Joseph Ossai: I’ve got to know not to get close to the quarterback, I’ve got to be better

NFL: JAN 29 AFC Championship - Bengals at Chiefs
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Bengals defensive end Joseph Ossai was emotional in the locker room after losing the AFC Championship Game, blaming himself for a 15-yard penalty for shoving Patrick Mahomes that put the Chiefs into range for their game-winning field goal.

“I’ve just got to learn from experience,” Ossai said. “I’ve got to know not to get close to that quarterback when he’s close to that sideline if there’s anything that could possibly cause a penalty. In a situation like that I’ve got to be better.”

Ossai said he was hoping he could catch Mahomes before he got out of bounds to keep the clock running and just wasn’t able to stop in time not to touch Mahomes once Mahomes stepped out.

“I was just in full chase mode and I was trying to push him to maybe get him go backwards, get that clock running. I haven’t seen it yet, I don’t know how far out of bounds we were,” Ossai said.

Ossai said his teammates have been supportive.

“I’ve got to be better, but they’ve been very supportive,” Ossai said. “It’s extremely hard.”

Ossai also said his knee buckled on the play and he’s scheduled for an MRI on Monday.

17 responses to “Joseph Ossai: I’ve got to know not to get close to the quarterback, I’ve got to be better

  1. That would’ve been quite the maneuver, to push Mahomes from behind in order to make Mahomes go backawards and come back onto the field of play, to keep the clock running.

    Could well have been the play of the year.

  2. Not your fault. Flag should have never been thrown. Refs out here deciding who is going to the Super Bowl.

  3. Mahomes was clearly out of bounds before the shove. No way Ossai could have shoved him back in bounds from the back…that is an excuse for a dumb decision. Refs had to call that because it was clearly a foul.

  4. He’s 22 so his prefrontal cortex isn’t even fully developed. Combine that with all the head shots he’s taken over the years, plus as an NFL player who knows what he puts in his body, plus the heat of the moment…sad really because he played an otherwise really good game and this is the only thing he’ll be remembered for. Hope he turns it into a positive.

  5. Anyone who doesn’t think that’s a penalty is the ultimate Bungles homer. He had both feet out of bounds, clearly. Nightmares of PacMan and Vontaze Burfict were dancing in the heads of Cincy fans, on that play.

  6. I feel bad for the guy. But,,come on, stop with the excuses. It’s among the worst brain farts in the history of the sport. He’s Bill Buckner. Worse, at least Buckner didn’t intentionally screw up. He will never live this down. Right or wrong.

  7. Flag was correct, but ossai has been great all year. To me the failure comes down to the offense not getting it done on that last drive.

  8. Idiot. Know where you are on the field. I hope you live with this the rest of your life and it takes you down.

  9. Impressed that he knew the rule and had a plan that would have led to the clock running out in regulation, much as happened to Schultz on the Cowboys last weekend. Obviously the execution left more than a little to be desired.

  10. The real problem on that play was the refs not throwing the flag on Orlando Brown’s holding infraction that sprung Mahomes.

  11. Terrible officiating in that game, not on Ossai’s push out of bounds but on a major pass interference call earlier, what a joke.

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