Vic Fangio to Dolphins isn’t official until it’s official

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In the red corner, a flurry of reports that Vic Fangio will become the next defensive coordinator of the Dolphins. In the blue corner, Fangio himself has repeatedly said it’s not a done deal yet.

While it’s entirely possible that Fangio will sign the contract and become the next defensive coordinator of the Dolphins, no deal is done until it’s done. We learned this (or at least we should have) five years ago, when Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was supposed to become the next head coach of the Colts — until he didn’t.

On Sunday, Fangio told both Mike Klis of and Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle that the deal isn’t done.

Silver posted earlier today that Fangio said, last Sunday night, “Nothing has been decided on my end.”

Silver also pointed out that “there is a huge amount of mutual respect between [49ers coach] Kyle Shanahan and Fangio.” Fangio served as 49ers defensive coordinator in the past, under Jim Harbaugh. And it looks as if the 49ers will have a vacancy at that position, soon.

Bottom line? This isn’t a battle between reporters who are pushing conflicting information from unnamed sources. Fangio himself is saying the deal isn’t done. It would be seventh-level stupid to ignore the words from his own mouth.

31 responses to “Vic Fangio to Dolphins isn’t official until it’s official

  1. Fins need to find out what’s really going on here. If Fangio doesn’t want the job he should make that clear so the Fins can get to work finding the right coach that wants it.

  2. He’s going to San Francisco not a doubt in my mind. The talent on that team will bring him back to his days when he had: Smith brothers Aldon/Justin, McDonald, Willis, Bowman, Hitner, Goldson, Rogers and company.

  3. I need to know more about levels 1-6 to pass any judgment on achieving 7th level competency.

  4. So, since there are no facts to post, you post your typical low rent non-story to get your word count to get paid. How professional.

  5. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah: Uh, Hi Vic, remember me?
    Fangio: No.
    KAM: I with the Vi..
    Fangio: No.
    KAM: We were wondering if you would..
    Fangio: No.
    KAM: Kevin O’Connell is such a nice per..
    Fangio: No.

  6. Another question I have is if Fangio is all that and a can of corn as a defensive coordinator then why was his record as head coach at Denver so horrific? Maybe the Fins should pass on this guy and get someone younger that’s notjust weeks away from a medicare plan application.

  7. Half the offenses in the league run Shanny’s system. Half the defenses run Fangio’s. Of course Fangio would rather go to SF than to a top lieutenant in Miami.

  8. Makes sense. Why would any competent professional coach want to join one of the most poorly run organizations in NFL history?

  9. This would be so Miami, find a way to lose even when youre not playing a game. This would annoy me pretty bad.

  10. Vic lives a mile from me. We walk up the same hill. I’ll ask him and report back

  11. Take the Miami job, much better weather for an old guy. I went to SF in June once and froze my ass off.

  12. Record of teams coached with Fangio. 288 wins 277 losses. Record at Denver as Head Coach. 19 wins 30 Loses.

  13. Anyone would wait for the SF vacancy to open up. No disrespect to Miami, but SF is a little more stable organization.

  14. It was reported in training camp in Bay Area that Fangio had a hand shake agreement with the 49ERS who were already preparing for Demeco Ryan’s departure.

    Fangio even attended training camp practices this season, so the interest of Fangio and San Francisco has long been reported and apparently still owns a home and lives in Bay area

  15. thought Peyton had him as his defense coordinator when he gets his offer…

  16. It seems Fangio pumped the brakes as SF seems to be the favorite now instead of Miami – that being said Fangio must decide on where he lives & works. In a veritable outside toilet rife with homeless & filth with extremely high state income tax in Frisco or Miami where the climate is nice and homeless & filth is less of a problem plus the lack of state income tax would seem to make it more appealing.

  17. This dude isn’t Buddy Ryan or Bill Arnsparger – the Dolphins need to give him a deadline and move on. When healthy, the Dolphins have a young, fast defense that’s ready to roll. Get a DC that can’t wait to work with these guys. Fangio can go with the Niners.

  18. We have dynamic pieces to be a great defense. DB room was decimated this year with injuries. And X was limping on 2 bad groins and our best corners were UDFAs. Lets get back a healthy X, Byron Jones, Brandon Jones, Nick Needham to go with Kadou and Crossen and we will be fire.

  19. You mean almost as stable as Buffalo who had trouble getting past Miami and their 3rd string QB?

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