missed a sack. One person does not lose a game. That’s not going to fly with me. Especially on this team. A great group of guys. He had a great year. One play doesn’t define who you are. That play right there, he was playing his butt off. He practices how he plays. No hard feelings about that play. He was playing all out.”

Ossai and the Bengals will have a long wait before they’re able to get back on the field and memories of Sunday night’s finish will linger until they are playing football again.

15 responses to “BJ Hill on Joseph Ossai: One play doesn’t define who you are

  1. Class comments. I wish Eli Apple would learn from that example. I wish Eli Apple would learn how to be an adult. I wish Eli Apple was on a different team.

  2. Tough call for Ossai, but he literally was all over the field. You could argue he was Cincys best defender that game. This Bengals team is going to be fun to watch for years.

  3. ya missing a tackle is one thing, committing a known no no that a three year old is aware of is inexcusable. it loses football games. Team should fine him and or suspend him games next year or better yet trade him. send a signal you must know the rules.

  4. Mahomes had a team of referees that had his back, and he knows how to flop. That 15 yards was a garbage call. The refs gave mahomes the game, there is no doubt about it.

  5. If the Bengals never get back to the Superbowl then I’m sorry, but that one play IS GOING TO DEFINE HIM. It will be his legacy – End of Story. It is going to go down as one of THE WORST decisions ever. All he has to do is let him run out of bounds, and it’s probably going to overtime, because that kick barely cleared, so let’s add another 15 yards to the distance. Sorry but there’s no escaping it that was just plain STUPID

  6. “That 15 yards was a garbage call.”

    I was rooting for the Bengals as the underdog, and trust me, if that hit had been any later Mahomes would have wound up in the third row of seats.

  7. scarletknight says:
    January 30, 2023 at 7:34 am
    Really bad play. No awareness of where he was. Far out of bounds. Almost shoved Mahomes into a refreshment stand.

    20Rate This


    Ridiculous. He had one foot on the chalk and one foot in the air. It’s a bang/bang play with a 290 lb man trying to come to a stop. Sure, there was clear contact and it was borderline, but to influence the game to that degree in that situation, these refs just can’t help themselves and the player needs to be more aware that Goodell’s henchmen are looking for anything in that situation. Mahomes throwing himself down into the bench and flailing his arms out was embarrassing, but it worked.

    The refs got heavily involved in the game in the 4th for a reason.

    The idea of letting players play in big games is long, long gone. This is all about arranging teams to play for rating$ and gambling.

    The spread was 2.5 and KC won by 3. Nuff said.

  8. Everyone making excuses for Ossai. He “lightly touched him.” It does not matter (although I disagree with that assessment). The rule is he is not allowed to lay hands on him. At all. And the worst part is that he DID NOT NEED TO TOUCH HIM in the first place. He could have easily avoided it but he went full bonehead and reached out to put hands on Mahomes. I wanted the Bengals to win, too. Ossai will never live this down. But keep making excuses for him.

  9. The refs were the reason for the other team winning.No this play terrible joke calls all weekend. NFL is a billion dollar business why cant they fix the referee problem?

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