Report: DeMeco Ryans tells Broncos he is not interested in their head coaching job


The Texans are expected to hire 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans later this week, so it comes as no surprise that he won’t interview anywhere else.

Woody Paige of the Denver Gazette reports that Ryans has informed the Broncos that he is not interested in their head coaching job.

Paige calls Ryans the team’s “third No. 1 choice,” but it’s unclear what that means.

It also is unclear what the Broncos will do.

They have interviewed former Lions and Colts head coach Jim Caldwell, Broncos defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero, University of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, former Saints head coach Sean Payton, Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Ryans and former Stanford coach David Shaw. Quinn is staying with the Cowboys, and the Harbaugh flirtation hasn’t turned into a commitment yet.

44 responses to “Report: DeMeco Ryans tells Broncos he is not interested in their head coaching job

  1. Harbaugh was the first #1 pick, Sean Payton the second #! pick. So that’s four #! picks Russell Wilson has cost the Broncos.

  2. I don’t see why Ryans would want to coach for the Texans. That’s were head coaches go to end their careers. Unless the ownership changes, Ryans should not go there.

  3. Russell Wilson is one problem, the lack of draft capital is another and being in the same division as KC and to a lesser extent the Chargers makes it that much harder.

    I don’t know how anyone can win there.

  4. Wilson has 30 parking spaces by the front door. The head coach has to park in the field out back.

  5. How much longer until Nathaniel Hackett is called back and eventually turns them down?

  6. Besides being stuck with Wilson as QB, having to answer to a 5 person ownership group might have something to do with it.

  7. Hey Denver, there’s always Matt Nagy. Don’t laugh. At this rate that’s who you may get stuck with.

  8. Russ is an anchor, but he is so bad and entitled that no one wants this job. Maybe they shouldn’t tell the candidates that they are subservient to Russ in the Denver organization.

  9. Ryans is the only one who slapped Denver in the face. The other two (Harbaugh and Quinn) withdrew from the entire process. not the Broncos in particular.

  10. DeMeco. You’re WAY too good for that imbecile known as Cal McNair and his flunky G.M. Nick Caserio whose job it seems to be to piss away draft picks [Stingley (who never played at LSU, doesn’t play for Houston) over Gardner, wasted 1st rounder on LG Kenyon Green, 3 picks to move up 1/2 a round into the 2nd to get ACL (and now cancer) torn John Metchie, and 3 picks to 1/2 a round up into the 3rd to get “never plays” Nico Collins. In case you lost count, that 7 draft picks for 3 guys who NEVER play! never mind taking the CB NOT named Sauce Gardner]. But Houston is a great city and they could use something to offset the McNair and Caserio stench.

  11. It’s not Russell Wilson. If he is bad again you get the number one overall pick and he gets cut in 2024. It’s John Elway that no one wants to work for. How many coaches can he run through before someone realizes that he is the problem.

  12. Russell Wilson literally went from being a top 3 QB in the league 3 years ago to almost unplayable. Possibly the fastest fall of any player I’ve ever seen.

  13. Lmao I’m keeping these receipts. Wait until the Broncos emerge from the smoke and make a huge splash with a big name coach. Y’all are gonna be hilarious to watch cope.

  14. Tom Brady says:
    January 30, 2023 at 6:09 pm
    The Texans are more desirable than the Broncos, man that’s gotta sting


    More like Houston is more attractive to his family than Colorado, because his wife is from there. And it’s the team that drafted him, and where he played most of his career.

    Or yeah, it’s totally cause of Russell Wilson 🤡

  15. I sure was wrong- I really thought that ownership must have had a wink-nod deal in place with Payton, Harbaugh or Quinn before firing Hackett. What top coaching prospect is going to want to go to a franchise where new coaches don’t even get a full year to implement their program? Looks like they’ll be setting up a revolving door for awhile…

  16. When they have individuals involved in the interview process who have no business being there, this is what happens. Pretty soon Rich Kotites phone will be ringing.

  17. As bad as Wilson played, it had more to do with forcing Wildon to play the Denver scheme than it was his skills. Seattle built an offense around Wildon’s strengths.

    For a HC to succeed, he will need to scheme the offense around Wilson’s strengths just as Pete Carroll did.

  18. denverdave3 says:
    January 30, 2023 at 7:20 pm
    Ryans is the only one who slapped Denver in the face. The other two (Harbaugh and Quinn) withdrew from the entire process. not the Broncos in particular.


    The Broncos were the only one who interviewed Harbaugh so when he withdrew from the process, the Broncos were the only team affected. I think you can call that another mark against the Broncos.

  19. Other than some darkhorse first time HC, who in the world would want to inherit a team with a horribly poor offense (and it’s not just the QB issues), a team that is split into factions, and has very little draft capital in the upcoming draft? It’s a recipe for disaster. That said, I would love to see the Broncos hire a man of color that is highly deserving of their shot at being a HC. Eric Bieniemy would be a very worthy choice.

  20. Some redundant answers but a whole lot of funny ones. Pleasantly surprised.
    Ryans is smart. Take the money and get experience. He can always go back to his day job. He’ll be in demand regardless of what happens in Houston. Spagnola is a genius again.

  21. Pretty simple, The first two guys they wanted do not want the job, now Ryans turned them down. He was the 3rd option. So far, it seems nobody wants to take the HC position for the Broncos. They are chasing Harbaugh like they are desperate.

  22. If the seemingly obvious happens I think this is good news for Texans fans and that looks like an interesting, young talent roster (even with so many free agents, most of which can probably be let go), more appealng job that it might look. Especially for an ex Texan.

    Thanks DeMeco, you did a great job this season.

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