Report: Raiders haven’t given Derek Carr permission to seek trade

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The Raiders are a little more than two weeks away from a significant milestone in quarterback Derek Carr‘s contract.

Carr’s $32.9 million base salary for next year and $7.5 million of his 2024 salary will become fully guaranteed if he remains on the team on February 15, so there’s been plenty of speculation that the Raiders will try to put the framework of a trade in place ahead of that date. Carr has a role in that as he’d have to sign off on any trade, but he reportedly isn’t involving in talks with any team at this point.

Albert Breer of reports that the Raiders have not granted Carr permission to talk to other teams about a trade at this point. Such conversations could also include possible adjustments to his contract, although the number of teams still looking for head coaches and/or offensive coordinators means that there are other complications to work around as well.

The Senior Bowl could provide an opportunity for Raiders General Manager Dave Ziegler to have some discussions about Carr with other teams and, one way or another, there will be some news on the Carr front in the near future.

22 responses to “Report: Raiders haven’t given Derek Carr permission to seek trade

  1. Why should Carr do them any favors?! Let the raiders release him, and then he can be a free agent. Any other path is foolish. The real question will be whether the team who signs him (say the Jets for example) will make the raiders a trade proposal for Devante Adams

  2. There may be some momentum behind the idea of letting the situation play out, forcing the Raiders to cut him so a new contract can be drawn up by the team that signs him, and which he presumably wants to sign with, vs trading him and involving draft picks, and trying to force him to go where he doesn’t want to go. If I’m Carr, I’m not accepting any trade unless it is 100% favorable to me. Otherwise, I’d want to make my own deal with a team I wanted to go to.

  3. The Raiders have decided to cut ties with Carr, have a very short window to trade him, he has the ability to Veto any trade, but they won’t let him talk to anyone and try to help them get a deal done? This is fun. As in DysFUNctional.

  4. Carr has been nothing but class since this began too, im ashamed to say where ever he goes hes better off and will be successful. Even if we got picks for him i doubt the stooges running the show could build a defense or draft a meaningful successor with them.

  5. Whatever the Raiders do …..they will screw it up. AL is just shaking his head above. Why did I leave my beloved Raiders to my son????why???

  6. I never seen anyone get screwed around as bad as this by the Raiders since Marcus Allen.

  7. His guarantee triggers before they can trade him. Why would they pay him if they’re going to trade him? To trade him, they gotta pay him.

    Additionally. Why would he give up the ability to pick his employer and then deprive his new club of valuable draft capital in the process?

    He won’t be traded – he will be released.

  8. The Raider way, in this centruy, has been “why just screw it up, when you can COMPLETELY screw it up?” LOL.

    Actually, they know it is going to be impossible to trade him. Every team knows the Raiders must cut him because they owe him a bonus payment; the teams will wait for it. This is what happens when you make pronouncements about players’ futures. The lesson learned is you DO NOT talk about fight club. Keep everything silent until the trade is announced.

  9. Why would Carr help the Raiders, people ask? Because he is signed for 3 years at $116 mil with $40 mil guaranteed. Is whatever team that signs him going to give him that? Maybe, but maybe not.

    He has started for 9 years and has only 3 seasons with 25 or more TD passes and only once in the last 6 seasons. In 142 career games, he has 33 300 yard passing games. He is the definition of a game manager. But one who wilts in the bigger moments.

    So is he really going to command 40+ mil a year on the open market. Probably not. So that’s why he would help the Raiders facilitate a trade. Probably not for more than a 3rd rounder, and probably to a team where he wants to go.

    The Raiders get something for him, Carr gets his contract and his new team doesn’t have to compete on the open market for him.

  10. IF I were Carr, I’d tell them to pound sand. The Raiders dissed him at the end of the year and he owes them nothing

  11. …and one last thing. Carr needs to take his phone off the hook until the deadline. . Let the Raiders just get a busy signal,,,,,,,,

  12. baltimoresnativeson says:
    January 30, 2023 at 4:29 pm
    Give us Carr and your 1st round pick and you can have Lamar.t balling.


    In the off season I was on here advising the Ravens to trade for Garapollo and get out of the limited offense they have to run which also gets QB’s hurt. It wasn’t exactly the most popular opinion at the time, but it looks like people are starting to feel it now.

  13. beej says:
    January 30, 2023 at 4:45 pm
    Slightly older Ryan Tannehill


    He is 20ish months younger than Tannihill.

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