Jimmy Garoppolo: I wish I had a helmet on Sunday

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers
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After injuries to Brock Purdy and Josh Johnson, the 49ers were left without a functioning quarterback in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game loss to the Eagles.

Purdy had to return to the game after Johnson suffered a concussion, but he couldn’t throw the ball and the 49ers’ one-dimensional offense couldn’t do anything to get them back into what would turn out to be a 31-7 loss. There was a third quarterback on the sideline for the 49ers, but Jimmy Garoppolo was not in uniform.

Garoppolo fractured his foot and he was not cleared to return ahead of the game in Philadelphia. After it was over, Garoppolo was left to lament his role as an observer.

“I wish I had a helmet,” Garoppolo said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBCSportsBayArea.com.

Garoppolo was expected to move on last year after the 49ers moved to Trey Lance as their starter, but shoulder surgery helped keep him on the roster and he wound up as the starter for most of the season due to Lance’s broken ankle. He’s now set for free agency this offseason and the 49ers are set for more decisions about how to move forward at quarterback after the disappointing end to their season.

26 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo: I wish I had a helmet on Sunday

  1. “The 49ers are set for more decisions about how to move forward at quarterback”

    Stick with Brock as your #1 heading into camp. Also, and more importantly, maybe try some schemes that protect the QB once in a while

  2. I wonder why he didn’t have a helmet…

    He’s made alot of money… it should have been affordable.

  3. Jommy and Trey laughing on the sideline was a bad look. Want both of those clowns gone. Brady and Brock next year!

  4. Is this the same guy who was smiling and laughing on the sidelines
    when his team was getting blown out. What a DB

  5. I love the shots of Jimmy smiling and laughing as Kyle’s team got destroyed. This loss is 100% the fault of the coach who has reaped what he sowed. Good luck on the next team Jimmy!

  6. Yeah….when it was 28-7, they showed him on the sideline smiling and laughing. He looked all broken up. Maybe just bad timing for the camera to be on him, but just stuck out to me at the time.

  7. There’s a real possibility now none of the 3 QBs start week 1 in 2023. That could leave the door open for Garopollo return also.

  8. Lynch fell asleep at the wheel when the team was down to Purdy. AZ plucked David Blough off a practice squad back in Dec. He’s a huge improvement from Josh Johnson. There must have been better options on practice squads across the league.

  9. never saw a player so happy that his team was getting killed.

    he was cheesing and laughing all game long

  10. I have to wonder about whether all the posts about Shanahan’s scheme being the issue with all the QB injuries is true. His QBs do seem to get injured more than other team’s QBs. A lot more and it’s not just Garropolo.

  11. Even the biggest Clara fans who dislike JG would have loved to have him because it would have given them a chance. Shanahan’s stubbornness to allow JG on the active roster is to blame and the game was lost because Shanahan melted down on the sideline over legit penalties and the players followed his example on the field. Clara will never win with Shanahan. 28-3, 20-10 with 6:14 left vs KC, 17-7 vs the Rams…add this one to the Shanahan pile of flame outs.

  12. The fact that they got rid of the 3rd QB option for teams meant there was no way for Jimmy to be there. If SF could have brought 3 QBs, he very well could have seen action in this game. NFL needs to bring back the option to have 3 QBs esp now that they are very concerned with player safety and wont let a potentially concussed QB back in in any way now esp after the Tua situation.

  13. As an Eagles fan, I have to say, I’m not afraid of Handsome Jimmy. Yes, it would’ve been a game instead of a rout, but whether it was Brock or Jimmy back there, Reddick gets to the QB and wreaks havoc.

  14. The NFL discovered the need for a 3rd QB. Every active roster should be at least 3 deep at all positions – except maybe kicker. Also, many should be “cross-trained,” which would increase players’ versatility (and demand), and keep oppositions guessing. Now, one thing I remember from a Shanahan interview was that he had issues with Brock bolting from the pocket. This time it appeared that Brock maybe spent too much time in the pocket when he got hurt. Some of Shanahan’s tweaking? Why would he do that on the most important game of the season? The Championship game, to me, is bigger than the Super Bowl. Yes, all the money and spectacle is poured into it, but it’s the Conference Championship game that pits two rivals, playing smashmouth football to get to that spectacle. Usually, the Conference Championship is tighter, drama until the last second. But, of course, when you have all 4 of your quarterbacks sidelined with injuries…

  15. If they were gonna leave the TE to block the DE or rush LB all game, Jimmy would have been gone by halftime too.

  16. If he had a helmet maybe it would have concealed his giant grin when Shanahan was getting smoked on the field. Karma.

  17. Eagles had 14 QB hurries and 7 QB hits with only 19 passes attempted, I don’t think it mattered who played QB. Eagles defense heard everyone talking all week about how physical the 49ers defense was and decided to show everyone that they could be more physical.

  18. Can anyone accept the game as played and stop the know-it-all blaming? It was what it was and will remain what it is.

  19. So what’s the real problem? Someone lost a game because they took a risk with the scheme to expose the QB- because the playmakers need space? you got burnt during the season 2x and in the game 2x. The question is will you learn and adjust the scheme?

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