Patrick Mahomes will try to be first regular-season MVP to win Super Bowl in 23 years

St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner celebrates
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It’s been a long time since a player has won both the regular-season Most Valuable Player award and the Super Bowl in the same season. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will try to do it this year.

Kurt Warner, who won both league MVP and the Super Bowl after the 1999 season, is the last player to win both in the same year. Nine regular-season MVPs have been to the Super Bowl since then; all have lost.

Mahomes has not yet been announced as the 2022 regular-season MVP, but it’s safe to say he will be. The same 50-voter Associated Press panel that selects the MVP winner also selects the All-Pro team, and Mahomes got 49 of 50 votes for first-team All-Pro quarterback. (The other vote went to Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, the other Super Bowl starting quarterback, who is an MVP finalist along with Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Justin Jefferson.)

When Mahomes won his previous league MVP, in 2018, the Chiefs lost in the AFC Championship Game. When Mahomes won his previous Super Bowl, in 2019, he did not receive any MVP votes as Lamar Jackson won the MVP unanimously.

9 responses to “Patrick Mahomes will try to be first regular-season MVP to win Super Bowl in 23 years

  1. Hope he gets it, despite his great regular season play he’s had some playoff challenges. Just played average except for 1 amazing throw against SF then was without his o-line against Tampa. Needs a big game if he wants the “legend” status that some have already given him. Defensively holding Burrow to 20 was awesome, so that win is more on the defense than it is Pat. Yes he was injured and without 3 WR’s the he went into the game with, and that show with limiting the offense as it should, but he still needs that all-world game on the biggest stage.

  2. I’m old enough to remember that time when Tom Brady won the MVP then scoffed at the idea the Giants defense would hold his offense to 17 points… and then they held his offense to 14 points handing him the biggest L in the history of professional sports in this country.

    He should have retired in shame on the spot.

  3. I’m sorry, but as the President of the Ewwin Wawgers Fan Club, I must implore the NFL to not only award the MVP designation to Ewwin, but to also rename the award in his honor. Few players have ever done so much for the sport while winning the same number of Snoopy Bowls as have three Washington football team quarterbacks. It would be an outrage not to complete the expectation of our fine and upstanding “hero” with an award that recognizes both his greatness to himself but the giving nature of his tireless help to improve his teammates.

  4. He deserves and will be awarded one but the other is earned and the dry spell will continue.. On to 24 years.

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