Ndamukong Suh set to play in a Super Bowl with his third different team

Super Bowl LV
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Eagles defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is set to join some rare company at Super Bowl LVII.

When he steps on the field against the Chiefs, Suh will be playing in his third Super Bowl, with his third different franchise. Suh played for the Rams in their Super Bowl LIII loss to the Patriots, and for the Buccaneers in their Super Bowl LV win over the Chiefs.

That’s an extremely rare accomplishment in NFL history. Suh will join Rod Woodson (Steelers, Ravens, Raiders), Bill Romanowski (49ers, Broncos, Raiders), Preston Pearson (Colts, Steelers, Cowboys), Harry Swayne (Chargers, Broncos, Ravens) and Joe Jurevicius (Giants, Buccaneers, Seahawks) on the short list of players who have appeared in the Super Bowl for three different franchises.

A handful of other players have been on the roster of three different franchises that made the Super Bowl, but didn’t actually play in Super Bowls with all three teams.

No player has ever played on the winning team in the Super Bowl for three different franchises.

16 responses to “Ndamukong Suh set to play in a Super Bowl with his third different team

  1. Brady will change that next season with the Niners. Or whichever team he decides to take his talents to.

  2. Suh looks like a potential first-ballot HOF to me. He was a dominant force in the middle of defensive lines for the majority of his career – the Aaron Donald before Aaron Donald. He’s got the championships. He’s got numerous All-Pro selections and Pro Bowls, and was named to the All-Decade Team. He was a defensive rookie of the year.

    The only thing he’s missing is the DPOY awards.

  3. I like that Suh has taken his fire and internalized it…rare a player can change but he has.STILL a mean SOB, but plays hard and within the rules now. Go get that 2nd Championship ring !!!!

  4. Suh is still insane but him pulling away/telling Williams to chill after his WWE slam of Wallace tells you he (Suh) might actually be maturing.

  5. Suh played like a true pro. The only cheap shots were being given out by the thoroughly dominated and classless Niners.

  6. Suh is a buffoon. One of the dirtiest players in the league. He’s the only reason I’ll be rooting for KC.

  7. Some 49ers special teams scrub cheap shot flipped and Eagles player into Bosa on the sideline. Dirty and stupid, your Kyle Shanahan coached SF 49ers.

  8. longsufferinglionsfan says:
    January 30, 2023 at 9:01 am
    I know which other team he played for that never came close to a super bowl

    They actually did and should have beaten Dallas except for a blown ridiculous and unprecedented overturned call in that playoff game.

  9. I was wrong, I didn’t love the signing, initially. Suh has matured and is playing very good football along with a solid veteren role. He has become part of the story by doing his job and playing the part. He really deserves the opportunity for the third appearance.

  10. ogre4nerds says:
    January 30, 2023 at 10:13 am
    He’s dirty.

    Naah, he WAS dirty,not anymore,he’s clean now, they got really good showers over there at the Novacare Center.

    check it out

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