Chris Jones: Don’t ever disrespect Arrowhead Stadium

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones made it clear that he heard what the Bengals were saying in the days leading up to the AFC Championship Game during his Friday media availability.

Jones ended his time at the podium by saying “see y’all at Burrowhead Stadium” in reference to the Bengals suggestion that Joe Burrow had taken ownership of the Chiefs with three wins over the last two seasons. Jones went back to that well during an on-field interview with James Palmer of NFL Media after his two sacks and constant pressure on Burrow played a leading role in the Chiefs’ 23-20 win.

“Don’t ever, ever, ever — I’m going to look right into the camera when I say this — disrespect Arrowhead,” Jones said. “I don’t care how many times you beat us. Don’t ever disrespect Arrowhead Stadium.”

Jones did not have a playoff sack before the start of Sunday’s game, but he came up big against the Bengals to make sure that Cincinnati’s winning streak over the Chiefs came to a halt. He’ll try to add to that total against the Eagles and the Chiefs will host the Bengals next season to renew the hottest current rivalry in the AFC.

16 responses to “Chris Jones: Don’t ever disrespect Arrowhead Stadium

  1. Funny how a team that has never won anything, EVER, like the Bungles, seemed to talk smack all week. At least KC has won a Super Bowl lately. I guess Burrow’s gonna get his money, though. Good luck managing the salary cap on that deal.

  2. What an idiot!!
    Poor guy did they disrespect your stadium, was your stadium’s feelings hurt.

  3. Chris Jones is a monster and he reminds me of Alan Page in the day. He just has this incredible push to get to the QBs. If the Eagles can neutralize him , I think they can beat that defense.

  4. Don’t disrespect a stadium, but it’s okay to try knock an offensive lineman’s head off.
    Sure Chris…

  5. Hahahaha, dude had to play against a scrubs at RG and RT to finally show up in a playoff game.

  6. Even Bengals fans have to admit it was stupid for Bengals to call it Burrowhead, and for the Cincinatti Mayor to say those stupid things. Just Dumb. I am so Happy Cinci had to eat their words. Go Chiefs.

  7. yeah especially when the officials glue their yellow flags in their pockets when your team is on defense

  8. LOL!! Poor Cincy fans all upset their team spent ALL WEEK running their big mouths and now they have to hear it from the winners. SCOREBOARD

  9. Don’t disrespect a stadium? Sheesh. If players need that stupid crap to motivate them, they have issues. . . .

  10. Don’t ever disrespect the building I work in. If you do, I’ll finly get a couple of sacks against your 2nd string Offensive Lineman. Blowhard!

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